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Losing important files can be disappointing. Fortunately, there is some methods to Restore the files deleted from Samsung S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 info:

Samsung's Galaxy S10 is the "middle age" of the company's just launched Galaxy S10 trio. Although the galaxy S10 + is regarded as the highest recognition that the Galaxy S series needs to provide, the smaller galaxy s10e has gained popularity because of its relatively powerful hardware and reasonable price. Then the galaxy S10 is stuck in the middle, offering the advantages of two worlds. Can you really do that, or do you get along better with one of your brothers? We tested to find out.

samsung s10 files recovery

In the process of using Samsung phone, we always face the following problems. Samsung phone broken screen; Samsung phone data lost. The above questions are often raised on Samsung forums. Is there an answer to this question? The answer is "yes" So, how does Samsung Galaxy S10 recover deleted files?

The general reasons for data loss as follows:


Methods Outline:

Method 1: Recover Deleted Files on Samsung S10 with Android Data Recovery (Recommend)

Method 2: Restore Samsung Galaxy S10 Files with Recycle Bin

Mehtod 3: Recover Deleted Data from Samsung S10 with Google Account

Method 4: Recover deleted files from Samsung S10 by backup

Method 1: Recover Deleted Files on Samsung S10 with Android Data Recovery

The first way to recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S10 is to use an Android data recovery tool. This is a recommended solution for Samsung mobile phones to use this tool to recover damaged files. This tool can be used to recover deleted files from locations like SD card, Google Drive, and cloud storage on Samsung Galaxy S10. When using this tool, you need to make sure that the file recovery feature is enabled on your Samsung Galaxy S10. Additionally, since the Samsung Galaxy S10 is an Android device, Android Data Recovery tool is available. The tool can be downloaded and installed from the Android app store on your Samsung Galaxy S10. For those who cannot access files on Samsung Galaxy S10, Android data recovery tool can also try to recover data from other devices or network storage devices. For example, you can try backing up data from your Samsung Galaxy S10 to Google Drive or cloud storage and then restore the data from the backup when needed. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a powerful smartphone with a great camera and advanced technology. If you have deleted some important files, you can use Android data recovery tool to recover them.

You can use these effective tools to recover all deleted files, such as documents, contact, text messages, videos, photos, call logs, audio files, memos, etc. No matter what the cause of data loss in the device, scan the mobile phone effectively to confirm the lost data.


Steps to recover deleted files from samsung s10:

Step 1: Download Android Data Recovery. Open the software and connect the Samsung S10 to the computer with USB cable.

Step 2: USB debugging option must be activated in Samsung S10. If the device does not open the debugging option, whether the data recovery of Android Data Recovery allows USB debugging on the device.

Step 3: If the software perceives Samsung S10, Android data recovery tool will provide preview of all types of data. Confirm all types of data in the default settings. You can choose which files to recover. To start scanning, press next.

Step 4: It only takes a few minutes for the scan to complete. When the scanning process is complete, the files under the selected type are listed in detail. You can confirm the data individually. Display the items you want and save the recover tab to your computer.

Method 2: Samsung Galaxy S10 Files with Recycle Bin

In the case of Samsung Galaxy S10, there are trash cans in the gallery app. Accidentally delete data/files/contact messages/video/music/call records/WhatsApp/audio/gallery from Samsung Galaxy S10. The deleted data/photos/pictures/messages/audio/music/whatsapp/call logs are actually moved to the trash can instead of being deleted. Big box. Therefore, the deleted photos must be modified before using the new data overlay. Therefore, it's better to take new photos or videos with your mobile phone before that. If you want to recover deleted data as soon as possible, follow these steps.

Step 1: Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S10 and open our photo app on your phone.

Step 2: Open the "trash can" in the top left menu, and all deleted photos will be displayed carefully.

Step 3: After selecting the photos to be restored, label "restore" to bring the deleted photos back to the gallery.

The deleted photos will be restored and reopened in the gallery application.

Mehtod 3: Recover Deleted Data from Samsung S10 with Google Account

Another option to recover deleted files from Samsung S10 is to use our account. Once we have set up a new mobile phone, we may find that some files have been deleted. Activating the synchronization option can back up the data, which can be extremely useful . This means that our important files and apps will be automatically saved to our new device, and we will not have to worry about losing them. Additionally, this will also apply to any new files that we may want to add to our device, such as photos or videos. Overall, using our account to recover deleted files from Samsung S10 is a simple and effective solution.

When the synchronization option is activated, the data should be restored to Samsung S10 according to the following options.

Step 1: To recover the lost contact information on your Google account, click https//www.google.com/contacts  Please open to login. You must use the same account as you used for the backup.

Step 2: In order to recover the damaged photos of the machine. https://www.google.com/photos. Photos Open and recover the photo through the phase.

With these options, you can easily search all the data in your account.

Method 4: Recover deleted files from Samsung S10 by backup

If you want to learn how to repair files deleted from Samsung S10, another way is to use backup to recover files. In general, backup devices are important. If you put all the lost file backups in a safe location, the deleted files will be easy to recover. Before using the fix, it's best to make sure that a backup is available.

Samsung users can use Samsung cloud or intelligent switch and other methods to back up the machine.

If you have backed up Samsung S10 before, please follow the next step.

Step 1: Move to the device's Setting.

Step 2: After clicking the "backup and Restore" option, click "Restore data".

Step 3: Select the data you want to recover here.

Step 4: Click the "restore" option to search for the selected file.

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