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If you accidentally lose audio files in Samsung Galaxy note 8/9/10, Android data recovery tool is the best choice. Here is a detailed guide.

Article Outline:

1. Question analysis

2. Missing audio files due to various reasons

3. Recover Audio from Samsung Note 8/9/10 without backup (Recommend)

4. Recover Samsung Note 8/9/10 Audio with Google Drive Backup

5. Tips: Methods to prevent Samsung data loss

6. Conclusion

1. Question analysis

"How to restore audio files deleted from Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Android phone?" Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has been used for some time. Recently, some audio files have been damaged. Is there a way to re search for deleted files? So what to do? Is that right? "

Just like mistakenly deleting an item narration or an important recording of a conversation with a customer, unexpected situations often occur. You come here to find a solution because you really want to recover them. Can you recover the audio files deleted from Android Samsung Note 8/9/10?

In fact, if you delete a file from Android samsung galaxy note 8, note 9, note 10, the deleted file will be displayed as useless, waiting for other data to be recorded in that location. Therefore, as long as you do not use the new data overlay, you can find the deleted audio file.

2. Missing audio files due to various reasons

Most Samsung users have this unfortunate experience. Precious files such as text messages, photos or audio files will be deleted by mistake or suddenly disappear for other reasons. Samsung audio file lost how to do? This page will tell Samsung how to recover the audio files through phased guidance.

Although Samsung provides users with a variety of functions and convenience, there is not much data in the world. Anyone may face the general storage problems of Android phones, such as data damage or deletion. In this article, we will explain some common scripts that can delete data, especially audio files.

Virus attack:

Like windows, Android phones are mainly popular, and it's easy to get infected with malware and other viruses. When downloading files of Samsung Galaxy mobile phone from suspicious websites or using them on multiple PCs, the mobile phone is likely to be infected with virus, delete audio files or damage the whole device.

Error deleting audio file:

Human error is inevitable, and it is also a common repeated case of deleting files in Samsung Galaxy phones. If you think data is important, it's just like deleting data by mistake. In order to use it immediately, it's important to manage data by cable or maintain backup.

Samsung Galaxy phone reset:

In the last version of Samsung Galaxy phones, the general problem was that it was not easy to turn it on as long as the power was turned off for whatever reason. Also, sometimes audio, video and other files are deleted directly to reset the phone.

Physical damage:

Like other smartphones, Samsung Galaxy's phones are very vulnerable. Even if it's a small external blow, if the screen is broken or worse, the data and, more importantly, the audio files will be deleted!

3. Recover Audio from Samsung Note 8/9/10 without backup

Android data recovery is a professional data repair tool to help users quickly recover deleted Android phone data. Not only deleted audio files, but also help to find music, photos, videos, contact, text messages, videos ,audio etc. You can view and select the items to recover first. 

Searching for lost Samsung galaxy note 8/9/10 audio files requires tools. Android Data Recovery is a stable data recovery tool for Android machines. Support Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Google and almost all Android phones and tablets. Therefore, whenever necessary, Samsung can recover the deleted files. The next wizard can effectively and easily complete the recovery work.

Files Supported:  Contacts, videos, audios, text messages, photos, call logs, whatsapp messages, gallery, documents...

Models Supported:  Samsung Note 8, Samsung Note 9, Samsung Note 10, Samsung Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S6/7/8/9/10/20/21, Samsung Galaxy J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8, Samsung Galaxy A, Samsung Galaxy On, Samsung Galaxy C...


Steps to Recover Deleted Audio from Samsung Galaxy Note 8/Note 9/Note 10:

Step 1: The application runs and connects to the computer

If the application is installed on a PC or Mac, run it. Select "Android Data Recovery" mode in the default window.

Then connect the Samsung note to the computer.

Step 2: Allow USB debugging on mobile phone

After connecting, please open USB debugging mode on the device to build the whole connection. To do this, follow the creative visualization phase.

Step 3: select "Audio" and search for lost audio

Then, select the small box of "audio" and click the next button.

Step 4: Currency recovery after samsung note deletion

After scanning, all calls will be displayed.

Click the Recover button to save the audio of the user you are interested in.

4. Recover Samsung Note 8/9/10 Audio with Google Drive Backup

When you manually upload audio files before activating and deleting Google drive, you can easily restore vioce recordings with devece. You can use Google drive backup to restore the deleted voice recording in Samsung phone without PC.

The following is the stage of using Google drive backup to delete or recover lost audio files or voice recordings from Samsung phones.

Step 1: Start the Google drive application on the device, and then search for audio files in the warehouse. You can enter the name of the audio file or the label search box and select the audio option.

Step 2: The file is then filtered and displayed on the phone screen.

Step 3: Mow you can download the audio file.

Reference: Remember to connect the device to a good Wi-Fi connection.

Step 4: Long press the file name to restore the server file. Open the three vertical points and you can find several options on the device screen. Here, you can choose between "Make Available Offline" or "Download".

5. Tips: Methods to prevent Samsung data loss

Prevention is better than cure. The same is true for Samsung Galaxy Android phones or smartphones to prevent data loss. Here are some useful tips for Android phones to prevent or prevent data loss.

If you think the data is too useful, it doesn't have any effect on maintaining a consistent backup of all files.

The battery of the mobile phone always keeps the proper capacity. When the battery of the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone is low, please do not save new audio or video files.

Please download applications and files from reliable sources and do not use them on malicious or harmful websites.

Keep the smartphone dry and away from the extreme temperature.

Do not remove the SD card of the Samsung Galaxy phone when the power is on. Always turn off the phone and clear the memory card from the phone.

6. Conclusion

No matter how famous or safe the brand is, data loss can occur at any time, so it is better to take preventive measures in advance. It is also important to keep important files on multiple platforms.

Now we know how to prevent the general causes of audio or music file deletion and the loss of data. But all the precautions failed. Samsung Galaxy phone audio files, no matter which party, can be deleted, recover can search all scripts for audio data above the problem.

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