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Samsung's new launch will attract a lot of Samsung users to change into new phones. If you now want to find methods about how to transfer Android/Samsung Data Contacts, messages, videos, photos to Samsung A12 then you are in a right place. Here are some methods that you can do for transfer you date from Android/Samsung to Samsung A12 both good and fast.

Something about Samsung A12:

Samsung A12 is a new Samsung machine launched in late 2020 as a replacement for A11 series of Samsung phones. Samsung A12 basic parameters are as follows: the rear camera is 48 million pixels, 5 million pixels, 2 million pixels, 2 million pixels at high - definition pixel level. The front camera is 8 million ordinary pixels. Its 3 GB/8GB memory to ensure that the game works well. Its battery capacity is 5 000 mAh. The 6.5- inch screen needs to be typed with both hands. Cell phone resolution is 1560 x720 pixels. It weigh 205 g and has three color black, white and blue.

Android phones are now popular because people have more models to choose from and it has full screen, and its update faster. But changing phones is not so easy, because people now store more and more information on their phones. That means we have to transfer Date and contacts, video and audio from old device to a new one. Although there are many ways to transfer data, such as scanning the SD card of the old mobile phone and using the mailbox to store the contact card etc., these methods can be transferred slowly and take more time. So, when you ask me what is the most convenient and quickest way to transfer Android/Samsung Data Contacts to Samsung A12?

Methods Outline: 

Method 1: Transfer Android/Samsung Data Contacts to Samsung A12 via Mobile Transfer (Recommend)

Method 2: Sync Android/iPhone Data to Samsung A12 with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Method 3: Transfer Android/Samsung Data Contacts to Samsung A12 using Samsung Smart Switch

Method 4: Backup and transfer data using Mobile Transfer

Method 5: Backup data using Android Date Recovery

Method 1: Transfer Android/Samsung Data Contacts to Samsung A12 via Mobile Transfer

I highly recommend Mobile Transfer, which is efficient, fast and comprehensive in transferring data, and is very safe not worrying about information leakage. At the same time it is not complicated to restore data, so you can complete the data transfer by simply clicking. Just comply with the following steps to successfully transfer data. 

Data transfer between Android is not difficult, because Mobile Transfer is a powerful software, and date transfer between different types of devices can be easily finished. The following steps can help you move Android/Samsung Data Contacts/messages/videos/Photos/Calendar/music/call logs to Samsung A12 quickly. You can also recover deleted samsung A12 Data with Android Data Recovery.

Steps to Transfer Data from Android/Samsung to Samsung A12:

Step 1:Download and open the Mobile Transfer.

Click “phone to phone transfer" on the select problem solving page.

Step 2:Ensure that the two devices are successfully connected

When the system is connected successfully, don't rush to click on the screen, make sure the system automatically scans all the files of the source phone.

Step 3:select files for transfer

Select the data or contact button you want to transfer on the screen and click "start transfer" before the software starts transferring files to the target devices one by one.

Method 2: Sync Android/iPhone Data to Samsung A12 with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Almost all types of phones support Bluetooth transmission, and today even some can use Wi-Fi to transfer data. You can use this method to transfer information from old devices to Samsung A12, but note that the two devices are close to each other.

Step 1: Find the settings of the two phones and turn on Bluetooth (or Wi-Fi) for pairing in order to establish a secure wireless connection between them.

Step 2: When the connection is finished, select the contacts you need to transfer from the contact list on the source phone.

Step 3:After that, go to the share option and select “send” via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi directly.

In this step, you also need to select the connected device, and the target device can receive the information successfully after the completion of the selection.

Method 3: Transfer Android/Samsung Data Contacts to Samsung A12 using Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung smart switch can easily solve the data transfer of Samsung users. And there are a variety of file categories that support transfer. But only if the two Samsung phones are connected to the same Wi-Fi device.

Step 1:Download and run Samsung Smart Switch. If you are not USB cable to connect to these two devices, you can click “wireless" directly.

Step 2: And then choose Android/Samsung phone to send the Date,and choose Samsung device to receive the Date/Contacts.

Step 3:Select the transferred file on the source phone and agree to transfer, so the system will start transferring data on both devices.

Method 4: Backup data and transfer Date/Contacts using Mobile Transfer 

Transfer data can connect the two devices to transfer data directly, or indirectly complete the data transmission through the data backup of the source mobile phone. Once you download the Mobile Transfer software, you can not only transfer data directly, but also use it can backup the source device to achieve indirect data transfer, so this is really a multi-functional and efficient software.

Step 1:Open mobile Transfer software

Step 2:Connect Samsung/Android source device to computer

Step 3:Click “back up your phone", on the home page and select the data or contacts you need to backup. After that, click “start to backup” and the data can successfully backup.

Step 4: Return to the home page again. Click “restore from backups" .

Step 5:Connect the Samsung A12 phone to the computer, after the connection is done, select the data/contact that has just been successfully backed up.

Step 6: Click “start transfer" so that Samsung A12 synchronize the data with the source device.

Method 5: Backup data using Android Date Recovery

As a powerful data Recovery software, Android Date Recovery’s data backup function is also very useful. Therefore, when data backup is needed to transfer data, Android Date Recovery can also be used to backup data, and then Mobile Transfer to transfer data. Compared with the direct use of Mobile Transfer to transfer data it is more cumbersome, but the two software’s data operations are very simple, the method is as follows:

Step 1: Download and open the Android Date Recovery, click "Android Data Backup &Restore"

Step 2:Connect the Samsung/Android phone to the computer with USB cable and select the source device files you want to backup. Click the “start” button to backup the data.

Step 3: Open the Mobile Transfer software and click the “restore from backups" button.

Step 4: Connect Samsung A12 mobile phone with the computer, after the connection is completed, select the data/contact that just successfully backed up.

Step 5:Click “start transfer" in order that Samsung A12 synchronize the data with the source device.

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