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Here's a problem - Android Samsung Galaxy J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9 mobile phone picture is broken, can't the machine find the correct way to get data again? never mind! This post introduces the periodic tips on how to recover data in Android Samsung J series phones. Now it's easy to learn Android's Samsung Galaxy broken screen recovery solution, and access and recover all files such as photos, videos, contacts, SMS, audio, call logs, music, galley, files, WhatsApp messages, etc.

In fact, my Samsung Galaxy J7 screen fell out of my pants pocket last night and broke badly. But the phone will still start, but nothing is displayed. I'm very disappointed because my mobile phone stores many images of special friends and family members and other important files. I need to copy them from the device. What is an effective way to easily recover data contacts photos from broken screen samsung J7.

For example, when a Samsung j1/j2/j3/j4/j5/j6/j7/j8/j9 phone fails, such as being unable to access the black screen, the system or the touch screen, it will be disappointed. But sometimes it happens to users. As a result, many users recover data from Android phones with broken screens, and it is difficult to access files such as contact information, SMS, photos and videos. This page describes two possible ways to recover data from a broken Samsung J phone. Learn the detailed guide, in the broken Samsung phone, you can try to save all the files.

Cell phone replacement is actually very simple. However, if you can't simply extract data, you can't touch the screen. Faced with this situation, the worst situation is not the phone failure, but can not access the phone memory stored in contact information, SMS, photos, videos and other valuable data. It's important for us. If you give up the data, you have to search for the required data in other sources, not all the data.

The picture of the mobile phone is broken Screen. Many people say they can't use the machine It's not true! Although it looks like it's too bad to recover, it's still possible to access a phone with a broken picture. You're a good friend.

Have you damaged the picture of your mobile phone recently? So you're not alone. Please check the security carefully, visit the Android machine with broken images (in order to recover precious data), and read the methods to deal with broken images in advance.

Content Guidelines:

Method 1: Recover data from broken Screen Samsung with Android Data Extraction (Recommend)

Method 2: Recover Broken Screen Samsung J Data with Samsung Smart Switch backup

Method 3: Recover Samsung's broken screen data (files, contact information) with autoplay

Method 4: Retrieve data from Broken Screen Samsung J with Find My Phone

Method 5: Restore Broken Screen Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9 with Google Drive Backup

Method 6: Get Back Data from Cracked Screen Samsung with AirDroid

Tip 1: Is the phone screen broken? First of all

Tip 2: Correctly handle the screen of Android Samsung

Tip 3: 6 Risks when using Broken/cracked Screen phone

Tip 4: How to recover files from Android with PC

Tip 5: USB debug mode is not active or the PC does not recognize the device.

Tip 6: Still see the display after Screen Broken

Tip 7: How to recover data when the screen is closed

Method 1: Recover data from broken Screen Samsung with Android Data Extraction

In order to get data from the faulty Samsung mobile phone, we can find a solution to this problem, but not all of them can succeed. But Android data recovery helps to recover data from a failed Android phone, so don't worry now. You can search data without losing data, including contact information, SMS, photos, videos and more data stored in the phone's memory.

With the help of screen broken Samsung data recovery tool, you can recover photos, contact information, videos, call / voice recordings, memos, audio, SMS, WhatsApp chat records, calendars, files and other types of files.

The best part of the broken screen Samsung Galaxy data recovery program is that it can be used on both windows and Mac computers. Screen broken Android data recovery searches for data in internal storage and external SD memory cards.

Step 1: First, please download and install the program for free on your computer using the link above. Then it will start automatically when the program is over Select "Broken Android data extraction" on the left side of the interface.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung phone to the computer with a USB cable. 

Step 3: Select the situation faced by the mobile phone: Stuck in Startup screen, Stuck in the Download mode, Stuck in the FoneGo interface, Black screen and so on. Click Next to move on. If you want to continue, please click the button below.

