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You can easily restore those lost or deleted data from your iPad Pro Device with iOS Data Recovery software tool, or you can backup your ipad pro data to PC/MAC, restore backup data from PC/MAC to your iPad Pro.

Many iPad Pro users want to know how to recover the files deleted from the iPad pro. Can you restore lost ipad pro data contacts, messages, videos, photos, calendar, call history, whatsapp messages, safari history,  notes for backup? It's now easy to recover missing or deleted files for iPad pro depending on the stage boot.

Many iPad Pro users use it to back up data multiple times, but iPad Pro can't rule out damaged or missing important files. In iPad Pro, you accidentally delete important files, or forget the password lock screen, or damage precious documents, photos, contact, messages, and other data due to errors. Today, I'll tell you how to restore the lost/deleted data of iPad pro, according to the same stage, the lost files in iPad pro can be recovered.

The iPad Pro has been dreaming about the future of computing since it was born. Years later, the largest, fastest and most powerful Apple tablet computer, iPad pro, has launched a strong claim to its high goals. But when reading this article, one of the following can be problematic.

Method 1: Recovering iPad Pro Data from iCloud backup (78% Guaranteed)

Method 2: Restore iPad Pro files from Computer backup (80% Guaranteed)

Method 3: Recover Deleted Data from iPad Pro with iPad Data Recovery Tool (100% Guaranteed)

Here are the 5 biggest problems on iPad Pro

10 troublesome iPad Pro problems and Solutions

Method 1: Recovering iPad Pro Data from iCloud backup

1. Turn on a new or erased iPad pro.

2. Follow the online instructions to select the language and region.

3. Tap manual settings.

4. Tap restore from icloud backup and follow the instructions on the screen.

5. You need to enter an apple ID

Method 2: Restore iPad Pro files from Computer backup

Use USB to connect a new iPad pro or a newly erased iPad pro to the computer that contains a backup.

Follow the next Steps:

1. On the Mac, select your iPad pro and click trust.

Note: To restore your iPad Pro from a backup using access, you need to use Mac OS 10.15 or later. If you are running an earlier version of Mac OS, use iTunes to restore from a backup.

2. In the iTunes app on a Windows PC: if your PC has more than one device connected, click the device icon near the top left of the iTunes window, and then select a new iPad or a newly erased iPad from the list.

3. On the welcome screen, click restore from this backup, select a backup from the list, and then click continue.

4. If the backup is encrypted, you must enter a password to restore your files and settings.

Method 3: Recover Deleted Data from iPad Pro with iPad Data Recovery Tool

iPad Data Recovery is the useful software tool to recover those lost data including contact information, WhatsApp, messages, contacts, photos, calendar, app messages, call history, safari history, notes, voicemail and more from your iPad Pro device.

iPad Data Recovery provides three recovery modes. The data may be "Recover from IOS Device", "Recover from iTunes backup file" and "recover from icloud backup file". This report describes how to recover data from icloud backup files.

Model Supported: iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, iPhone 15, iPhone 16, iPod touch...

Data Supported: iPad Pro Contacts, messages, notes, calendar, voicemail, call history, Reminder, whatsapp messages, safari bookmark, safari history, voice memos, app document, camera roll, photos stream, app videos, app audio, app photos, photos library...

Recoverable Scenarios: Accidental Deletion, Water Damage, Device Damaged, Jailbreak or ROM flashing, System Crash, Forgotten Password, Device Stolen, Unable to synchronize backup

Fix iOS System Situations: Recover Mode DFU Mode Blue/Black/Red Screen Apple Logo Headphone Mode Frozen iPhone iPhone Disabled Keep Restarting

Step to Recover Lost Data from iPad Pro with iOS Data Recovery 

Step 1: Download the program and install on your computer, then select "Recover from iOS Device" to go on.

Step 2: Scanning the iPad pro for lost data

Select the type of data file you want to continue to repair, click the scan button, and let the iPad pro data repair software perform a precise scan in the internal memory of the iPad pro.

Step 3: Preview and recover lost iPad pro data

At this stage, you can click category in the left sidebar of the window to view items related to various file types such as photos strean, contact, voice memo, call history, notes, etc.

Recover iPad pro files from iTunes backup with iOS Data Recovery

Step 1: After install the program on your computer, please select "Recover from iTunes backup file"

Step 2: Select the backup file to scan

Select the backup file of recovery data in the list and click the scan start button.

Please wait until the scan is complete. Then check the summary of all the files.

Step 3: Start the data search from the iTunes backup and save it to the computer.

Before restoring, if you want to view all the individual files in advance, you'd better click the range on the left.

Select the item to recover, and then select the box next to the file name.

Now click the restore button at the bottom right of the window. Opens a dialog box asking if you want to save the exported data. Click the local search button on the iPad pro to restart searching for the missing folder.

Recover deleted iPad Pro Data from iCloud Backup with iOS Data Recovery

Step 1: log in icloud

Select "recover from icloud backup file" mode and enter Apple ID and password to log in to icloud.

