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This article introduces the recovery methods of deleted data in Samsung Galaxy S20. You can use Android data recovery to recover lost contact, SMS, photos and videos, WhatsApp and so on.

Does the galaxy S20 store a lot of important information, such as SMS, contact, photos and files? What should I do if I lose the Samsung S20 data that has not been backed up? never mind. Samsung Galaxy S20 can recover data. With the help of Android data repair software, Samsung users can recover lost contact information, Text messages, photos and other lost data in Samsung Galaxy S20, so as to recover data quickly, simply and safely. Even if files are accidentally deleted or Android Samsung OS is damaged, h-data recovery master can recover lost data through software update or ROM flash, including contact information, SMS, call content, photos, music, videos, files, WhatsApp chat and accessories.

Can I recover the photos that Samsung S20 deleted now? Search for Samsung deleted photos, restore Samsung deleted videos and restore Samsung deleted photos/Text messages/contacts/data/files. What should I do if I want to reopen the deleted photos? Is it my Samsung s20 mobile phone? Does Samsung have a trash can? Before Samsung mobile and Samsung Galaxy data recovery, we will understand the causes of data loss.

There are many reasons for this main problem. First, understand the general reasons for data loss, and then discuss the Samsung mobile data recovery solution.

Due to error deletion, broken screen, factory initialization, pin/mode/password, virus or malware infection, black and white screen, Rom flash, screen lock and other reasons, there are many reasons for users to lose data. Has Samsung Galaxy s20 ever lost data?

Next are the methods to restore deleted Data/files/messages/photos/videos/call history/contacts and more from Samsung S20.

Methods Outline:

Method 1: Restore Samsung S20 data with Android Data Recovery (Recommend)

Method 2: Recover Samsung S20 Files via Google Account

Method 3: Restore Samsung S20 Data from Google Drivde

Method 4: Recover deleted samsung s20 photos with Recycle Bin

Tip 1: Cause of Samsung Data Loss

Tip 2: Mehtod to Avoid Samsung Data loss

Method 1: Restore Samsung S20 data with Android Data Recovery

With Android data Recovery and Android Data Recovery for Mac, you can accidentally delete, restore factory, format, route, flash or backup files after Android system, and completely restore SMS, contact information, photos and videos deleted by Samsung Galaxy a series. conflict In addition, other data such as photos, information, videos and call records can be recovered. In addition, with Android data repair, you can scan and search for lost files/contacts/videos/photos/texts/call history/whatsapp in Samsung Galaxy S21/S20/S10/S9/S8 /Note 10/Note 9/Note 8/Note 5 and other new Samsung smartphones directly.

In order to save the time and security of repairing personal data, it is strongly recommended Android data Recovery. Android data recovery software is specially used to recover data deleted from Samsung Galaxy s20 and other Samsung smart phones can easily search the lost files of the software, whether they have or not. Use Android data recovery to do the following.

Android Data Recovery Features:

Android (including Samsung, HTC, Google pixel, Xiaomi, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Huawei, oppo, vivo, etc.)

Recover images, photos, text messages, videos, contact, memos, documents, WhatsApp information, audio and other data.

Search for data in internal and external memory of the device.

Accidentally delete, format, restore, OS update error, route, flash ROM and other lost data.

View the files needed before recovery in advance.

100% read special program, safe and easy to use.

Steps to restore Samsung S20 data/photos/videos/text messages/contacts/audio/call logs:

Step 1: Download the program, install and connect Galaxy S20 to PC

After downloading, it will be installed and run on the computer, and use USB data code to connect Samsung mobile phone and computer.

Step 2: Samsung Galaxy S20 activates USB debugging

Samsung data recovery tool also indicates that USB debugging information will be activated before Samsung Galaxy S20 phone restores contact information. Depending on the shape or setting of this option, Android version may be different.

Step 3: Analyze the Samsung S20 and search the data deleted by Android.

Software auto sensing device. The window will be displayed after the perception is successful. Click "Next".