Step 4: Confirm whether the correct information of Android machine is selected, including machine name and machine model. Then click Confirm to continue.

Step 5: After the program downloads the recovery package, the fixed Android system will be restored. After completion, you can move to Android data recovery function to access and scan Android data, including deleted files.

Step 6: Confirm the information and letter attachment in the left window, display the details of the restored project, and then click Recover to save it to the computer.

Method 2: Recover Broken Screen Samsung J Data with Samsung Smart Switch backup

Samsung provides its own smart switch application for backing up Samsung phone data. If the phone is damaged or the picture is damaged or damaged due to some reason or the data is deleted, you can use smart switch to backup and recover the data.

Smart switch helps back up data for Galaxy phones, such as contact information, video, images, memos, remaining call records, voice messages, voice camps, email, files, voice messages, home settings, all settings, and galaxy j1s applications. There are j1,J2, J3, J4, J5, J6, J7 or j8/j9 on the computer.

Therefore, when the galaxy J series telephone is backed up to the computer, please restore the broken picture of galaxy J1/j2/j3/j5/j6/j7/j8 data contact photos through intelligent switch backup according to the different stages in the next stage.

Reference: this method takes Galaxy note 8 as an example, and galaxy J1/j2/j3/j4/j5/j6/j7/j8/j9 also starts the same process.

Step 1: First use USB cable, connect Galaxy phone to computer, and then open Smart Switch Application on computer.

Step 2: Then click "Restore" in smart switch, give prompt permission, and then click "allow" on the phone.

Step 3: Then the application starts from the backup and uses the mobile phone to recover the data. Please wait for the recovery process to complete.

Method 3: Recover Samsung's broken screen data (files, contact information) with autoplay

Please use the Mini USB cable to connect the broken Android screen phone to the PC first.

Here, the mobile phone is successfully connected. If it is identified on the computer, you can see the automatic operation pop-up on the computer. Click the open folder option to view the file.

Then copy all the files and folders in the internal memory of the phone to the computer.

After carefully completing all the above stages, the data can be recovered successfully in the Android phone with broken screen and transferred to the computer. After the process is complete, you can disconnect the phone for repair. Your data is secure on your PC.

The above process is still useful here. But it's easy if the screen is still usable.

Please start with the easiest way to turn on USB debugging. If you can still use the phone screen, you can use the developer options to activate the required settings.

When there is no developer option on the phone

1.Move to Setting

2.Press phone options to scroll through.

3.Scroll to the build number option.

  Before the pop-up message appears, please build the number of tags multiple times.

4.Return to the configuration and scroll down.

5.Now the developer options are displayed at the bottom of the configuration screen.

6.One of the first settings that can be switched in the developer options is USB.

debugging Click once to open and close.

The above stage can still use the screen, but will start when it does not respond to touch. don't worry. With USB OTG, you can access the phone through the second screen.

Method 4: Recover data from Broken Screen Samsung J with Find My Phone

Please don't panic when you are frustrated by the broken Samsung Phone Screen! Finding my phone is the easiest way to recover data. As long as there is a Samsung account on the device, it can be used. The tasks to be performed are as follows.

1. Move to Samsung website and click Find my phone button.

2. Please log in to the Samsung account on your mobile phone.

3. All options related to smartphone remote use are available on the screen.

4. There is a remote unlock option on the left side of the screen.

5. If connected by USB cable, files can be accessed through KIEs.

Because it's easy to be free, the above method is the first choice in the face of Samsung Mobile's data search method. However, some samsung phones do not start and cannot be used in the United States. Apart from the broken images, other Samsung data recovery examples are not helpful. Therefore, it is sometimes possible to use other companies' Android data recovery software to search for data in Samsung phones.

Method 5: Restore Broken Screen Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9 with Google Drive Backup

We can use our drive backup to recover the broken Galaxy J9,J8, J7, J6, J5, J4, J3 and J2, J1 data, but this method only works when Samsung mobile phone has been backed up.

