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It's a common occurrence that data loss happens every day, so you don' t have to worry about it. Here's an article that guides you through how to restore data step by step. And l hope it will helps you recover your Samsung A51/A52 Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos successfully.

In order to better grasp the method of data recovery, first of all, you may better make it clearly that the following situation is easy to cause your mobile phone data loss.

samsung a51 a52 data recovery

This article will be divided into three parts to guide you on how to recover Samsung A data/photos/messages/contacts/videos that have been lost due to various reasons.The first part will focus on how to restore data without a backup in your Samsung A51/A52. This will cover steps such as backing up your important data regularly, using a third-party data recovery software, and setting up a data recovery plan in case of accidents.The second part will cover how to restore the data after a backup has been created. This will discuss the process of restoring the data from the backup, which may involve connecting your Samsung A51/A52 to a computer, enabling the option for data recovery in the recovery mode, and following the on- screen instructions to restore the data.The third part will provide a small tip for users to help prevent data loss in the first place. This will include advice on how to backup important data regularly, using a cloud storage service, and keeping a backup of all important data in a secure and accessible place. Overall, this article aims to provide comprehensive guidance on how to recover lost data on Samsung A51/A52. Whether you have experienced data loss due to a software update, a hardware issue, or any other reason, the tips and tricks outlined in this article will help you restore your data and get your Samsung A51/A52 back to its former glory.

Methods Outline

Method 1:Recover Samsung A51/A52 Data with Samsung Date Recovery (recommended)

Method 2:Recover Samsung A51/A52 Data via Samsung Smart Switch

Method 3 : Recover Samsung A51/A52 Data through Samsung Cloud

Method 4: Backup your Samsung A51/A52 Data

Method 1:Recover Samsung A51/A52 Data with Samsung Date Recovery (recommended)

If your Samsung A51/A52 data is not backed up, you may feel a little nervous because the data will not be restored at any time. But the fact is, you can completely recover your data with the right method.

Please note that Samsung Data Recovery is a software that allows you to recover your Samsung A51/A52 device data when backup is not possible. This means that if you accidentally lose important data or damage your device, you can still use Samsung Data Recovery software to recover them. This software supports a variety of file formats, including photos, music, videos, and application data. Using this software, you can restore data without backup, thereby avoiding data loss and device damage. Therefore, if you need to recover your Samsung A51/A52 device data, be sure to use Samsung Data Recovery software.

It is your safe and reliable data recovery program to help restoring the deleted and lost data including photos, videos, Email, audio, documents and more from computers, hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, other removable drives, etc. It is suitable for data recovery for 300+ file formats, including documents, photos, videos, audio, Email, and so forth.

Tips: Recover Data on Factory Reset Samsung

One-click scanning, one-click recovery, simpler threshold-free operation, fast scanning in a few seconds, high efficiency, deep scanning for higher recovery rate and higher data restituted degree, and then you can recover your date. The followings are steps.

Step 1: First, download, install and open Samsung Date Recovery software on your computer.

Step 2: Then, tap “Android Data Recovery" on the homepage. At the same time, you can connect your Samsung A51/A52 to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 3:Next, the system will identity your device once successfully connected. Tap “OK" button if the program pop up an instructions.

Step 4: The software will scan your data. You are allowed to preview all your Samsung A51/A52 Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos. 

Step 5: Finally, select the Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos you want to recover, and click "recover" button to finish the process.

Method 2:Retrieve Samsung A51/A52 Data via Samsung Smart Switch

If your Samsung A51/A52 Data has been backed up in advance, you can be relieved because you can recover your Samsung A51/A52 data in a variety of ways.

Samsung Smart Switch is an official software designed for Samsung users to manage smart switches on Samsung devices. However, if you want to use this method to recover your Samsung A51/A52 data, you need to prepare a computer and a working USB cable in advance. Specifically, you'll need a computer to run the Samsung Smart Switch and connect it to your Samsung device. Your computer needs a network connection to communicate with your Samsung device and Smart Switch. You will also need a USB cable to connect it to your computer and Samsung device.

Step 1:  Open Samsung Smart Switch software on your computer.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung A51/A52 to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 3: Click the “restore" button on the software home page.

Step 4: Then select the Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos you want to recover and click “allow" to start restoring your data. Click "OK"" after recovery is complete.

Method 3 : Restore Samsung A51/A52 Files through Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud is a software installed on your Samsung phone, so using it to restore your phone data is more convenient and fast, as long as your Samsung A51/A52 is on hand.

Step 1: Open your Samsung cloud app on your Samsung A51/A52.

Step 2: Click the “restore date" option and select the Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos you want to recover. If you want to restore all the backup data, you just need to click “select all".

Step 3: Finally click "restore" button to recover your data. And then you only need to wait a while, the data will be successfully restored.

Method 4: Backup Samsung A51/A52 Data

Backing up Samsung A51/A52 data is undoubtedly an effective way to prevent data loss. Backing up your data also results in greater security, faster. Backing up your data is one of the best ways to protect your important data. Whether at work or at home, we all need to back up important files and data in case of data loss due to unexpected circumstances such as sudden shutdown, equipment failure or data loss. Back up data allows us to quickly restore data when needed and avoid serious consequences caused by data loss. Backing up your data also provides a higher level of security. With backups, we eliminate the risk of data loss while also protecting our data in the event it is attacked or stolen. Backing up data also allows us to quickly access the data when needed without worrying that the data may have been tampered with or deleted.

As mentioned above, Samsung Date Recovery is not only a professional data recovery software, it can also provide Samsung users with data backup services. Similarly, its operating guidelines are easy to understand and do not require you to have professional technology.

Step 1:  Run on Samsung Date Recovery software on the computer. And select "Android Data Backup &Restore" option among three on the homepage.

Step 2:Using the USB cable to link your Samsung A51/A52 with your computer.

Step 3: Then, Choose "Device Data Backup" or "one-click Backup" . select one of them is ok for both of them are used to restore date.

Step 4: Choose Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos you want to back up from your  Samsung A51/A52.what’s more, preview is allowing. Finally, click “start" to backup.


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