Step 4: Samsung S20 loss data preview and selective recovery

After scanning, all scanning results will be displayed in detail. You can see one in advance After preview, you can recover the lost contact information, WhatsApp, gallery, video, audio and files of Samsung smartphone. In addition, you can display the required items and click "recover" to store them on your computer.

Method 2: Recover Samsung S20 Files via Google Account

The wise way to access is to back up the Samsung galaxy S20 data (Samsung Galaxy data recovery) to our account, not to waste too much time when it is lost, but to recover the data in our account backup.

Settings > Personal > backup and restore > automatic restore.

Tip: the mobile phone contact information is synced to google account, and don't worry. You can search all contacts within 30 days.

Go to Google contacts > more > undo changes > time to go back to > confirm.

Method 3: Restore Samsung S20 Data from Google Drivde

If you upload previous images, videos and other documents to our drive, you can easily recover the data lost in our drive. What is the way to perform Samsung Galaxy data recovery

What are you up to?

Samsung S20 opens our drive application.

Search and select the file.

View recoverable files and click on download to restore your data.

Method 4: Recover deleted samsung s20 photos with Recycle Bin

When you accidentally delete photos from the galaxy s20, you can restore them in the garbage can of your mobile phone.

What are you up to?

Open the gallery on the device.

Click on three points.

Go to settings

Please click on the recycle bin.

Look for photos to restore.

Tip 1: Cause of Samsung Data Lost

1. Error deleting

When deleting unwanted information and contact information, many people delete photos, videos and important files of a series of panic incidents. Moreover, if you click the delete all option, there will be no lost data.

The fact that more than 30% of data loss is due to errors and deletions is surprising. Losing a very precious picture is more painful than being stung by a bee.

2. Factory initialization

You let your child play with your phone, he unconsciously click factory initialization, until the latest call in the application, have you ever lost it? Android users are one of the most common causes of data loss, but can recover everything lost.

3. Phone failure

The classic reason for Android data loss is that the mobile phone does not turn off. The nightmare won't stop there. Because the fault cannot be repaired, the probability of throwing the mobile phone is very high. It may cause physical damage such as phone call or falling into the swimming pool due to fire.

Water outflow is a very common cause of data loss that can be completely avoided. The phone has a certain waterproof function, but if it is too deep, please be ready to say goodbye to your favorite machine. If the water spills, all the files on the Android phone will be damaged.

4.  Stolen / lost

If there is a tendency to lose items, including Android phones, they will repeatedly accept high price purchases. Most of the mobile phones were stolen in crowded places such as airports, railway stations and food stores. Please confirm your cell phone in your pocket before you leave this place.

5. OS upgrade

Please upgrade the operating system regularly to prevent data loss. If the update takes too long, the data may be lost, some of it will be stored in the cloud, but it will take several hours to download all the content.

I don't know which of the above reasons will lead to data loss. We store all the information and don't lose the best feeling in the world. Here are several ways to prevent data loss.

Tip 2: Mehtod to Avoid Samsung Data loss

1. Always keep the screen locked

Setting the lock screen to prevent thieves from confirming mobile phone content is the first line of defense absolutely necessary. The choice of security is entirely up to you, but please confirm whether it is difficult to dock. Fingerprint lock is the best option after password lock.

2. Data encryption

All Android phones offer data encryption options. This feature is located in the security or personal information section of the configuration application. When the mobile phone is lost, videos, photos and information will be kept on the wall safely.

3. Reconfirm before deleting items

Mistakes are human, but it is a crime to form the habit of deletion when necessary. It often happens to people who are restless and eager to deal with things. Please take time to confirm the item you want to delete again, so as not to regret it later.

4. Install virus vaccine

Another common cause of data loss is viruses. Some of these hackers can require property to disclose damaged files or abuse personal and bank information stored on the phone. Please invest in recommended virus vaccines and regularly search for threats. To protect your data, do not connect your phone to a damaged computer or laptop.

5. Always back up

Android users can store important files, photos, videos and audio in our drives. Losing your phone or deleting your data is inevitable, but don't worry about it.

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