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Summary: The Samsung A54 users' text messages loss can occur due to accidental deletion, factory reset, or screen issues, these causes can be easily retrieved. But you can recover deleted messages on Samsung A54 in this article.

samsung a54 messages recovery

"How can i retrieve deleted messages from Samsung A54?"

Of course you can, more than one way you can recover deleted messages from Samsung A54.

Situation analysis:

The Samsung A54 is among the most popular mid-range smartphones in the market these day. The mobile phone comes with impressive features including high-resolution cameras, large storage and powerful processors. However, this devices still can suffer from data loss despite their advantage. Data loss may cause by accidentally delete, factory reset and also black screen, white screen. But all these causes are very familiar so that you can retrieve them easily.


Part 1: Can I Retrieve Deleted Messages from Samsung A54

Part 2: Methods of recover deleted messages from Samsung A54

Part 3: FAQS about Android Data Recovery

Part 1: Can i Retrieve Deleted Messages from Samsung A54

Data recovery process actually can be very easy. Many people can use many tools to recover their data according to difference situation. As your data can be deleted by accidental, so your deleted data can be recovered through the professional tool which can extract your data by scanning. Even though your data is unseen in the screen but it also save on Samsung A54 within a certain times. But after that time, you can only recover by professional data recovery application such as Android Data Recovery. 

Therefore, this comprehensive guide will introduce four excellent method to recover your deleted/lost data including various kinds of data. Now time to proceed to the method steps.

Part 2: Methods of recover deleted messages from Samsung A54


Method 1: Retrieve Deleted Messages from Samsung A54 from Android Data Recovery

The most popular data recovery software for Samsung users is Android Data Recovery. This software is designed to help users recover deleted data from Samsung A54 that has been deleted by the users or the device itself. Android Data Recovery provides users with a simple and easy-to-use interface to access their data.

Android Data Recovery application is compatible with Android OS 4.0 and later version, ensuring it works seamlessly with the most recent operating system updates. Whether you own a Samsung or any other Android device, this program allows you to recover any kind of data.

Step 1: Download Android Data Recovery in your computer first. Or you can open it through website. Next, click"Android Data Recovery" among three options in homepage. 

samsung a54 data recovery

Step 2: Connecting your Samsung A54 to computer. If you don't debug your device first then the system cannot recognize your Samsung A54. 

retrieve lost data on samsung a54

Step 3: Then choose Deep Scan Mode or Quick Scan mode and wait a while. You can enter the program later. 

enable USB Debugging on your samsung a54

Step 4: After scanning data will show on your screen and you can choose from it. 

scan and recover data on samsung a54

Step 5: You can select what you want according to the each files' name and click on "Recover".

restore data on samsung a54

That is all the steps for Android Data Recovery, besides it is a professional application, it is also simple enough for someone who are first time to recover their data.

Method 2: Retrieve Deleted Messages from Samsung A54 with Messages recycle bin

If you have Samsung messages set as your default texting app, Samsung messages has a recycle bin where all deleted messages are stored for 30 days. If you don’t retrieve your deleted messages within that window, they're gone forever. The Samsung Messages recycle bin is activated by default, but you can turn it off from the app’s settings menu.

Step 1: Open Samsung messages app and tap the “Three-dot icon” to expend an options list. Select "Recycle bin".

Samsung A54 Messages recycle bin

recover Samsung A54 messages from recycle bin

Step 2: Find your text in the recycle bin and long-press it to select it. You can tap other text messages if you'd like to restore them.

Step 3: Tap "Restore" and your deleted messages reappear among your existing messages.

restore message on samsung a54

Method 3: Retrieve Deleted Messages from Samsung A54 using Google Drive

Google Drive serves as an additional clouds storage choice for retrieving misplaced data. To recover your data through Google Drive. Make sure you are logged into the Google account which connected to your device and adhere to the provided steps.

Step 1: Launch the Google Drive application and access via a web browser.

Step 2: Find "Backups" section on the screen and select backup files related to your device.

Step 3: Pick the specific data you want to retrieve and click on the "Restore" button.

Retrieve Deleted Messages from Samsung A54 using Google Drive

Note: Keep in mind that your data must backup in Google Drive in advance. Otherwise this application don’t work.

Of course when talking about Google device, if you lost your Samsung A54 photos, Google photos is also a good way. You can try this way! 

Method 4: Retrieve Deleted Messages from Samsung A54 with USB cable

As Samsung A54 is so familiar so here I also want to introduce recover your messages by using your USB cable. Just your simple USB cable. If you’ve previously moved your data to a computer, you have the option to restore your Samsung A54 by linking your phone to your computer using a USB cable. This uncomplicated process entails the following steps.

Step 1: Make certain that your computer recognized your Samsung A54 device after make a connection.

Step 2: Access File explorer for windows or Finder for Mac on your computer. Navigate to your device's folder and identify the data you wish to recover.

Step 3: Copy the necessary files and transfer them back to your Samsung A54.

Part 3: FAQS about Android Data Recovery

Q1: How to recover data from Samsung with a Broken screen?

Recovering data from Samsung phone with a broken screen seams a challenges. But it requires you a professional tool like Android Data Recovery to operate. You can choose the Broken phone recovery Mode and follow the guide to solve your problem.

Q2: How to backup Samsung to local storage?

To create a local backup on local storage, go to "Setting" and next "Additional setting" and finally "Local backups". You can now send your backup on your phone’s local backup or SD card.

Q3: How to Backup Samsung to Samsung Cloud.

To backup the data from your Samsung on Samsung Cloud, you’d like to go to "Setting" and "Account" and next "Samsung Cloud". Under the Backup and Restore” section, click "Backup device" and then find the Samsung Cloud Backup feature and open it.

Q4: How to recover Android Data Recovery efficiently?

To use Android Data Recovery to recover data efficiently, I want to notice you that this application is super professional so that it has a mode which is used to save time. Open the Quick scan mode after your connected your Samsung device to computer. Then the system will scan your data with a very fast way.


Data loss is a common problem that can impact any users. However, it is crucial to understand that there are solutions available for recover deleted messages from Samsung A54. Dealing with data loss on your phone can be a frustrating and emotional experience, but with the right tools and techniques, you can potentially recover these deleted messages. 

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