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Did iPhone 12 delete important text messages without backup? Please use iPhone Text Recovery software. Learn how to recover deleted text messages in iPhone 12 through this quick tutorial.

Accidentally deleted the text message? Or delete the whole conversation? I'm sorry. Don't panic. When you back up your phone regularly, you can restore the deleted SMS. If the phone cannot be backed up normally, you need to contact the service provider for repair software or help.

This post provides a way to restore and delete SMS messages using iPhone or Android phones.

Method Recommendation:

Text Messages Are Going Missing On iPhone 12

Although the new iPhone 12 is only a few weeks old, there have been reports of software problems. IPhone 12 users are reporting the popularity of sending and receiving text messages on Apple's new devices.

Macrumors attracted dissatisfaction. Many users can't send or receive SMS messages, or can't miss all messages in group chat. Some people are still notifying through notification reports. No.

Most of the problems are reported to the new iPhone 12 model, but some old models are also affected. At present, I don't know why this problem occurred, but it appeared after the launch of apple with a new IOS 14 update. The problem occurs for users of all versions of IOS 14, but it is not clear when the new software update is the cause of this problem. In addition, most of the information affected is the most common in Apple devices.

Can i recover deleted text messages from cell phone carrier?

In most cases, No. That's for a reason. Mobile communication companies store information on the server when law enforcement needs, but most employees cannot access the information. Your SMS is your personal information, so no one, including the mobile phone operator, can access it.

According to experience, the employee system not only does not send text messages, but also has no research options. However, according to the situation, the SMS can be received through summons and court hearing.

Will the deleted text messages disappear forever?

Most of the time. Delete mail. If there is no backup, the information of ordinary users will certainly disappear. However, according to the situation, the law enforcement organ or other organs can recycle.

What does Apple suggest?

In order to solve the possible information problem of iPhone before Apple accepts the formal modification, there is a general suggestion. Apple support recommends moving to the next stage.

Please restart the device

Please check your network connection. If you want to send a message to IMessage or MMS, you need a celor data or Wi Fi connection. Sending SMS messages requires a connection to the celebrity network. Turn on Wi Fi call and you can send SMS messages over Wi Fi.

Please confirm with the mobile communication company whether the type of information sent with MMS or SMS is supported.

If you want to send a group MMS message in iPhone, use Settings > messages to open MMS messages. If you don't see the option to open MMS mail or group mail in iPhone, you may not support this feature.

Please check that the device has enough space to receive images and videos.

Please check that you have entered the correct phone number or email address.

Many people have tried this proposal stage on apple, but they are still reporting problems. In this case, the best bet is to provide additional information to Apple support or confirm with individual transportation enterprises. Starting with a firmware update from Apple or mobile carriers, the new software update will completely solve the problem.

Before solving this problem, upgrading to iPhone 12 or IOS 14 is the best. Well done, it won't take long.

What text messages is missing from iPhone 12?

The sudden experience of randomly deleting text messages is worrying. It does not allow users to receive SMS or miss something strange. Some users are reported to receive group information in order, and the transmitted person number, duplicate messages or later received symbol "+" are prefix words.

What is the reason for the lack of SMS messages in my iPhone 12?

Dissatisfaction with SMS missed by the main iPhone 12 was observed in group chat. But is there any on-o-o-one information conveyed Many people don't miss SMSs in group chat when transmitting through Android machines.

The problem with SMS missing from iPhone 12 is not a novel on IOS devices. Errors were reported on any device in the past. That was the first time I found it in iPhone 8. Several versions of Apple IOS have not been permanently modified.

In fact, users found problems in the new IOS 14. The devs of IOS Application module of IOS 14 brings many improved functions. However, the latest version does not provide a solution to the MMS error missed by iPhone 12.

Newcomers who are not tech savvy or iPhone can be found in the stock IMessage app and general group chat. In group chat, there are two methods when the information you send cannot be delivered. The text sent by members to each other fell from the end. Text messages need to be re sent and re typed, which is troublesome.

The SMS missing from iPhone 12 may indicate a compatibility problem between iPhone 12 and IOS 14. Or the new selfie chip of iPhone 12 has problems with all suitcases. But if more and more models report problems, the root cause seems to be lying with IOS 14. It doesn't happen, it happens often.

If you contact Apple tech Zhiyuan, the engineering team is looking for a line Maybe Apple should sort the firmware at the end with the suitcases that need to solve the problem. Maybe Apple devs needs to perform software work.

How do I restore missing text messages on iPhone 12?

If there is no apple support, you can reset the network settings, confirm IMessage synch, disable/enable MMS/group, restart, aircraft mode and 5g settings, switch with, replace with a new 5g SIM card, and replace the suitcase.

Some users who use Verizon carrier report solutions, although they are not permanent. For Verizon users only Execute path - Settings > General > Reset > reset network settings. You can download Verizon message + app and reset network settings.

People who hate group chat will regard it as a function rather than a mistake. On lighter notebooks, this is an inherent Apple's unique way to stop users from using text functions. The idea may sound ridiculous, but it must be fixed with a thousand dollar phone. 

If Necessary: Recover Data from Cracked/Broken/Locked iPhone

Why iPhone 12 deleted all my Text messages:

Due to several tasks, all information on the smartphone will be deleted.

