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If your Samsung Galaxy Phone data/photos/videos/text messages/contacts/audio/call logs lost due to Improper Handling/Accidental Deletion/OS/Rooting Error/Device Failure/Stuck/Virus Attack/System Crash/Forgotten Password/SD Card Issue or your samsung data failure analysis, this article will show your the easy method to recover deleted data from your Samsung Galaxy Phone and learn more about tips to solve your problem about samsung phone.

Article Outline Guidelines:

  1. Common failures of Samsung mobile phone
  2. Samsung Mobile Phone Problems and Solutions
  3. Common operating problems with Samsung mobile phone
  4. Seven of the most useful features recognized on Samsung mobile phones

In recent years, more and more people choose to use Samsung operation because of its innovations and functions. Many business people, including video, contacts, photos, text messages, chat software records, call records, etc., are common in Samsung mobile phones. This information is especially important for some commercial mobile phones.However, there are many reasons for the loss of mobile phone data, so don't worry too much, you can recover the data to achieve the original recovery of electronic information.Android Data Recovery is a tool dedicated to the development of mobile data recovery technology. It has a professional mobile recovery research and development team that can extract data directly from the mobile phone body and SIM card.We can recover photos, address books, text messages, voice recordings, videos, WeChat and other information from more than 3000 Samsung Galaxy mobile phones.

Common failures of Samsung mobile phone:

1. The disappearance of important electronic information from Samsung mobile phone can not open electronic information normally. This may be caused by deletion, formatting, virus invasion and other reasons. Professionals are required to operate to recover data.

2. Samsung mobile phone data loss, in the absence of any operation, is due to hardware problems, hardware problems need to replace new accessories, professional and technical personnel are required to recover mobile phone data under dust-free conditions.

Matters needing attention:

1. When data is lost, be careful not to write a large amount of data to ensure that your data can be completely and thoroughly recovered.

2. Do not search for online recovery steps to recover data by yourself. Different Samsung mobile phone failures are different, which is not the reason why professionals may misjudge the failure, resulting in unrecoverable data or a large loss of data.

3. Take the recovery data in time, the faster the time is, the better, so as not to cause secondary damage for too long.

Android Data Recovery Introduction:

Is the file in the Android Samsung Galaxy Phone lost? Please use fast, powerful and easy-to-use Android data Recovery. It allows you to recover lost contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, music,audio, videos and documents on your Android Samsung Galaxy phone. With this Android data Recovery, you can recover all lost files from your device, SD card or SIM card in a few minutes.

Android Data Recovery Features:

No matter your Samsung Galaxy Phone Lost data because of Improper Handling/Accidental Deletion/OS/Rooting Error/Device Failure/Stuck/Virus Attack/System Crash/Forgotten Password/SD Card Issue/Factory Reset.

Support Samsung Models:

With Android Data Recovery, you can also:

Just 3 steps to recover deleted/samsung data with android data recovery:

Step 1: Install the program and choose android data recovery tool

Step 2: Scan and previes lost data on your samsung phone

Step 3: Choose the lost files and restore them

Tip: You can also tranfer data from android/iphone/samsung to samsung.

Samsung Mobile Phone Problems and Solutions

The market share of Samsung mobile phone has been very large. In daily life, there must be a lot of people using Samsung mobile phone around you. You may also be using Samsung mobile phone yourself.Samsung's mobile phone is updating very quickly, basically a new model phone in Korean Drama.The feature of Samsung mobile phone is that it looks very beautiful and attractive, and it can use a lot of functions.Samsung mobile phone has a large number of users, so there are many problems when using it.Here are the common problems and solutions for Samsung Galaxy mobile phones.

Common problems and solutions of Samsung mobile phone:

1. There is no call record when someone calls himself or herself.

Reason analysis: Maybe not set to show all call records or call records are full.

