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This article will introducts a powerful iOS system recovery/repair software to safely fix 50+ iOS system problems for any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, get your device back to normal without any data loss, and help restoring lost data from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in a click.

Apple is the world's largest listed company by market capitalization, which is largely due to its innovative product design and the use of high-end technology. When it comes to Apple, we have to mention its core products, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and their iOS operating system. Compared to the Android system, the iOS system is a relatively closed ecosystem with low open source. However, the iOS system and its products have a high degree of matching, the operation interface is very beautiful and simple, the system security is high, and the fluency of operation is also excellent. In addition, the integration of software and hardware is very high, which greatly increases the stability of the iOS system.

fix iphone system to normal

Obviously, the iOS system has been successfully recognized by users around the world. However, even with such an excellent operating system, it is inevitable to encounter some tricky system issues. According to user feedback, we can divide all these system problems into four categories, namely device issues, screen issues, iOS mode issues and iTunes issues.

If you encounter these iOS system problems during the use of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, many users will think of iTunes for the first time. This is undoubtedly a correct choice, but it is also likely to lose your valuables data. So, to repair various of iOS system issues, we recommend you to use the iOS System Recovery software.

iOS System Recovery is the most professional iOS system issues repair program, making it easy for users to fix 50+ iOS system problems when your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch perform abnormally, and safe enough to cause no data loss. More importantly, it is perfectly compatible with almost all iOS devices, including a full range of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Fix iOS Mode Issues

Fix iDevice Issues

Fix Screen Issues

Fix iTunes Issues

Supported Devices

Before you can use this software, please click to download it to your computer, then follow the prompts to install it to your computer. If done, follow the below steps to fix the iOS system issues for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Step 1: Run the iOS System Recovery on your computer, then click on "More tools" on the left column of the homepage, and select "iOS System Recovery".

Step 2: Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to computer with a USB cable, and tap on "Start", the program will try to recognize your device's system issue automatically.

Step 3: Wait for you device has been detected successfully, all the information of your device will be listed, now you can simple press the "Free Quick Fix" option to fix some common issues for your device, or directly click on "Fix" to go on.

Step 4: Here the program will offers you two repairing modes to fix your device, please choose either "Standard Mode" or "Advanced Mode" as you like, then click "Confirm".

Tips: Fix your device with Standard Mode will not lossing your lost, if you fix your device with Advanced Mode, which can repair more system issues, but all data on your device will be erased completely.

Step 5: After confirming the firmware information of your device, then click on the "Repair" button to begin downloading the matched firmware package for your device and fix your device to normal. Please be patient and do not disconnect your device until the whole repair process to complete.

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