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The Newest Top 6 Gameplay Recording APKs for Android/iPhone/iPad

If you want to record game playback on Android or IOS devices, please confirm whether it needs to be installed. In this section, there will be some game recorder applications that do not need to be routed.

1. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ screen recorder is one of the most popular game screen recorders in Android. Without watermark, HD and full effect video can be produced.

Step 1: The periods ause and resume recorded in a job

Step 2: Set video resolution, bit rate, frame speed, screen orientation, etc.

Step 3: Add a front camera for game streaming or commentary.

2. Maubuisson

Mobizen is a free video game recorder for Android Recording video editing game with facecam screenshot reaction

Step 1: Add your favorite BGM and intro and out videos to make your own.

Step 2: Please record high quality video with 1080p resolution, 12mbps and 60fps.

Step 3: Store long recorded game video in external memory or SD card.

3. Super Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder is a free game recorder that doesn't need watermark, root or time limit. Excellent video editing function.

Step 1: Multiple resolutions, frame speeds and bit rates that can be used for video recording.

Step 2: You can pause or restart the process window of game screen recording at any time.

Step 3: If you want to stop recording and hide the window, just shake the Android phone


If the games support ReplayKit, you can use the default iOS Screen Recorder to record gameplay with iPhone or iPad. Moreover, the part also shares another two free game screen recorders for iPhone and iPad.

4. iOS Screen Recorder

iOS Screen Recorder is the default free screen recorder for iOS 11 and later. To turn on the microphone, you press Screen Recorder and then tap the audio icon to turn it on.

Step 1: Record game screen and capture audio files in high quality and safety.

Step 2: 3D-Touch on the control tile to enable the recording control window.

Step 3: Sync to Mac or other iOS devices for further editing with ease.

5. Airshou

Airshou is another free game screen recorder app without Cydia In order to provide a good recording environment, can completely control the good function.

Step 1: Use less memory and processor resources to record game play screen.

Step 2:Screenshots, screenshots, video study books, exhibitions and other activities.

Step 3: Add stereo recording to make video files more professional.

6. Record It

Video capture of the entire video screen of a simple game video recorder Use the second phase wizard to take screenshots of the game and share them on email and airdrop.

Step 1: Insert the video response to the recording with the audio note.

Step 2: Edit video burping function recorded game play video.

Step 3: Record in a simple way.

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