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Having a good video recording software can make your gameplay video looked more attractive. Are you also looking for some good screen recording software? And this article will tell you more about how to use good screen recording software to record your NBA 2K21Gameplay Screen with sound on Windows/Mac, as well as a brief introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of some other screen recording software.

Something about NBA 2K21:

NBA 2K is a NBA basketball game made by Take-Two Interactive's Rockstar Games, 2K Games. The first edition was released on November 10,1999. A series of works with a full range of NBA experience, exquisite player artificial intelligence and signboard movements and other characteristics, users can through meticulous and accurate operation to feel the subtleties of basketball, and experience the beauty of basketball tactics. A total of five professions in NBA 2K are point guard, point guard, small forward, power forward and center.


Part 1: The best way to record NBA 2K21 Gameplay Screen with sound On Windows/Mac.

Method 1: Screen Recorder (Recommend)

Part 2: Some other ways to record NBA 2K21 Gameplay Screen with sound On Windows/Mac.

Method 2: OBS Studio

Method 3: Tiny Take

Method 4: Screencast-O-Matic

Now the recorded gameplay screen video is very popular on the Internet, because it can clearly show the player's state of play and some wonderful moments about the game. If you can record the player's voice at the same time, Including the explanation of the game and some reactions to play the game, it will attract more views. Or if you are just a NBA 2K21 game enthusiast, mastering the recording of the game screen is the best way to record your game history.

Part 1: The best way to record NBA 2K21 Gameplay Screen with sound On Windows/Mac.

The best way to record NBA 2K21 Gameplay Screen with sound On Windows/Mac is Screen Recorder, which is a convenient and efficient software with official recommendations.

Method 1: Screen Recorder

If you want to record meetings, movies, calls, tutorials, TV shows, songs, take snapshot or others, Screen Recorder can help you do it within a few clicks, which is the Best Screen Recorder?for Windows/Mac. It is a good Computer Games Recorder. You can use it to record your online games including XBox, BattleGrounds,  NBA 2K21, OverWatch, World Of WarCraft, LOL and more on computer. It can record system or microphone voice. You can edit the video or snapshot like arrow, line, text and more and use hotkey to start or stop the record. Follow the steps and you will have a perfect gameplay screen recording.

Step 1: download and install the Screen Recorder software. Then start your NBA 2K21 before launch it on computer.

Step 2: Click “Video Recorder”.  You can click “Audio Recorder” for game commentary and then enable System Sound or Microphone.

Step 3: Adjust the volume and click REC button to begin.

Step 4: Click stop icon and save the file to computer.

Part 2: Some other ways to record NBA 2K21 Gameplay Screen with sound On Windows/Mac.

Besides Screen Recorder software, there are other ways to record screens on the network. These software have various advantages. Here are some details about these software to facilitate your understanding.

Method 2: OBS Studio

OBS Studio software is powerful. Its free video capture with audio makes screen display more intuitive. Open Broadcaster Software pages are clean and easy to read, where you can add images and sources, specific windows, and capture cards. It can also mix real-time audio and video, etc. When the screen starts capturing, this software will prompt you to select the monitor resolution. Moreover, it can send videos to popular websites such as Facebook Live,You Tube Live,Hitbox and Twitch.


1.Enhanced with over 20 plug-ins.

2.Support for multiple filters

3.Free video recording for users, no time limit.

4.Support Sync webcam.


1.It does not apply in WindowsXP systems.

2.Audio files can not be linked to source files.

3.It requires some background technical support, so it is not suitable for beginners.

4.Unable to work when the Internet weakens.

Method 3: Tiny Take

TinyTake is a free screen shot and video recording software for Microsoft Windows and Mac. Using TinyTake, you can capture images and videos on your computer screen, add comments and share them with others in minutes. Tiny Take is a good choice in free screenshots and video recording software.

Key features about Tiny Take:

1.It can record a screen video up to 120 minutes.

2.It can use your computer camera to record video.

3.Capable of capturing an region, a window or even an entire screen.

4.Enable to be copied to clipboard or saved locally.

5.Allow storing screenshots and videos in the cloud.

6.Share link storage screenshots and videos.

Method 4: Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is a teaching video and video editing software that can be started directly from browser, compatible with Windows,Mac,Chrome OS. This software is best used in education and video assignments. It can help students prepare tutorials and lectures. It also can provide the product demonstration conveniently,  and can use for the gameplay screen recording.

Key features of the Screencast-O-Matic include allowing you to add music, animation, video information maps; keeping your recording and online backup secure; providing free screen recorders with screen capture features, camera recording, and microphone recording for 15 minutes. Its paid version can upload files to Google Drive,Dropbox,Vimeo and enables you to edit and mute video from the audio and video parts of the system.


1.Its paid version can removes watermark.

2.There is no time limit for recording.

3.Users can edit tracks.

4.Its paid version is a cheaper screen video recorder on the market.


1.Its free version cannot deleted watermark.

2.The free version record time is only 15 minutes.

3.The free version only offers some minimal features, so you need to to pay for more services.

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