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Browse this article to learn how to restore deleted texts messages from Samsung J series (J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9)

It is increasingly common to accidentally delete some data you still need, such as texts, from your Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9 device. If you are looking for a way to recover them and don't have a clue yet, you should browse through this article.

Common causes of data loss:

-thought deletion

-Virus attack on the device

-Drop damage to the phone or water ingress

-Data formatted but not backed up

The first thing you should do when there is data loss on your device is to stop using your device. This is because while you continue to use your Samsung Galaxy J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9 phone, whenever you save any new data, the unused space on your device will be taken up and your previously deleted data may be permanently deleted. So, you still have a chance to restore your un-permanently deleted data before your phone space is filled up, at which point, stop using your phone and look for a suitable data recovery method.

Now let's get to know how to recover deleted text from Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9

Methods Outline:

Method 1: Recover texts from Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9 with Android Data Recovery (Recommend)

Method 2: Recover deleted text from Samsung Cloud

Method 3: Recover deleted text from Google Backup

Method 1: Get back deleted texts from Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9 with Android Data Recovery

One of the great features of Android Data Recovery is that it can easily recover data from your device even if you have not backed up your data, and it can also back up and restore your data from your device selectively or in its entirety.

No matter what the reason for the deletion of text on your Samsung device, you can use Android Data Recovery- Samsung Data Recovery to get back the lost text on your Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9 device. Now Android Data Recovery is not only limited to help you recover text, it can also help you recover Samsung Galaxy J Deleted/Lost photos, videos, call logs, texts message, SMS, audio, pictures, gallery, documents, whatsapp and other data.

Apart from that, Android Data Recovery supports several Samsung device models, such as Samsung Galaxy S10/S20/S21/S21ultra in addition to Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9.

Steps to restore data using Android Data Recovery from Samsung Galaxy J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9:

Step 1: Select "Android Data Recovery"

Download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer, then run it and select "Android Data Recovery" on the homepage.

Step 2: Complete USB debugging

Connect your device to the computer and follow the prompts to complete USB debugging.

Step 3: Select the data type to scan

Once your device has been detected by the program, Android Data Recovery will show you the types of data it supports, select the ones you need and click "Next"

Step 4: Preview and restore data

Once the scan is complete, you can preview the recovered data one by one and select as many as you need, then click "Recover".

Method 2: Recover deleted text from Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud is a data backup & recovery service exclusively for Samsung users, through which you can back up your data to prevent data loss.

Step 1: On your phone, open Settings. Select Accounts and Backup

Step 2: Click on Backup and Restore.

Step 3: Click on "Restore Data", select the target Samsung phone you want to restore to and choose what you need to recover.

Step 4: Click on "Restore"

Method 3: Recover deleted text from Google Backup

Many Android devices allow users to back up their data with the option of Google Drive, and if you are one of the Google Drive users, perhaps your deleted text is still in your Google Backup.

However, one of the major disadvantages of this method is that even if you have made a backup of your deleted text messages, you will have to set your phone to restore factory settings and then restore all your backups, which is quite a time-consuming option.

Step 1: Launch the Google Drive app on your phone

Step 2: Tap on the three horizontal lines on the top left side of the screen. In meu, click on "Backup".

Step 3: If you see the section labelled "This device", click on Backup.

Step 4: You can view the date you last backed up your text and if it was before the date you deleted it, you can consider resetting your phone and restoring it from this backup.

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