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Summary: An simple Data transfer article for the people who are first time to try! This is an article about transferring Data from IOS to IOS or more specifically transferring iPhone 8/7/X Contacts/Photos to iPhone 13. So it is suitable to all iPhone data transfer and you can share the methods with your friends and family.

Problem Analysis:

Recently, you change your iPhone 8/7/X to iPhone 13. But you are not so happy for this change of device because you has been using your iPhone 8/7/X for so many years and you have saved a lot of important Date in it such as you Contacts/Photos. Now you change to new device and the contact in your old device you have lost. You are so upset the data loss but you have no way to make a change for you are not good at handling data processing.

Here you got the right place. If you are suffering the same worries as above and now I would like to tell you a good news. You can transfer iPhone 8/7/X Contacts/Photos to iPhone 13 through four simple methods and each method doesn’t take you so long time. Even though you are the first time to try to transfer data, you still can perfectly transfer your Data.


Method Outline:




Method 1: Transfer iPhone 8/7/X Contacts/Photos to iPhone 13 with Mobile Transfer


As the most recommended data transfer tool, Mobile Transfer has many reasons to convince you.

First, its support for device transferring data has no boundaries, and almost all mobile phone on the market can be transferred date directly through it. For example, Android to Android, Android to IOS,and IOS to IOS and IOS to Android all are available.

Second, it supports a wide range of portable data types. Even your message records and contacts can be transferred via it, and not to mention your photos.

Finally, and it is also the most important reason. Its data transfer process is safe and fast, and it can reach almost zero omission and zero error.

For the above three reasons, I think using Mobile Transfer is the most recommended data transfer method.



Step 1: Download Mobile Transfer program and install. Open it on the computer. 

Step 2: When enter into the homepage click "Phone to Phone" and press "Phone Transfer" button.

At the same time, you need to link your iPhone 8/7/X and iPhone 13 to PC with their own USB wires.

Step 3: Please make sure your iPhone 8/7/X is placed in the source side and your iPhone 13 is placed on destination panel. (this step is to make sure the right transfer order)

Note: The "Flip" refers to the change of position between your old and new device. 


Step 4: Then choose data in the program when the application finish scan your old device Data. When you are confirm of the transferred Data you can tap "Start" button directly and begin the transfer process. 



Method 2: Transfer iPhone 8/7/X Contacts/Photos to iPhone 13 with iTunes Backup.


If your iPhone 8 / 7 / X  has backed up Contacts / Photos, then you can directly use iTunes Backup to achieve the data exchange between iPhones. And it doesn't take you too much time, but the steps can be a little cumbersome.


Step 1: First, link your iPhone 8/7/X to computer and open “Computer”. In compliance with your iPhone 8/7/X icon you can enter "internal storage" and go to find the file name "DICM" where it save your Contacts/Photos.

Step 2: Second Connect your iPhone 13 to your computer. When connected open iTunes and tap your iPhone 13 icon. 

For example, if you want to transfer your photos, click “photos” and then tap “sync” button and choose your “DICM” folder. That is all the transfer.

Step 3: When your finish all the transfer steps above. Go to your iPhone 13 and you will find all your all Contacts/Photos have been transfer. 



Method 3: Transfer iPhone 8/7/X Contacts/Photos to iPhone 13 with Move to IOS.


Move to IOS is a professional data helper for iPhone users. You can use it to transfer any types of data between iPhone 8/7/X to iPhone 13, on the condition that your data is backed up in advance.


Step 1: Open the application first. If not go to the app store to download one. 

Step 2: Click "app &data"and next proceed to "move Data from IOS". Connect your iPhone 8/7/X to iPhone 13 meanwhile. 

Step 3: When the two device connected, Start the application on your iPhone 8/7/X device and click “Continue” button. And go back your iPhone 13 click "Continue" as well. When the screen appears "move Data from IOS" you can click the code into your iPhone 8/7/X device.

Step 4: When enter into the iPhone 8/7/X according to the code then you can see the data list from it and you are allowed to select your Contacts/Photos to transfer. After you are confirm, you can click “next” and the program will begin. When finish click "done" button.



Method 4: Transfer iPhone 8/7/X Contacts/Photos to iPhone 13 from Google Backup.


I Believe that you are familiar with Google Backup, because it is actually very friendly to iPhone users. It provides iPhone users with quality cloud services including cloud storage and backup of data. So if you often use this software for data processing, you can also use it as a tool for your data transfer.


Step 1:Open Google Drive apps in your iPhone 13  or you can open it on the webpage. Log into your account and password. (The same one with your backup is necessary)

Step 2:When enter into the system all your iPhone 8/7/X backups is display on files. 

Step 3:Select Contacts/Photos in the files basket to wait to transfer. Finally, click "Download" and Data will sync to your iPhone 13.


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