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Is there a way to delete text and retrieve it from Samsung Galaxy S20 in error? Please read this wizard to confirm that the text removed from Samsung Galaxy s20 is fixed in a simple way.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Info:

As for the camera, the Samsung Galaxy S20 in the back packs a 12 megapixel basic camera with F/1.8. With F/2.0 64 megapixel camera and F/ 2.2 12 megapixel camera. The rear camera is equipped with auto focus. The F/2.2 aperture is self photographing, with a 10 megapixel camera on the front. The front camera also has auto focus.

Samsung Galaxy S20 runs one ui2.0 based on Android 10, with 128GB of built-in storage expanded by microSD card (up to 1000gb). Samsung Galaxy S20 is a dual sim (GSM and GSM) smartphone that can use nano SIM and nano SIM card. The Samsung Galaxy S20 is 151.70x69.10x7.90mm (Height x width x thickness) in size and 163.00g in weight. Available in cloud blue cloud pink cosmic green and color Provides IP 68 rating for dust and water protection. It has a glass body.

Samsung Galaxy S20's connection options include Wi Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/yes, GPS, Bluetooth V5.00, NFC, USB type-C, 3G and 4G (both SIM cards include active 4G). Mobile phone sensors include accelerometer, perimeter light sensor, barometer, compass/magnetometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor and fingerprint display sensor. Samsung Galaxy S20 supports unlocking.

Problem analysis:

Samsung Galaxy S20's basic information application has carefully searched for information records, but there is no information being searched. Due to general reasons, it was deleted from the email received by mistake! Or the information suddenly disappears!

Please don't panic if you are the victim of lost text in Samsung S20 (plus). You can get it again with several solutions. In order to recover text messages simply and quickly in Galaxy S20 or galaxy S20 +, and continue to read the search method for important information such as contact, text messages, photos, videos, call logs attachment, etc.

Actually not deleted! Deleting a message will disappear, but it will not be completely removed from the device. But it's hidden in the view of the actual phone memory. As long as you do not use new data to cover deleted information, you can search for information with minimal effort.

Many texts messages of Samsung Galaxy S20 are valuable information of people, business partners, friends who have been lost for a long time or needed, which can not be lost. However, due to many reasons, such as deletion, system collision, water damage and factory initialization, Samsung S20's SMS may be damaged.

Among the basic functions of mobile devices, information is still the most used application. Whether it's SMS, MMS or other information applications, we still maintain several important applications.

But even if we try to keep it safe, we can't control it. Sometimes, due to mistakes, it will lead to deletion, water damage, system collision and factory initialization.

Fortunately, this information is not completely compromised. Yes, I hope you can still recover the information deleted from Samsung Galaxy S20. And this is what we are going to discuss in this report Now let's see how to search for these important texts messages again. If you want to understand, please read along.

Methods Outline:

Method 1: Recover Deleted Text from samsung S20 via Android Data Recovery (Recommend)

Method 2: Recover Samsung S20 Text messages with Samsung Cloud

Method 3: Restore Deleted texts from samsung s20 with Smart switch

Method 4: Restore Samsung 20 texts with SMS Backup & Restore App Free

Tips: The reasons to recover text from samsung s20

Method 1: Recover Deleted Text from samsung S20 via Android Data Recovery

After confirming that galaxy S20 has deleted the files including texts, the first thing to think about is data recovery. The easiest way to recover text messages deleted from Samsung Galaxy S20 is to use recovery software. 

The widely used software- Android Data Recovery has an inherent algorithm to restore text conversations in the Samsung Galaxy S20. You can specify the data file you are looking for to speed up the scan and recovery process. It's not really a galaxy S20 information recovery tool. If removed from Samsung S20 memory, other content such as call logs, contact, videos, WhatsApp messages and files may be brought back.

Andorid Data Recovery Features:

1. One Click just few minutes - simply click once to restore all deleted text messages, and it's enough to complete the whole work for a few minutes.

2. Industry's highest success rate - more than 49000 Android users have successfully helped recover information removed from various data issues. You can search for old information you've received for decades.

3. Just restore the information you want - you can view and select the text information you deleted before you restore it. In this way, you can choose the information you want to recover most, not all.

4. Support the repair of all information types, such as character information, letter attachment, MMS information, WhatsApp information, line information, etc.

5. The text can be restored to Samsung information application directly or by computer information application program recovery - deleted text can be directly restored to Samsung information application or saved in PDF, TXT or HTML readable form on mac/pc.

6. Support for multiple file formats - in addition to information, photos, videos, contact details, call records and calendar recovery on Samsung Galaxy phones are supported.

Steps to recover deleted text from samsung galaxy s20:

Step 1: Before you start, download the Samsung S20 text recovery utility on your computer or Mac, and then follow the installation wizard to install. Run the tool and select "Android data recovery" module in the main interface.

Step 2: Galaxy S20 mobile phone, connected to computer through USB cable.

After displaying the information, activate the USB debugging mode on the mobile phone.

Step 3: Select the confirmation bar next to "messages" and "messages attachment", and then click the next button.

Step 4: Select the deletion text to recover and save the box from the inspection results.

Method 2: Recover Samsung S20 Text messages with Samsung Cloud

In order to back up the mail to the Samsung cloud server, if the Samsung account is configured, a copy of the mail will be generated. In order to recover SMS messages deleted in Galaxy S20, the method to recover Samsung cloud backup is as follows.

Unlock Samsung S20 and open configuration.

Please click account and backup > Samsung cloud > recovery.

Please check your letter.

To restore information on Samsung cloud, click restore at the bottom.

After recovery, the deleted information will be displayed in the information application of Galaxy S20.

Method 3: Restore Deleted texts from samsung s20 with Smart switch

Samsung smart switch is designed to transfer data from other mobile phones to Samsung mobile phones. In addition, Samsung can use windows or MAC PC to back up files. If you use this tool to back up files that contain character messages, it's easy to return.

How to receive Samsung's deleted message again through smart switch:

Please run Samsung smart switch on the computer.

Connect Samsung mobile phone to computer with USB cable.

If a device is detected, select recover.

If the deleted character message is saved in the previous backup, please click another backup option, otherwise click restore now.

To start the recovery, click allow on the Samsung phone.

Then, SMS will be restored to Samsung devices.

Method 4: Restore Samsung 20 texts with SMS Backup & Restore App Free

This is another backup recovery path. It is very easy and convenient to retrieve the deleted messages and attachments from Samsung Galaxy S20 when backing up SMS messages before deleting them from the email that received them through SMS Backup and restore.

Galaxy S20 opens the SMS Backup and restore application in hand.

To open a menu, click the hamburger icon in the upper left corner.

Label recovery.

Select the character message in the recent backup area.

Label recovery.

If the message confirming whether the SMS message is restored to Samsung Galaxy S20 appears, please click confirm.

The letter dialogue should be restored to the mailbox where the letter was received.

Tips: The reasons to recover text from samsung s20

Have you ever received or sent a very important message to delete your mobile phone? Talk to people you love, important business transactions, order confirmation information, etc.

When we know how important this information is, we don't have time to simply lose it. What we usually do, especially when using Samsung Galaxy S20 phone, is to find a solution to recover the deleted information.

The latest smartphone we use today has the ability to re search for damaged data. But if the information is lost, the next step should be considered.

Turn off the device to reduce data coverage, such as phone activity and receiving messages.

If you find important information missing or deleted, please stop sending letters.

Please rest, breathe in and listen to our tips. So you can get the message right away.

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