Step 2:  iCloud backup selection

After logging in, the software will identify all backup files generated in the account and display them in a window arranged by backup date. Select the item that contains the stolen iPad data. Click the download button.

Step 3: Display all items that can be recovered after downloading. But there are basically options. Please select the data you need and click "below".

Step 4: Start searching backup data with icloud

The tool can quickly download all available icloud content, systematically display it on the left sidebar, and view relevant information in all categories.

Click the file type to be repaired on the left and select the file.

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Here are the 5 biggest problems on iPad Pro

External drive connection

The first problem is that hardware disadvantages are less than software cost performance. Apple has hinted that the iPad prod can replace laptops, but it lacks a core function that acts as a computer hub, which is full of hard disk support.

For safe custody, the iPad Pro cannot store many videos and projects on a hard drive.

Insufficient mouse support

Apple, like MacBook, promotes iPad Pro features that connect to external monitors, providing users with a broader workspace. MacBook also uses the clam shell mode, which basically allows you to place the MacBook next to it and use the mouse, keyboard, and larger screen.

Goodbye Headphone Jack

The third problem is that the 2018 iPad Pro is the first iPad to abandon the headphone jack. To be honest, I think Apple will last at least a few years

Overwhelming daily use

The iPad Pro has a lot of processing power. In multiple tests, the 10.5 inch iPad pro's coordinate score has been doubled, and 4K hevc video can be broadcast in less than half of the time. Here's the problem: that power will be wasted.

Storage and flash memory costs

The fifth and final problem is the basic structure of the iPad pro, which has limited storage space and ram. This is still a high premium compared to competitive hardware.

10 troublesome iPad Pro problems and Solutions

1. Restart, Wi Fi, screen freezing, etc

Problem: iPad Pro exits or restarts automatically.

The apple support forum saw a lot of stories about the iPad Pro ending automatically or starting over without a clear reason.

Potential solutions:

-Press the sleep / wake and Home button together at least 10 seconds or the apple logo appears. At least for the time being.

-When conflicts occur when using a specific application or playing a specific game, clear and test to confirm that the problem is resolved.

-Attempt to initialize after backing up the data. Restore the backup after completion and test whether the problem occurs again. Instead of restoring the backup, consider factory initialization and then setting the iPad pro to a new device. Because one of the installed applications or items in the settings may conflict, setting up to a new application can help. Be aware when you begin to re install applications that may cause problems.

-After initializing the machine and setting the machine as a new machine, consult apple if the problem persists.

2. Echoes of Skype calls and other video calls

When many people use the iPad pro, they find that the sender opposite the video call will hear the echo. It doesn't happen in multiple corporate apps like Facebook messenger This issue has been reported many times in Apple support forum and Microsoft forum.


If there is a microphone headset or headset, the echo will disappear when connected.

Potential solutions:

This could be a software problem. The fact that FaceTime won't have problems suggests that developers of other video call applications can update their software to solve the problem. It's better to remove the problematic app, turn off the iPad pro and re open it before installing the app.

Settings > General > software update, please confirm whether the iPad Pro has the latest Apple software.

If the problem persists, contact the application developer with the problem to complain. And report to apple

3. Unable to connect to Wi Fi.

Some people have problems connecting their iPad pro to Wi Fi networks, while others have poor network connectivity and interference. This is a common problem in all kinds of machines and is generally easy to solve. Try the following methods.

Potential solutions:

Turn off the router and iPad pro and turn it back on again Press the sleep / wake and home keys together for about 10 seconds, and the apple logo will be displayed when the machine restarts. If possible, it would be nice to restart the router.

Please move to Settings > General > Reset > network settings to reset all network settings. The password needs to be re entered.

Turn off the MAC effect on the router Although the MAC address of iPad can be added, due to Apple's MAC randomization, it will change at the next attempt, and the possibility of refusing to connect is very high. The simplest solution is to turn off MAC filtering.

DNS settings can be a problem. Settings > Wi Fi click the "I" icon next to the network to scroll down to DNS to make changes. If you want to use our server, you can use OpenDNS of "" or "" or "".

When using VPN service, please confirm whether there are the latest updates.

Check that the router firmware is fully updated. You must confirm with your ISP or router manufacturer.

If you think there is interference, consider moving the router to a new location. Walls (or multiple walls) can cause interference between the iPad and the router.

4. Screen freezing during use

Some people find that the iPad Pro continues to stop in use, and people say it can stop when starting or using an app. The screen stops and doesn't respond for a few seconds. Normal recovery or indefinite freezing.


Click the main control button twice to display the application switching screen and close the application used when the screen stops. This seems to be a temporary solution to some people's problems, but others still don't respond to the touch screen at the end of the application converter screen.

Press the sleep / wake up button together with the home button until more than 10 seconds or the apple logo appears. Although the iPad Pro restarts, problems may occur again.

Potential modifications:

Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings can be moved to all machine.

The iPad Pro needs to be restored to its original settings via iTunes. Back up your precious files, and then connect the iPad pro to your computer using the cable that came with it. Run iTunes, select iPad pro, and then click summary and repair. Click resume to confirm. During the backup, the problem may occur again, but if the backup is not restored, it can be tested temporarily to confirm whether the problem is solved.

