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6 efficient ways to easily transfer all data from any Samsung/Android devices to the Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core, and to retrieve deleted and lost data on Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core.

This article will be divided into several modules to introduce the methods for users to migrate data from devices of different systems or cloud to Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core, including the synchronization of photo albums, applications, calendars, memos, contacts, information and other data.

Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core phones have their own emphasis in different aspects, and have certain advantages compared with other phones of the same type. After users start Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core, they usually have the need to migrate the original equipment. Don't worry, this article has prepared the following tutorials for users to synchronize and recover data, hoping to be helpful.

Mobile Transfer software is an excellent data recovery master. After connecting the original device, Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core and the computer, it can automatically identify the two devices and complete the internal data scanning of the mobile phone. Data synchronization of photo albums, notes, contacts and applications is a piece of cake. We recommend users to install Mobile Transfer.

Part 1 Directly Sync All Data from Android/Samsung to Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core

Step 1. start Mobile Transfer, and then click "Phone Transfer" > "Phone to Phone" button on the main page.

Step 2. Connect Android/Samsung devices and Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core to the same computer, and the software will automatically detect and identify them.

Tip: If the mobile phone cannot be successfully recognized, click "cannot recognize the device?" in blue font. Options, here will give you a solution. Click "Flip" to ensure that Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core is on the "destination" track and the old device is on the other side.

Step 3. Select the data, and finally click "Start" on the page, and wait for all the data to be transmitted to close the software.

Part 2 Sync Data from Backup File to Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core

In addition to data transmission between different devices, Mobile Transfer can directly obtain cloud backup, and then synchronize it to Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core for users, which is easy to operate and fast to transmit.

Step 1. Open the data transfer software and select the "Backup & Restore > "Phone Backup & Restore".

Step 2. After the data preview list is listed in the software, select the required file and click the "Restore" button behind it.

Step 3. Connect the Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 4. After the Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core has been successfully identified, click the "Start" button to transfer the selected file to your device.

Part 3 Transfer WhatsApp/Wechat/Line/Kik/Viber Messages to Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core

Chat information and files in WhatsApp/Wechat/Line/Kik/Viber software can also be synchronized to Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core by Mobile Transfer, which saves users from spending time looking for other tools. You only need to download one Mobile Transfer to solve all data transmission problems at once.

Step 1. After starting the software, click the "WhatsApp Transfer" option in the main interface. According to the software of this synchronization, select whether to "WhatsApp Transfer", "WhatsApp Business Transfer", "GBWhatsApp Transfer" or "Other Application Transfer" button.

Step 2. Connect the original device and Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core to the same computer with a USB cable.

Note: The information synchronization of Viber is different from other software. It needs to be backed up to the computer first and then restored data from backup to Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core.

Step 3. Select the messages to be synchronized and click "Start" to complete the data transfer process.

Android Data Recovery can be useful when users need to retrieve lost files. No matter Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 is formatted, the file is permanently deleted accidentally, or it is stolen or broken down, Android Data Recovery can deeply scan the mobile phone, obtain data, and restore these data to Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 again.

Part 4 Directly Restore Data on Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core without Backup

Step 1. Download, install and run the data recovery software and click "Android Data Recovery".

Step 2. Connect the Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core with the computer via USB cable, enable USB debugging mode on the Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core, wait for the device to be detected by the software, and then click OK.

Tip: the specific method to enable USB debugging is as follows: enter "settings" > click "about mobile phone" > click "Build number" several times until prompted "you are in developer mode" > return to "settings" > click "developer options" > check "USB debugging".

Step 3. After the software successfully identifies the mobile phone, click "Next".

Step 4. After the scan is completed, select the file on the page to be synchronized to the local location and click "Recover" to start data recovery process.

Part 5 Restore Data from Backup to Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core

Step 1. Run the software on the computer and click the "Android Data Backup and Restore" option on the homepage.

Step 2. Connect the Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core to the computer's interface with a USB cable and click "Device Data Recovery".

Step 3. After identifying your phone, select the backup file to restore, and then click Start to preview and restore the data from the backup.

Step 4. Select the type of file you want to restore and click "Restore to Device" to restore the selected data.

Part 6 Recover Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core Data Using Best Date Recovery

Best Date Recovery is also an easy-to-use, efficient and secure data recovery tool. With it, users can quickly scan their mobile phones for data. It also supports previewing the data on Samsung Galaxy A04/A04s/A04 Core, which can be previewed first and then restored to avoid selecting the wrong data to recover.

Step 1. Install Best Data Recovery on computer, then launch it.

Step 2. Click different options on the software page according to the type of data to be restored. Mac OS X El Capitan or higher needs to disable system integrity protection before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3. Choose the disk name of your phone, and then click "Scan" button to begin scanning your phone for the lost data.

Step 4. After scanning, all the found result will be listed. You can use the "Filter" button to find the data to be recovered, and then select them.

Tips : If you can not find the data you needed, the "Deep Scan" mode can help you find more files, but it will take a little longer.

Step 5. After selecting the files that you wish to restored, click "Recover" complete the recovery process.

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