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Download Android Data Recovery Tool to recover deleted contacts/files/messages/photos/videos/gallery/documents/audio. It is a powerful and easy-to-use data recovery tool to do Samsung Galaxy A12 file recovery.

Many Samsung users delete files from their mobile phones because of mistakes, or it often happens to a few people. So do many users of other devices. If this happens, what is the way to recover the files deleted from Samsung A12?

Something about Samsung Galaxy A12:

Samsung, especially in India, where Samsung has a strong brand image, is widely used and popular, so A-Series and M-series are pinned on their heads. The company quickly launched the mobile phone after a year, and now there is news about Samsung's lineup for 2020. The latest mobile phone to join the A-Series catalog is the Samsung Galaxy A12. The A-Series baby phone features a 6.5-inch IPS LCD display from waterdrop Lodge. The resolution of the picture is 720x1600 pixels. There is a MediaTek Helio p35 chip made by Samsung The phone has 4GB ram and 64GB full board memory, and 512gb extended memory can be added to the memory card slot. In camera configuration, there are 48mp basic camera and 5MP + 2MP + 2MP four core camera system. If there's a selfie, there's an 8mp shooter in front of the galaxy A12 The battery capacity is 5000 Ma inside the mobile phone, which can be used in one or two days, so it is above average.

The Reasons about lost data on Samsung A12:

Data loss affects the best phones. In terms of quality and sales, the galaxy phones that show the market will not be cursed by data loss. The most expensive screen and mobile phone cover can cover the Samsung Galaxy machine, but there is no exact protection function for moisture. Even if it can prevent moisture, it may also face error updates and virus attacks that may lead to the loss of device data. Like income tax, data loss can be assured.

Is the data of Samsung Galaxy A12 lost due to careless deletion, formatting, Rom flash or other unknown reasons? Do you want to know how to recover the lost contact, Photos, messages, Notes video, music, etc. 100% safely without divulging personal information?

Are you sure you want to lose and retrieve important data files on Samsung a12 mobile phone? You're not alone. Telephone accidents are the best for all of us. If the data is lost or the delete button of the file is wrongly pressed due to the upgrade failure, the Samsung Galaxy A12 phone also has a reasonable opportunity to recover the data. In this quick report, we show how to recover Samsung a12 data/contact/messages/photos/video/notes/call logs in various situations. Let's go.

Methods to get back deleted/lost files from Samsung A12:

Method 1: Recover Deleted Samsung A12 Photos from Recycle Bin in Gallery App

The basic Gallery app keeps all deleted photos and videos in the recycle bin folder for 30 days, so Samsung mobile and tablet users like this feature. After that, the deleted photos and videos will be automatically and permanently removed from the machine, so take action quickly before it's too late, and follow the guidelines below.

Steps to restore photos deleted in Samsung Gallery's Recycle Bin:

Step 1: Start the gallery application.

Step 2: Click on the hamburger menu icon.

Step 3: Select the recycle bin option.

Step 4: Please select the photo you want to restore.

Step 5: Click the restore icon to restore the photo.

Long press the photo and select all the photos you want to cancel the deletion. You can restore multiple photos at one time.

Method 2: Restore Lost Data on Samsung A12 with Android Data Recovery

Before the new data is covered, the deleted files are still retained, so there is still a chance to save them. Therefore, if you want to improve the possibility of recovery of lost data in Samsung mobile phones, including mobile phones, information, contact information, photos and videos, if you find missing files, you'd better stop using the mobile phone. Then use the Android Data Recovery tool to recover as soon as possible.

If the lost content is not covered on the device, professional Samsung data recovery software can be found from the storage device and re imported. The app is useful for data recovery in Samsung and other Android drivers. Android data recovery is our favorite.

Android data recovery is a simple and stable program, which can repair multiple data files including photos, call records, contact information, text messages and other types of media. You can more easily search for traces of deleted files in the device, and sort out all the contents found by category to find the files you want to restore. Fix many Android problems, such as black screen, no response, fault, conflict, and make the device return to normal.

Although Samsung Galaxy has rich data recovery options, few people can light a candle on Android data recovery. The industry's highest repair speed Android data repair can search for files deleted from Samsung Galaxy phones due to human errors, software errors and hardware defects. As mentioned before, Android data Recovery is like a charm with reactivation magic to provide continuous protection for the constant evil of data loss. You can re animate and search deleted text, contact information, call logs, photos, videos, etc. on the Samsung Galaxy A12 device. Here you can find all kinds of data loss that can be assumed. We'll see how this magic spell works later. Using the world's First Android data Recovery software, you can not only search the contact, photos, sms messages, notes, gallery, call logs directly on the Samsung machine, but also repair photos and movies on the SD card of the Samsung machine.

Steps to Restore lost Samsung A12 File/contacts/notes/photos/videos/call logs/documents:

Step 1: Connect Samsung mobile phone to computer

The most important thing is to use USB cable to connect Samsung A12 mobile phone to computer. Then start the program and display the default interface below.