Solution: 1. Open the call log and click on the task key in the lower left corner, which will show "View", "Delete", "Call time", "Call settings".So there are many options when we click View, such as "Record All", "Call All", "Missed Call", "Dialed Phone" and so on.We choose "All Calls" and all calls will be recorded.2. It may be that the call log is full, so the new call log will be displayed when we delete the one we didn't want before.

2. No Address List (Contacts)

Reason analysis: "Show category" in "Contacts" does not check mobile phone, SIM card, etc.

Solution: Enter Contacts, click Menu Key - > Contacts to Display, and set the contact to be displayed, such as "All Contacts".

3. No charge and no power on

Reason analysis: 

A large part of not charging and not turning on is caused by lack of power (the lower the battery level caused by overdischarge of the mobile phone).Not charging, not turning on is just an illusion, just activating the battery.

Solution: Charge your phone with the original charger, usually within a few to ten minutes (sometimes longer) to activate the battery.Displays charging information and can be restarted.Use a charger with a higher charging current (ensure that the charger is manufactured by a regular manufacturer and the charging current should not exceed 2A) to speed up the activation process.

How to use batteries correctly: 

1. Do not wait until the batteries are completely empty before charging, that is, avoid over-discharge; 

2. Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged on demand without waiting for the batteries to run out of power. Also, be careful not to overcharge them for too long.

4. Photos cannot be stored, indicating that there is insufficient or no storage space.

Reason analysis: 

1. Mobile phone memory (internal storage space or SD card) is insufficient; 

2. SD is not plugged in properly; 3. The SD card is damaged.


1. Clean up the mobile phone memory junk files (can enter file management or download third-party software to clean up); 

2. Remove the SD card to check the metal sheet. If there is dirt or rust, wipe it with an eraser and then reinsert it into your mobile phone to try again. 

3. After confirming that the SD card has no important data, try to format the SD card.

5. When opening a program, prompt "The application is unresponsive or stopped unexpectedly, prompt to close or retry forcibly".

Reason analysis: 

Generally, there are too many programs running in the background of the mobile phone and the available memory of the mobile phone is reduced, which makes it impossible for the probability to handle the current task. In this case, the system will automatically enable the protection mechanism, prompting you to wait for retry or close the program.


1. Call up the most recently run program through the "Home" key, and run the program in the background after sliding; 

2. Memory can be quickly cleaned by third-party management software such as cell phone housekeeper.

6. Fast power consumption and short standby time

Reason analysis: 

1. There are many background running programs; 

2. High screen brightness; 

3. Turn on Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI and data connection, etc. 

4. The high frequency of smartphone usage is also an important reason for short standby time.


1. Main interface press HOME key to call up the most recently running program, and slide out of the background running program; 

2. Decrease the brightness of the screen appropriately; 

3. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI or data connection when not in use. 

4. At present, it is a common phenomenon for Smartphone batteries to be full every day. One reason is the characteristics of smartphones themselves, the other is because we have a much higher frequency for smartphones than for functional ones.

7. Hot or hot body

Reason analysis: 

Smartphones are quite a microcomputer. When the CPU is working, it generates heat (but unlike a computer, which has a special heat sink), which is emitted through the housing, so we will feel the body is hot. This is normal.When you use your mobile phone while playing a large 3D game or charging, the fever is more evident.


You can pause when the fever is very serious. The best way is to restart the phone and suggest that you try to avoid using the phone while charging.

8. Some calls cannot be made, indicating that they cannot be connected or shut down, that they cannot receive text messages, or that they only show missed calls and that there is no ringtone for incoming calls.

Reason analysis: 

1. Third-party management software (such as Tencent Mobile Housekeeper, 360 Mobile Housekeeper, etc.) intercepts, resulting in phone calls not being made and text messages not being received normally;

2. The signal is unstable or poor;

3. Non-smartphone "Don't bother me" and other settings set up to reject calls from unfamiliar numbers;

4. System problems.


1. Check whether third-party software such as QQ Housekeeper and 360 Housekeeper downloaded from smartphone has turned on interception function;

2. Cancel rejecting calls from unknown numbers in the "Don't bother me" of non-smart machines;Or uninstall third-party management software.