If the new settings do not restore the backup and there are still problems after the restoration, you should consult Apple or take the iPad pro to the nearest Apple store and request replacement.

5. Poor battery life

The 12.9 iPad Pro has 10307 MAH batteries and the smaller 9.7 iPad Pro has 7306 MAH batteries. Both last 10 hours at a time, but not everyone can find the battery life according to the advertisement. One part is connected to the device and senses the discharge when charging. If the battery runs faster than expected, especially in the atmosphere, there will be problems.


Power is supplied to the 12.9-inch screen, and brightness has a big impact on the iPad pro's battery. The brightness and brightness of the display are set to move to. After setting the comfortable level, activate the automatic brightness to match different background lighting conditions.

If there are many applications that refresh content in the background, they can actually consume batteries. Apple forum users have pointed out that their battery consumption problem is due to the Microsoft OneNote application. Settings > General > background application refresh and close the application that does not need to be updated. It will still refresh after opening.

Several suggestions can be found in the iPhone Battery tip summary.

Potential solutions:

It's always possible to try a simple restart. Press the sleep / wake button, turn off the power and turn it on again. Until you see the apple logo, you can click the sleep / wake and home buttons together to force a restart.

If discharge occurs only when charging, it is best to fully charge the iPad Pro before use. Use the iPad more often in charging, and more power than you can charge.

Go to Settings > Battery and look under Battery Usage. If there is a problem with the application, please confirm that it is fully updated. However, if the problem can not be solved, it is better to eliminate the problem first and confirm whether it can be replaced.

Factory initialization can solve the problem. Back up and configure everything in Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to try it. Please test the battery life before restoring the backup.

Apple should be consulted if battery life is still poor after initial plant start-up.

6. The smart keyboard does not start

After waking up from sleep, many reports said the smart keyboard was not working properly. In some cases, shortcuts such as comment and tab for general circular applications are no longer started. In an additional investigation, this problem may have occurred on all hardware keyboards associated with the iPad pro.


If you disconnect the keyboard and then connect it, you may restart, but you may have problems again.

If you restart the iPad pro, the function will be temporarily restored

Potential solutions:

Please make sure there is no foreign matter or damage to the port connecting the smart keyboard to the iPad pro. Please accept repair when cleaning foreign matters or damaging ports.

IOS 10.2.1 contains multiple bug fixes. A modification can alleviate the problem of smart keyboard.

7. Unable to view video playback.

There are a lot of people on the apple discussion forum who have problems watching videos in multiple locations on the iPad pro. Some people can't see their own personal movies, but some can't see videos from streaming services like YouTube.

Potential solutions:

Before the apple logo appears, please press and hold home and sleep / wake up buttons to restart the iPad.

If it is not updated to IOS 10.2.1, which contains various bug fixes, then IOS 10.2 is the cause of this problem.

Apple discussion forum user savage 1969 has a potential modification to display the video safe.

Open the TV app, then open the store.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to display free episodes. Open the import tab and select what you want, but you don't need to actually download it.

Please go back to the TV app and label it in the library below.

Please label the safe deposit box in the upper left corner of the screen, and then label it on the home page.

Complete factory initialization and restore iPad in backup or new machine.

8. Apple pencil battery pack disappears

Multiple iPad Pro owners have indicated that Apple pencil is connected and found that the battery parts for the remaining battery life of the machine have disappeared. It's especially troublesome for people who don't want to stop using pencils during use because they don't know the amount of batteries left.

Potential solutions:

Restart the iPad pro.

Set > move to Bluetooth and confirm whether Bluetooth is turned on. Please make sure that Apple pencil is also on the screen.

User vermlionpixel finds other users useful and provides the next phase.

Set > Bluetooth > internal device > Blue "I" icon, move to the deleted device, disconnect Apple pencil in iPad pro and restart iPad.

When the iPad Pro is reopened, use the lightning connector to connect the pencil to the iPad. After accepting the fairing request, separate the pencil. The battery component appears again.

9. IPad Pro not charged

A few owners can't charge the iPad pro. If you plug in the plug, the device will display the message "unable to charge", or it will be unable to charge without explanation, or the charging speed will be much slower than usual.

Potential solutions:

Restart the iPad pro and try to recharge it again. In addition, before the apple logo appears, please press and hold home and sleep / wake up buttons to force a restart.

If you do not use the apple charger and cable provided, please switch back to the appropriate charger or another apple certified charger.

The charging port for cleaning dust and other foreign matters.

If you have an iPad Pro related keyboard cover or other accessories, remove the cover and do not need to be charged.

The charging port of the iPad pro or device may be damaged. Ask apple for support to receive a new device or repair the machine.

10. No application or system sound

Some owners use the iPad pro to play sounds like app sounds and keyboards and lock clicks.

Potential solutions:

Move up from the bottom of the screen to open the control center. Ring symbol / mute on / off after white label.

If there is no keyboard and lock sound, set > move to sound, scroll down, and click switch next to keyboard and lock sound. Adjust the ringtone and prompt sliders at the top of the page on the same page.

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