In addition, our drive only supports pictures, videos and documents of the device.

Please follow the steps given below to remove the galaxy J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9 data from our drive backup.

Step 1: Access our Google Drive Webpage in all browsers.

Reference: You need to log in with the same ID as you entered duing backup.

Step 2: Login Google drive to view all the pictures, videos and documents uploaded. After selecting the file to restore, download the selected file on the Google drive.

Method 6: Get Back Data from Cracked Screen Samsung with AirDroid

Airdroid is software that connects a smartphone to a computer. You can use network interfaces or computer applications. Just install it on your computer and Android device.

You must connect the two devices through your account. Multiple icons are displayed on the smartphone to access functions such as file transfer or delete applications. You can see a variety of options, but what we're looking for is backup.

Using the same login information, move to the phone and click the Save button. You can also view the application. In the left menu, click the device name, and in the top three tabs, click the backup menu. Then the data will be stored in the computer

Tip 1: Is the phone screen broken? First of all!

Please make sure there is no broken screen

Previously, physical damage such as damaged or cracked cell phone images was not included in free service repairs by manufacturers. But recently, because of the insurance system, if you join the insurance, you can replace the broken phone picture for free. Please confirm if you have. Then, please go to the nearest service center to replace the damaged phone screen.

Management of small glass fragments

Want to erase the broken pieces of the picture. If you want to do that, you should pay close attention to it as a whole. Otherwise, small pieces of glass will hurt your fingers and eventually bleed. Therefore, in order to avoid such injuries and bumps, please use rubber gloves or other safety equipment to ensure proper safety. If necessary, please seal the mobile screen with transparent tape or place the screen saver before clicking.

Tip 2: Correctly handle the screen of Android Samsung

Broken phone images can be divided into two categories.

Slightly broken: touch glasses will not break, can start.

Completely broken state: where nothing can be seen and cannot be started.

Now, if it's one of the things you've been through. It's easy to deal with broken phone images with a screen saver like reinforced glass. It helps to prevent additional image damage.

Suppose only the machine's touch glasses are broken and the monitor is still running. Technical friends can ask for the touch screen to be repaired or replaced. To perform screen DIY, note the following.

New touch screen glass for equipment needs to be purchased from online stores or nearby markets. Investigation must be carried out before purchasing machine suitable touch glasses and good quality. In addition, to alternate images, you need to find the DIY tool.

Secondly, with the help of a hair dryer, dry air is injected into the broken phone picture. This will remove the adhesive from the broken image Now please carefully cut the screen on the device and replace it with new touch glasses. To add a guide, you can see DIY alternate videos on YouTube.

Tip 3: 6 Risks when using Broken/cracked Screen phone

What's the point of using a cracked phone on the screen?

In the era of Nokia 3310, it's not a big problem for a mobile phone to fall off. Pick up the dust and put it in your pocket

But recently, if a smartphone falls off, it can cause Mini Heart paralysis. Because it will break the smooth and shiny picture

Smart phone displays are usually made of glass or acrylic, and will be broken if they fall or are greatly impacted. But there are other functional, productive and health-related issues besides the obvious beauty reasons that attract people in the broken smartphone images.

In fact, Samsung, a big technology company, has made it clear in its health and safety assurance guidelines that smartphone users may be injured if their pictures are broken or cracked, so they must stop using the machine.

When using a cracked phone screen, there may be the following hazards:

1. Touch screen starts incorrectly

Broken picture of the mobile phone after time will not be better. In fact, the first functional damage is the touch screen capacity of the mobile phone. It takes longer for the phone to respond to finger movements, or it stops when the response is more severe

The damaged phone screen is also vulnerable to cracked finger oil, dust and debris inside. As time goes by, the phone may be more damaged.