3. Restart the phone or restore the factory settings.

9. The mobile phone comes out of its pocket only with vibration and no ringtone, sometimes or sometimes without.

Reason analysis: 

1. Some mobile phones have the function of "flip mute". If this function is enabled, the mobile phone will be muted when calling.When the mobile phone came out of the pocket, it turned over accidentally.

2. Pressing the side key carelessly while holding the mobile phone will also cause no ringtone.

Processing method: You can cancel the "flip mute" function.

10. Cell phone crash

Reason analysis: 

1. There are too many programs running in the background, which occupies too much running memory, causing the system to fake death or even hang up;

2. Too much data stored by mobile phone or too many programs installed.

Processing method: 

1. Exit some programs running in the background, and tell customers how to quickly call out and exit the most recently running programs through the HOME key;

2. Delete and uninstall some data and procedures.You can also go to the nearest Samsung after-sales repair center to upgrade the system, or to redo the system.

11. Automatic shutdown

Reason analysis: 

1. Battery contact or battery connector oxidation;

2. Static electricity;

3. System problems.

Processing method: 

1. Clean battery contacts and battery connectors with an eraser or alcohol;

2. Keep your mobile phone clean or wear a mobile phone glove.

3. You can go to Samsung after-sales repair center to do a system upgrade.

12. Disconnected or intermittent calls (especially 3G or 4G mobile phones)

Reason analysis: A large part of the call is disconnected or intermittent due to poor 3G or 4G signal on the call site, mobile phone will switch between 3G, 4G and 2G networks, switching process may be disconnected or intermittent.

Processing method: Manually set the network preference to 2G where the 3G and 4G signals are bad.

Common operating problems with Samsung mobile phone:

1. How to Solve the sudden black screen of Samsung mobile phone?

2. How can Samsung phone query screen price?

3. How does the Samsung mobile phone connect to the TV?

4. How does Samsung use remote control?

5. How to operate Samsung mobile phone with inaccurate positioning?

6. How can Samsung mobile phone activate the Bixby feature?

7. How does Samsung turn on fast charging?

8. How can Samsung mobile phone view and set application information?

9. How can Samsung use some software flicker?

10.How does a Samsung mobile phone connect to a Samsung watch?

How to Solve the sudden black screen of Samsung mobile phone?

Please try the following to see if you can solve your problem.Note: If you still cannot solve your problem, please contact the repair center as soon as possible.

1.First, try to activate your phone's screen to slide down the curtain.You can make a call to the black screen mobile phone first, and then answer the call.

2.Slide down the curtain and click on the gear icon.Note;If the password pattern in the mobile phone settings, the mobile phone will pop up and unlock normally.

3.Click on General Administration.

4.Click Date and Time.

5.Turn off the slide switch on the right side of Automatic Date and Time.

6.Click Set Date.

7.Please temporarily change the time to May 1 and click Finish.

8.If changing the date is still not possible, tap Lock Screen after entering the settings.

9.Click on [About Locking Screen].

10.Please check to see if the lock screen is version 4.2.44 or above, and if not, update it.If the latest version is available but discarded below this version, please upgrade your mobile phone system before checking for lock screen version updates. If the above has not solved your problem, we apologize for contacting the nearest Samsung Service Center.

How do Samsung phones query screen prices?

Samsung mobile screen price can be inquired on the official website, inquiry price is for reference only.Specific advice consulting repair center.

1.Click on the browser that comes with your mobile phone.

2.Enter Samsung's official website [].

3.Click on the top left corner [three bar icons].

4.Click on [After sales service].

5.Click on Self-Service.

6.Click on [Out of warranty spare parts price inquiry].

7.Select the products, accessories, and models to query below.

8.Click Submit

9.After submission, the information you want to query will appear below. If there is no product information, please confirm that the model number is entered completely first.

How does the Samsung mobile phone connect to the TV?

The following devices are Samsung Mobile Phone S20 and Samsung TV TU8000.

1.Slide the curtain under the main interface of the phone.

