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How to record videos on YouTube? The answer to this question is to use a screen recorder. This is the best way to effectively and easily record YouTube Videos It's one of the best and most famous YouTube video recorders. The application provides a very easy UI and is perfectly compatible with Mac and windows devices.

When talking about video streaming, YouTube is the most popular platform in the world for both adults and teenagers. Considering the huge video content collection, it makes sense. But more and more YouTube Videos don't offer download options. For anyone who wants to watch the video, the Internet connection should be good. Therefore, the report tells you how to record YouTube videos and help you watch them online.

Methods Outline:

Method 1: Record YouTuBe Videos on PC/Mac online with Screen Recorder

Method 2: Record YouTuBe Videos on iPhone

Every time you want to watch a video, you go to your browser and visit YouTube What's more, if you like a particular video, it's natural to enjoy it offline. In this case, users generally provide YouTube video download options that need to download special videos.

But here's a new way to eliminate the need for downloads. Another way is to record a YouTube video

Yes, it's easy to record YouTube videos on a computer.

Do you like background music when you watch dreamy videos or movies? Background music is in your heart. Or do you like interesting videos so you want to save them where you can share them with friends and family? Sometimes I like and share specific videos But the problem is downloading videos like that. The same problem occurs when recording or downloading audio in YouTube Videos.

Method 1: Record YouTuBe Videos on PC/Mac online with Screen Recorder

So there's another question: how do I record YouTube videos with sound? In this case, users need to use a variety of video software solutions to help solve the problem. These YouTube screen recording software solutions can record video and audio at the same time. The best screen recorder is the software that can run YouTube games for free.

The best Screen Recorder is excellent software with several advanced features. The most noteworthy function of the application is to record the webcam and picture at the same time, and record the frame speed, effect tool and overall editing tool of 120fps at most. The software has the functions of recording system audio, high frame speed, screen, microphone, webcam, PIP (picture in picture), annotation, cursor effect and overlap. When recording video, the frame speed is better (almost 60fps in MacOS, 120fps in Windows), so the application will help. I'll take a closer look.

The application has powerful functions of preparing demonstration, demonstration and self-study books. The program is an easy-to-use screen capture tool that can support recording requirements even without knowledge of program design. Anyone can easily use this tool. When you're done clipping the screenshot, you can add effects, notes, zoom in/out, and description lines. In this way, the recording will be more exquisite and detailed You can use this function to edit the paper clip and then publish it by video. In order to understand how YouTube users use screen recorder to record computer images, the following stages need to be followed.

Steps to Record YouTuBe Videos Online on PC/Mac:

Step 1: Luanch Screen Recorder

The best Screen Recorder is available for windows 10 / 8 / 7 and Mac OS X. Please install the Screen recorder on the computer and run it. To move to the main screen, select the Video recorder option. Select audio recorder to record YouTube video instead of audio files.

Step 2: The interface basic interface has four parts to display, which is helpful for a variety of jobs, such as network camera, system voice and microphone. To record a YouTube video, turn on the display and system sound, and disable the webcam and microphone. Then set the recording area in the display part based on the video. Play the video you want in the web browser and click rec button to start recording.

Tip: To automatically record the YouTube live stream, please click the production schedule and set the options according to the activity.

Step 3: Wait for the end of youtube video preview and download, and then click the stop button. The preview window is displayed. Confirm the video through the built-in media player, and click the Save button to send the YouTube video recording to the hard drive. Use the paper clip tool in the preview window to clear unwanted frames.

Reference: Advanced users can click the setting button with gear icon in the default interface to open the default setting dialog box. Here you can change the output format, destination, and set shortcuts and other options.

Method 2: Record YouTuBe Videos on iPhone

Nowadays, more and more people like to do everything on mobile devices, including watching videos. But can an iPhone or Android phone record a YouTube video clip? The answer is "yes". To show the workflow, let's take the iPhone as an example.

Step 1: Move from the home screen to settings app, and click Control Center and More Controls above IOS 14, IOS 13 and previous versions, please tag the Customize Controls in the control center.

Step 2: Click the icon next to the screen recording option to activate in the control center.

Step 3: Slide up from the bottom of the screen to enter the control center. The screen above the iPhone 11 moves down from the upper right corner.

Step 4: Long press the screen recording icon to display options. If you want to record a YouTube video with audio, select the microphone.

Step 5: Click Start Recording to start the countdown. Quickly go back to the home page, open the YouTube app and find the video you want to play Start recording YouTube video after countdown

Step 6: After the YouTube video recording is completed, move to the control center, label the Screen Recording Icon and click stop. Alternatively, you can put a label on the red status bar at the top of the screen and press the middle key. Then the YouTube video will be saved in the photo app

Reference: some smart phones that implement Android 10 have similar picture recording functions. Other devices need to use other screen recorder applications to record YouTube videos such as AZ screen recorder.

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