2. Loss of protection

The internal components of the screen saver are protected from external factors that may damage the device. For example, generally wipe the mobile phone picture with a wet cloth, but if there are cracks in the picture, it is no longer recommended. This is because the liquid will penetrate through cracks and short circuit the phone.

In addition, if you have the latest smart phone with waterproof function, cracks appear on the screen, the function will be invalid.

3. Fragments on the fingers

Because there are cracks in the mobile phone screen, as usual, when you want to change the screen to your wife, your fingers will be cut. If there are serious cracks in the phone screen, you may be injured by small pieces of glass.

4. Eye fatigue

Smart phones demonstrate high-quality displays that provide excellent user experience. But if this HD image is broken, it will be very conspicuous Because there are cracks in the part, it will be more difficult to see the picture and the content

If you want to read a story you're reading or the latest cooking video you see on social media, you need to spend more time squinting. Because of the cracked image, it's more important to confirm the phone than to do anything.

5. The road is dangerous

With GPS and maps installed on the smartphone, users can explore unfamiliar roads and surrounding areas. They often steal maps from their mobile phones quickly while driving. Images with cracks will make the job harder and will not allow drivers to concentrate on the road ahead.

If the picture is broken, the driver should look away from the road when using the GPS of the smart phone, which may become the main danger and safety hazard.

6. Harmful radiation exposure

IARC (International Agency for research on cancer) classifies the wireless frequency of mobile phones as "the possibility of human cancer". In addition, the American Cancer Society says more research is needed to come to the conclusion that mobile phone use does not pose health risks to users. So basically, smartphones have released harmful radiation.

Tip 4: How to recover files from Android with PC

To recover data from a damaged smartphone, you can get help from a computer. Before starting, USB debugging must be activated in the configuration of Android device to confirm whether the smartphone is recognized on the computer.

The restoration of image and music is very simple. Connect the smartphone to the PC, activate debugging in the settings menu, and then use the mouse to access other folders stored in the device. For example, accessing the WhatsApp folder can convey all the images received in the chat.

But in the computer admitted to the smart phone, but also can not see the stored files. As always, Android has all the solutions, so don't worry.

Tip 5: USB debug mode is not active or the PC does not recognize the device.

As a result, there are monitors that are not functioning properly or are not in use, USB mode is not active, or computers that do not recognize smartphones. This is the most common problem when a phone has failed and needs to search for data.

To hold Samsung machines in hand, the official website of Korean brands not only lost smartphones, but also found my mobile, which is useful for unlocking the machine. Unlock function with my screen After accessing this feature, the PC can identify the device and use the well-known KIEs program to transmit data.

If there are other brands of devices or the solution does not start, you can enter recovery mode and use FastBoot (no need to activate USB debugging). Then start the custom repair through FastBoot, and use the shell command to extract the file.

This is not a simple solution, should be familiar with Android work, but can solve the problem, in the broken smartphone data repair.

Tip 6: Although the picture is broken, you can still see the method to recover the data in the case of display

Although the touch screen is damaged, the display is still running (as you can see) using USB OTG (on the go) and the mouse connected to the device to solve this problem. USB OTG connects mobile devices to other devices. Basically, Android machine has Mini USB port or USB type C port, which must be connected to the mouse with USB port. USB OTG connects the two.

Connecting the mouse unlocks the device regardless of the mode, pin or password. The password is very safe. It's better to use it.

Now that the phone is unlocked, you can connect the phone to the computer, transfer the required data to the micro SD memory, or directly connect to the computer to transfer files.

Tip 7: How to recover data when the screen is closed

If you can't see the picture, you may need VNC program There are many things on the market, but choose safe and free. These programs can move the Android interface to a PC and control it there.

To use such a program, you need to download not only to the computer, but also to the Android device. If the screen is dead, it's hard to install it on Android, which is another example of prevention. Although there are charging programs, they generally include more functions than pure VNC functions. So if you're looking for a wider range of tools, you can use one of them.

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