Screen Recorder

There are various things on your computer that you want to record and then share with friends or simply save on a computer or hard drive. This screen recording software just meets your needs

If you want to record meetings, movies, calls, tutorials, TV shows, songs, snapshots or others, This Screen Recorder can help you do this with a few clicks.

Screen Recording Software

Software advantages

  • Record screen with video, audio or picture format in high definition
  • The size can be customized (you can record the full screen or a part of the screen or the area that follows the mouse)
  • Edit videos and audios in your computer
  • Support most formats of video and audio
  • You can customize the hotkeys so that you can complete your work more efficiently
  • Can record in full screen (including the desktop taskbar can be hidden)

Screen recorder for Windows/Mac

It can do three jobs for you

Take a video on your computer

For example: If you see a very interesting video on the Internet, you want to save it, but there is no download link. This software can record the video for you in high definition and save it to your computer.

Recording sounds

It can also record the sound on your computer to help you save your favorite music or other sounds to the computer

Take a snapshot

You can take high-definition snapshots at a specified time from movies, TV shows, etc.

Computer game video recorder

Our screen recording software can easily record any game on the computer, and can quickly record classic clips in the game through hot keys. Because of its excellent performance, it is used by many game lovers to record videos.

Format support

Input format

Including all video and audio formats

Output file format

Video: GIF, MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, TS, F4V, M4V

Audio: MP3, WMA, FLAC, Ogg, Opus


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