Step 2: Activate USB debugging before scanning mobile phone

Reference: if USB debugging of mobile phone is activated before, you can skip this stage and move to the next stage.

After connecting, you need to confirm USB debugging in Android and test in the program. Choose the right method for your device.

Step 3: Samsung loss data analysis and scanning

When the device is connected to the program, you need to click the "next" button on the screen below to start the analysis. In order to scan smoothly, please check whether the battery of the mobile phone is charged more than 20%.

Step 4: Samsung A12 contact information, photos, SMS and video preview and recovery

After scanning, including information, contact information and photos, all data found by Samsung can be viewed in advance. If it is a video, it can be seen on the computer after recovery. Click the recover button to display the data you want to recover so that you can save it selectively.

Method 3: Restore Data from Backup to Samsung Galaxy A12

Faced with the loss of telephone data, not all users are powerless. When you back up your phone data or get available backup files, it's better to restore Android data.

Step 1: Run the Android Data Recovery program on the computer, and then click "Android data backup & Restore".

Step 2: Connect the Samsung Galaxy A12 to the computer with USB cable, and the program will immediately sense the mobile phone.

Step 3: As you can see, the "Device Data Restore" and "One- Click Restore" options appear in the default interface. You can choose one of them. Both files can be used to restore backup files. The difference between them is the scan time.

Step 4: Select the required backup in the list, and then click "start" to extract all recoverable data from the selected backup file.

After the extraction is completed, everyone can restore the data they have seen in advance to the Samsung A12 or computer.

Method 4: Back up file from Samsung A12 to Computer

Regular backup of telephone data is not the only data protection measure, but it is actually one of the best solutions. Next, use Android data backup and recovery program to backup Samsung Galaxy A12 to the computer. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Run Android data recovery software, and then select "Android data backup & Restore" in the default interface.

Step 2: Connect the Samsung A12 to the computer through USB cable.

Step 3: After connecting to Samsung A12 successfully, you can select the option of "device data backup" or "one- click backup" to back up the files.

Method 5: Get back Samsung A12 Data with Samsung Cloud

If you have the habit of activating "backup settings" in Samsung mobile phones for backup, then important data files have been backed up to Samsung cloud. Then, you can search for lost files in Samsung cloud backup. To learn how to recover, follow the steps.

  1. Unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone and move to Settings Menu > cloud and accounts.
  2. After clicking Samsung cloud, click restore.
  3. Select the backup file you want to restore, and then select Restore now.
  4. If your device is no longer in use, information about whether to install the backup application will be displayed. If necessary, install the label.

The Samsung Galaxy data recovery process takes a while. One moment please. Samsung's relevant personnel gave a detailed explanation on the following matters. How to restore data on Samsung cloud?

Even if Samsung phones are backed up regularly, the backup does not always contain the latest data files. If your restore process does not import the deleted data file back into the Samsung Galaxy phone, try the next option.

Method 6: Video Guide to Recovere deleted/lost data on Samsung A12

Tips: The way to prevent data loss on Samsung phones

1. Local backup data

In daily life, if you have not the habit of regularly backing up important files, then the editor recommends that you must not be lazy and develop a good habit of backing up data in time. Nowadays, the PC side of many software supports backing up Samsung mobile phone data. The editor recommends that all Samsung mobile phone users should export and back up important data to a U disk or other storage device. With the backup data, even if you accidentally delete important data, you can quickly and completely retrieve the accidentally deleted files through the backup.

2. Utilize Samsung mobile phone cloud service function

Smart phones are now becoming more and more powerful. Most smart phones have built-in cloud storage functions. Samsung phones are no exception. Mobile phone cloud storage has entered our lives. Find the cloud service function in your phone, and then log in directly and quickly through your phone number, and you can back up your files via cloud. In this way, even if your phone is formatted, you can log in to your cloud storage account to retrieve your original files.

3, Mark important information

Generally speaking, in daily life, we pay special attention to things with special marks. Therefore, to prevent accidental deletion of data in your phone, there is the easiest way to mark important files. For example, you can put some eye-catching marks on some commemorative photos in your mobile phone. You can use the software on your phone to write down your mood or some of your feelings on the photo. In this case, you will not delete the photos if you see those tags.

How to recover Samsung phone data lost

1, Take advantage of backup

If you accidentally delete important files in your phone, but luckily, you have a backup, then congratulations, you can easily retrieve the lost data directly by using the backup.

2. Utilize professional Android data recovery software

If you haven't backed up important data in time before then, you should consider using Android data recovery software at this time. At present, many data recovery software on the market can only restore the computer and cannot fundamentally solve the problem of mobile phone data loss, but the professional top data recovery software can support most mobile phone models, and has a professional data scanning kernel that can help you complete Retrieve important files such as contacts, contacts, photos, etc. lost on your phone.


Every time Samsung users need to recover deleted photos/videos/contacts/messages/documents/call logs, they can choose from a variety of effective methods. This article explains the methods and when to use each. The rest is to start the recovery process as soon as possible, follow the guidelines, and pay attention next time.

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