2.Click [Smart View].

3.Select the device you want to connect to.

4.Click Start Now.

5.The TV will prompt you, please click Allow.that will do。

How does Samsung use remote control?

The remote control function requires you to log on to Samsung account and your mobile phone is connected to the Internet.

1.On the Home screen, click Settings.

2.Click Biometrics and Security.

3.Click Find My Mobile Phone.

4.Turning on Find My Phone will generate traffic. After reading the toll notification and agreeing, click OK.

5.You can turn on the following functions in the red box as needed, and now we click on the connection with the red arrow to enter the remote control website.

6.Click Login.

7.Please enter your Samsung account password and click Login.

8.Read the terms and click Agree.

9.Take the function of ringing as an example, click "Ring".

10.Note the function introduction in the red arrow section and click Ring.

11.When you find your phone, click Undo to cancel the ringtone.

How to operate Samsung mobile phone with inaccurate positioning?

When your mobile phone is not positioned on time, please pay attention to the surrounding network environment, try to choose an open space to see if there is any interference in the surrounding area.If your mobile phone supports location services, you can improve the accuracy by following these methods.

1.Slide curtain to light [GPS].

2.On the Home screen, click Settings.

3.Click Location Services.

4.Click [to improve accuracy]

5.Turn on [WLAN scan] or [Bluetooth scan] as needed.

How can Samsung mobile phone activate the Bixby feature?

Bixby is a user interface that helps you use your device more easily.

You can communicate with Bixby by voice or text.Bixby will start the function you requested or display you

Required information.It can also learn about your usage patterns and environment.The more it knows about you, the more accurately it will understand

1.Please slide the screen inwards with both fingers up and down.Or long press in the blank space of the screen.

2.Slide the screen to the right to turn on the Bixby home switch.

3.After reading the terms and conditions, click Agree.

4.Now let's go back to the home screen and click Settings.

5.Click Advanced Features.

6.Click [Side Key].

7.You can choose to press the two side keys to turn on Bixby or long press to wake up Bixby as needed.

8.Here's an example of long press wake-up.

9.Now let's press the Bixby key long enough to tell Bixby what you want to consult or use when a voice icon appears.

10.Let's call HI here first!Bixby, and then wait for Bixby to reply to you, we need the translation in our toolbox.

11.Bixby will then provide you with some translation applications or connections.

How does Samsung turn on fast charging?

Please use the original Samsung charger to make sure the charger is connected to your mobile phone properly.

1.Click [Settings] on the home screen.

2.Click on General Administration.

3.Click on Battery.

4.Click Charge.

5.Switch on the following switches as needed.

How can Samsung mobile phone view and set application information?

You can set up some separate settings for a software of your mobile phone in the following ways.

1.Click Settings on the main interface.

2.Click App.

3.Here we take some functions of IQIYI software as an example, we click on "IQIYI".

4.First of all, let's look at the following options: On, Uninstall, Force Stop.

5.We slid up the interface and clicked Permissions that year.

6.Now you can see that there are a lot of permissions in the software that can be accessed on mobile phones. We can already access the storage of our mobile phones, for example, by clicking Storage.

7.We click Allow so that the software can access the storage pull of our mobile phone.

8.You can see an unknown application installed under the permissions interface. This is a useful feature. Sometimes you will find that you are not allowed to install the software when you download it. That's why.We already want to install the software downloaded by the iQIYI app into our mobile phone. We click Install Unknown App.

9.Click [Allow right slider for this source].In this way, the software downloaded by IQIYI can be installed.This feature was an early unknown source feature.

How can Samsung use some software flicker?

Mobile phone and software have some compatibility problems.We recommend you use Samsung Shop to download the software you need.

1.First you can try to delete the data from the software, then restart the phone.Click Settings on the home screen.

2.Click App.

3.Take iQIYI software as an example, click on "iQIYI".

4.Click Store.

5.Click Clear Cache or Clear Data

6.If not, you can try resetting your application preferences by clicking Settings.

