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Do your want to recover lost photos from broken Screen Samsung Galaxy? In fact, when the phone screen is broken, the picture in your Samsung still can be restored. And this article will show you in detail how to recover photos from Samsung with Broken Screen and how to prevent the loss of precious pictures on your phone.

Now people's dependence on mobile phones is increasing. We like to spend more and more time with Mobile phones in life, which indirectly exposes mobile phones to more harm. Maybe in a heavy rainy day when the phone accidentally flooded, resulting in the phone screen with no response, and unable to boot. Maybe you accidentally knock into others on the road, which cause the phone fall to the ground, and the phone screen is seriously damaged, directly resulting in the phone can not boot. Or maybe the phone internal system failure caused the phone suddenly white screen or black screen. Click on the screen is invalid. These are some of the common causes of cell phone screen damage in life, so when the phone screen is broken, the photos in your Samsung phone can still be recoverred?  Go on! This article will give you some ideas.

recover broken samsung photos

Samsung smartphones are really popular around the world from the A series. A series was originally a folding phone series, the earliest Samsung SGH-A188( white shape), SGH-A288( inside and outside double screen) are classic works are Galaxy series, can be said to be Samsung phone so far the most successful series. Samsung used a Android smartphone operating system in the Galaxy series. Stylish appearance, precision workmanship, satisfying screen and ringtone are not available in other brands. These advantages are particularly prominent in its flip phone. Relying on the above advantages, Samsung firmly occupies the high-end mobile phone market.

    Method outline

Method 1: Recover photos from Samsung with Broken Screen-Broken Date Extraction.

First of all, when you have enough knowledge of the Samsung Date Recovery software, it will be very conducive to your data recovery, no matter what the circumstances of your Samsung data inadvertently lost. It is your safe and reliable data recovery program to help restoring the deleted and lost data including photos, videos, Email, audio, documents and more from computers, hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, other removable drives, etc. Most importantly, It has simpler steps, faster recovery speed and higher recovery success rate than any other data recovery softwares on the market.

When your phone screen is damaged and you don't backup your phone data in advance, you don' t have to worry about it in this bad situation, because the Broken Date Extraction features of Samsung Date Recovery software can effectively restore of your phone.

Models Supported: Samsung Galaxy S8/S9/S10/S20/S21/S22/S23/S24, Samsung Galaxy Note 5/Note 8/Note 9/Note 10/Note 20, Samsung Galaxy A3/A5/A6/A7/A8/A9/A12/A40/A30/A50/A60/A70/A80/A52/A51/A90, Samsung Galaxy J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8, Samsung On 5/7/8/9.

Data Supported: Contacts, messages, call logs, whatsapp, gallery, pictures, videos, audio, documents.

Step 1:Download and install Samsung Date Recovery.

After the run on the software on your computer. Connect your Samsung phone to your computer, and click“Broken Date Extraction”button.

samsung data recovery

Step 2:Click the “start ”button complying with the reasons of your device damage.

Step 3:Then select and confirm your devices to click “confirm” button.

please follow the instruction and enter into the download mode.

Step 4: When the process is finish, it will automatically scans and shows on the screen. And then you can save your photos.

Method 2: Recover photos from Broken Screen Samsung via AutoPlay.

Moreover, you can use AutoPlay to recover photos from Samsung with Broken Screen. But one drawback of using this method is that your Samsung phone must have turned on USB debugging status. This is a tricky thing because we always disable it when we don't need it. But if you're lucky enough that your Samsung phone has turned on this feature, you can simply restore your picture in the following steps.

Step 1: Connect your Samsung phone to your computer using the USB line.

Step 2: Next, AutoPlay will start automatically, then click open device to view files".

Step 3: Select the picture you want to recover and copy and paste it on the computer from Samsung with Broken Screen.


Method 3: Recover Broken Samsung Photos via Samsung Smart Switch.

Certainly, it would be advantageous if users of Samsung phones used Samsung Smart Switch in advance to back up your pictures. Because it also means you can use it to easily restore your picture. Does it sound more reassuring?  Go ahead!  According to the following recovery steps to restore your precious picture.

Step 1: Run Samsung Smart Switch on your computer.

Step 2: Next, connect your Samsung with Broken Screen to the computer.

Step 3: Then you'll see three options on the home page, Click the “restore" button to restore your backup picture.

Samsung Smart Switch

Method 4: Recover broken screen Samsung Photos from Google Drive.

Google Drive is also a good place to store pictures of your phone.  The questions about "did you back up your picture ?" If your answer is yes, then you can now open the Google Drive to follow the appropriate steps to restore your picture. Please pay attention to the login account and backup account is the same.

Step 1: Access Google Drive on your computer and log in to your account.

Step 2: open "my drive", where it shows all your backup data.

Step 3: Next,download these pictures and save them to your computer by right-clicking them.

Google Drive

Method 5: Backup your Samsung Pictures with Mobile Transfer.

We should develop the awareness of data backup for mobile phones, because it can effectively prevent data loss. As we all know, Mobile Transfer is a professional data transfer software, but it is also a professional, safe and fast data backup tool, which can be used to give your Samsung phone a easy backup. Please follow these steps to protect your data.

Step 1: Download, install  and open mobile transfer software.

mobile transfer

Step 2: Click the “back up your phone” button on the screen.

Step 3: Next, connect your Samsung to the computer using USB cable.

Step 4: Finally, please select the data you want to backup and click "Start transfer"" to complete the data backup.


By using the methods mentioned above, you might have successfully recovered photos from your broken Samsung screen. Among these methods, Android Data Recovery stands out as the best choice, as it enables you to effortlessly recover data from any broken Samsung device with just a few clicks. You can obtain Android Data Recovery for free and give it a try.

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