1. Setting error.

You can choose to keep the information forever for 30 days or 1 year. Settings > messages > you can continue to view messages. That's why iPhone deletes all information. To prevent losing information again, always set the options.

2. IOS system error or IOS update failure.

This may be the most likely reason why iPhone deletes information conversations based on information and other people's information and feedback on users and forums. Most people find that they lose information after updating to the new IOS version. System problems may result in loss of information due to errors.

3. Please recover from the wrong backup.

This is not a common reason, but some people lose data after recovering from backup. Because people don't know if iTunes or icloud will be backed up.

These are most of the reasons why iPhone deletes information. Then, the information of re obtaining the information can be obtained in the following content.

If necessary: Restore other data on iPhone 12/12 pro

Method 1: How to recover deleted text messages in iPhone 12 without a computer

Step 1: stop sending text. Your message will be deleted if the space is not assigned. The message data is there until the new message covers the space. Click on the text message to increase the possibility of not ignoring deleted text.

Step 2: Confirm whether there is backup through the icloud. When iPhone is backed up regularly through icloud, you can use the deleted text.

Please check whether icloud is enabled on your phone.

Go directly to settings

Please the name label at the top of the screen.

In icloud tab

Click icloud backup. You need to confirm that the last backup is complete.

If you like it, restore the iPhone to the last backup

Go directly to settings

Label is General

Scroll down to reconfigure all methods

Click to delete all content and settings

Now click Erase Now

When the reset is complete, if the prompt is displayed, select Restore in icloud backup.

Of course, the disadvantage here is that when restoring to the data of the previous version, all the data generated after the last backup disappears. Please keep what you want to protect.

Tips: Repair ios system to normal on iPhone

Method 2: How to use finder to recover deleted text messages in iPhone 12 in MAC

You can back up information deleted from the Mac. You can use finder to access backups (only for Macs running in MacOS Catalina). If you don't have Catalina, use iTunes.) The backup must start before the text information is deleted.

Step 1: please connect your mobile phone to your computer. Use USB or usb-c, lightning cable (depending on the computer). Perform this step when you enter a password or display a message that you trust this computer.

Step 2: Open finder Select iPhone in the left column.

Step 3: Select the backup you want to restore. Select and view the text before each backup. Select restore and wait for the device to synchronize with the computer.

Method 3: Recover Deleted/lost iPhone 12 text messages From iTunes Backup

If the exchange does not support information backup, or does not start for any reason, you need to try the next method. That is, this can only be started when the information is updated. If there is no backup, it will not start. This is basically the same as restoring lost data in an iTunes backup.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone 12 to your computer, wait for iTunes to appear, or call the program manually.

Step 2: The mobile phone is displayed on the box at the top of iTunes. Click to move to the mobile phone information page.

Step 3: Just select backup and restore here. The phone should return to the state of the last backup.

Method 4: Recover Lost Text Messages from iPhone 12 without any backup

If you use iPhone 12, there are recently deleted modules in the photo application, so you don't have to worry about deleting photos from the camera volume due to mistakes. Photos deleted last month will be retained. But one day, if the iPhone stops for some reason and accidentally deletes some important information from the iPhone, it will be troublesome.

But now iPhone Data Recovey provides powerful backup and support. What is the reason for choosing iPhone Data Recovery? It is a safe and professional IOS data repair tool that helps to re search data in a variety of situations such as wrong operation, system conflict and prison break failure. In addition, you can also choose to scan IOS devices or download iTunes backup files to restore data types including text messages, contact information, photos, WhatsApp, KIK, Viber, etc. If you need: Transfer android/iphone data to iPhone 12.

Due to its good user interface, the program can reduce the trouble of searching for deleted information in iPhone 12. Scan iPhone memory and confirm the repairable items, and then select the items you want. Import a list of all files. You can also recover other files, such as contacts, SMS, call records, photos, reminders, messages, voice messages, WhatsApp information, etc.

Steps to recover deleted text messages from iPhone 12:

Step 1: Select recovery mode

Select recovery mode and start. Three recovery modes are available. To recover text messages deleted in iPhone 12 memory, select "Recover from IOS device" mode to continue.

Then connect iPhone 12 to your computer through a USB cable.

Step 2: Scan deleted text messages on iPhone 12

If you are connected, check the mail and mail attachments options. Click the next button. The software scans iPhone 12 and starts searching for deleted SMS messages. Later, the left sidebar will display a window with all recoverable information sorted by category.

Step 3: Preview and recover deleted iPhone 12 messages

At this time, you can click the range of "Messages" and "Messages Attachments" in the sidebar to view each conversation in advance. You can see a text balloon about each item on the far right.

Method 5: Recover Text Messages from Backup

It is a good habit to back up iPhone data with icloud. Before deleting messages, please search for messages in icloud in the state of backing up iPhone SMS, as shown below.

Option 1: restore deleted text messages in IOS devices

1.iPhone Settings - General - Reset - Erase all content and settings. Then follow the instructions to delete the device.

2.iPhone restarts, the application and data page will select Restore from icloud backup and restore data in icloud.

Option 2: Recover missing text from icloud on browser

1. After moving to phase I icloud.com, log in to icloud account.

2. Click Find iphone to delete the device, and then restore SMS in icloud backup.

Method 6: Video Guide for Recover iPhone 12 Text Messages

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