7.Click App.

8.Click on the three point icon in the upper right corner.

9.Click Reset App Preferences.Note: This action will restore all your applications to the state you just downloaded.However, your existing application data will not be lost.

10.Click Reset.

11.You can also uninstall and reinstall this application

How does a Samsung mobile phone connect to a Samsung watch?

Please make sure your mobile phone is connected to the network before you connect and turn on Bluetooth, which is also available if you have other Samsung Bluetooth devices such as headphones.

1.Please download the [WEAR] software in the App Store.

2.After entering the WEAR software, click on the top left corner [the icon of the three horizontal bars].

3.Click Add New Device.

4.Click on the Samsung device you want to connect in the list, for example, Watch.

5.It is important to note that your watch is not connected to other devices.If the watch has been reset or is new, there should be something on the watch screen that starts now.The phone will start pairing with the watch.

6.The mobile phone and the watch will prompt at the same time, we just need to click on the connection separately.

7.It will now enter the status of setting up your mobile phone.We need to be patient.

8.The phone will show the status of completing the pairing, this step will take a little longer, and it is recommended that you wait patiently and do not quit.

9.After successful connection, we click "Agree" in the lower right corner.

10.Click Select All and click Next

11.Here, for example, click Skip for now, while clicking Next.

12.When your phone is fully connected to your watch, the interface of your phone will jump to the interface of the WEAR software.

Now you can set it up to your personal preferences.

Seven of the most useful features recognized on Samsung mobile phones

Samsung mobile phone is recognized as the most practical seven small features, will not be bought for nothing with a mobile phone. As you know, although in the past two years Samsung has been a mobile phone brand in our market sales have not been very good, but this mobile phone brand is still the first in global shipments, which proves that Samsung's Mobile phone is still very strong, according to this situationNext, there will be more and more users using Samsung mobile phone, so today I will also share you the seven most practical functions recognized on Samsung mobile phone, which won't be bought for nothing by mobile phone, as you know.

Tip 1: Smart Manager. Android phones are not always as smooth as they are sometimes. It's because there are so many software that wake up and start themselves that sometimes our phones aren't so smooth. To alleviate this, we can turn off all autotransports via Smart Manager in Samsung's mobile phone.Line of procedures, so that we can use our Samsung mobile phone more smoothly.

Tip 2: Video interception GIF function. There are many interesting dynamic emoticon packages in our network chat now. Many users are made of special software. In fact, there is such a built-in function in Samsung mobile phone. Just find our video files in the album, click the GIF button directly, and the dynamic emoticon pack will be made by us.Yes, it's very convenient.

Tip 3: Quick dialing. For the friends and family we often contact, we can set their numbers to be quick dialing. Just turn on the keyboard and press the number key long, then we can set the number. Next time we dial, we can just press the number specified to make a call. Although voice dialing is now very convenient, it's still convenient.This is especially useful when we encounter a special situation where we can't find the call log to turn over the number and voice dial at the first time.

Tip 4: Split screen operation. We can open two apps on the same interface, and support each other's operation. For the simplest example, we always look in the album for half a day when we use WeChat to send pictures, but once we have this function, we can open the two software together directly, and then split the album and WeChat into screens, just take photos.Pictures can be sent by dragging them directly onto the interface of WeChat, which is very convenient.

Tip 5: Download Accelerators. We can use this feature when we need to download a software quickly. Just select more connection settings among the settings and turn on more download Accelerators. We download things WiFi and traffic at the same time, which is very fast.

Tip 6: Emergency help. Find the option of SOS in the settings to add an emergency contact, then we can press the phone's power key three times in an emergency, and the phone will automatically send the rescue information to the emergency contact's phone, including real-time location, photos and five-second recording. This feature is still useful if you have a three-star phone.To turn it on.

Tip 7: Hide apps. There are some apps in your phone that you don't normally use, but you can't uninstall them. At this time, we can use this function. As long as you select hidden apps in the screen settings, you can also use this function for more private software to avoid other people looking at it anytime.

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