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This tutorial shows you how to recover deleted files in Samsung Galaxy note 20, note 9, note 8, and note 5. You can recover lost photos, text messages, contacts, videos, gallery and call logs, audios, WhatsApp of Galaxy note 10 etc.

Samsung Note 10 Info:

Samsung Galaxy note 10 has exynos 9825 processor and Android 9 pie.

Samsung is the new exynos 9825 chipset for Galaxy note 10. The chipset uses the new 7Nm FinFET manufacturing process of Samsung Galaxy S10 series 8nm exynos 9820 chipset with higher power efficiency. The phone has 8GB lp-ddr4x ram and 256gb ufs3.0 internal storage. The first Galaxy note phone without microSD slot Galaxy note 10 runs one UI Software Based on our Android 9 pie operating system.

Samsung's Galaxy note 10 uses a triple camera in the back and a punch hole self timer in the front.

Like galaxy S10 +, there is a triple camera solution behind Galaxy note 10. The camera system uses 12 MP basic camera sensors with OIS, dp-paf and F/1.5-f2.4 apertures. The sensors of auxiliary 12MP camera include PDAF, OIS, f 2.4 aperture and 2 times optical zoom. The sensor of 16mp camera has 12mm ultra wide angle lens, f2.2 aperture and fixed focus lens. All three cameras can record 4K HDR 10 + 30fps video, but only wide-angle and telescopic cameras can record 4K 60fps video. The phone can not only record 720p 960fps ultra slow motion video, but also record time rap and super stable 1080p video. 10MP self timer has dual pixel PDAF system, f1.9 aperture and QHD 30fps video recording function.

"Deleted photos in Samsung note 10 yesterday" I want to get the deleted photos back. Where can I find the files deleted from samsung note 10? "

Sometimes, Samsung Galaxy note 10 may lose data due to all kinds of reasons, such as system update failure or system conflict. Please delete important files by mistake. Accidentally format the internal memory card of Galaxy note 10; Virus attack will automatically delete data. When data is transferred, the battery of Galaxy note 10 is discharged or the factory settings of Galaxy note 10 are restored. To prevent overlapping, confirm whether new data can be added on galaxy note 10 to recover the missing data. Then you can find the answer by using the wizard below.

Data loss may occur in Samsung Galaxy note 10 phone at any time. Delete part of the data and delete the cache to ensure more storage space (always tired of being warned of insufficient space). There are several ways to recover data files from Samsung Galaxy note 10, no matter the data is deleted by mistake or by the system.

To maximize the possibility of data recovery, Galaxy note 10 must reduce machine activity. If more devices are used, new data to be returned will be generated. Web surfing also generates new data through caching.

Methods to Recover Samsung Note 10 Data:

Method 1: Recover Samsung Note 10 Data with Android Data Recovery

Method 2: Recover Samsung Note 10 Photos with Recycle Bin

Method 3: Recover Data from Samsung Cloud to Samsung Note 10

Method 4: Restore data from Backup to Samsung Note 10

Method 1: Recover Samsung Note 10 Data with Android Data Recovery

Samsung Galaxy note 10 data recovery - Samsung data recovery software is specially designed to delete or recover lost data in Samsung Galaxy note 10, including contact, photos, videos, SMS, music, call records, WhatsApp information, photos and videos. Other data of Samsung Galaxy note device. The software supports all Samsung mobile phones and tablets running under Android 7.0 and Android 6.0. Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8/S7, Galaxy note 20/10/9/8, Samsung Galaxy a and Samsung Galaxy J can also be recovered. Dorsal spine This is a very easy to use software, the use of software does not need technical technology.

It is a cross platform utility that can be used in windows and MAC. It can scan the internal memory of the device carefully to find recoverable files. The data type to be recovered can be selected from the Samsung Galaxy note 10 device. Filter the scan results and find what you want. It may take a while to scan the content, but the process of recovery with a computer is very fast.

Steps to recover Data from Samsung Note 10:

Step 1: Select data recovery mode

The computer runs the program and enters the startup window. " Select "Android Data Recovery" mode. Then connect the galaxy note 8 phone to the computer via a USB cable.

Step 2: Set the machine to USB debugging mode

After connecting, in order to access the device, the information of activating USB debugging mode will be displayed on the device. If you don't have a phone set up, follow the pointer on the screen to activate it.

Step 3: Scan Galaxy note 10 for missing data files

Select the data type of the file you want to search for deleted on the next screen. Select the one you want to return from galaxy note 10 and press a button to continue.

Step 4: Data file recovery

After scanning, all data files found will be divided into "Contacts and messages" and "media" in the left window. Click a category and the corresponding file will appear in the right window.

Method 2: Recover Samsung Note 10 Photos with Recycle Bin

When Galaxy note 10 mistakenly or intentionally delete photos, the deleted photos can be found in the trash can.

The deleted photos don't disappear forever from the galaxy note 10, but simply move to the trash can, as happened on the widow's computer.

So just confirm the trash can in Galaxy note 10: Open gallery > click 3 dots > Click Settings > Recycle Bin.

Look at the screenshot below to get the idea.

Method 3: Recover Data from Samsung Cloud to Samsung Note 10

Samsung cloud is an excellent function built in Samsung smart phone. It provides convenient means to backup precious documents and information by digital means for those concerned about the possibility of loss of contact information, calendar, telephone (call and information content), application, music, files, etc. Settings, voice recorder, home screen, information and clock.

Samsung cloud backup data recovery is the first phase of file recovery that was removed from Samsung note 10. If you want to recover successfully, follow these steps.

1. Open the settings application on the home page of Galaxy note 10.

2. Scroll down to account and backup options. Please label it.

3. Click Samsung cloud > restore.

4. Now you can label the content type to be restored to Samsung note 10 here.

5. Please restore the label at the bottom of the screen.

Method 4: Restore data from Backup to Samsung Note 10

Although Samsung data recovery is a professional data recovery software, it is not limited to a single function. If you have a backup file, you can easily and selectively recover the data from the extracted backup file through Samsung note 10 phone or other supported devices.

Step 1: Back to the software website, click "Android data backup & Restore", and connect the mobile phone to the computer through USB cable.

Step 2: In "device data restore" or "one click restore", select the recovery options as needed. If you want to selectively recover the individual data you need, you'd better choose electronic.

Step 3: After selecting the backup file in the list, click "start" to extract all the recoverable files from the selected backup file.

Step 4: Then select the file to be recoverred, click "Restore to Device" to synchronize to the realme phone, or click "Restore to PC" to save it to the computer again.

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