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After you update your iOS 17 your iPhone Data lost. Why and how to solve the data loss problem? The article will give you a specific answer and you can get useful information about restoring your Data.

Problem analysis

When your system prompts your iOS 17 system needs updates, you chose to update without hesitation. After you update the system, you found that your iPhone function is more complete, and you have a good experience of it. But you still feel a little weird, because you often can't find your data after the system update. why?

recover data ios 17 update

I believe the above situation may happen to everyone when updating the system. When updating the system, some of our unbackup data often lost, followed by some of don't often used data, or some residual data in the old system, these data will become garbage, and then be cleared out. This is the reason why system update causes data loss.

When this happens, we have no choice but learning how to recover Data and the following are some useful methods

Method Outline

Part 1 : Recover iPhone Data after iOS 17 Update without backup

Part 2: Recover iPhone Data after iOS 15 Update with backup

Part 1 : Recover iPhone Data after iOS 17 Update without backup

After iOS 15 update, if your iPhone data is not backed up, then you can only recover your data through the following method that I recommend to you.

Method 1: Recover iPhone Data after iOS 17 Update from recently deleted folder

Your recent deletion may also store the data that you haven't backed up, but this method is usually very limited. You can only recover some of your data, such as your photos and notes, and you can only recover the deleted data within 30 days, otherwise it can't work.

Step 1: Go to the Photos or Notes application on your iPhone and launch the application. 

Step 2: Find out the recently deleted folder and tap “Edit” in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Select deleted files to recover and save on your iPhone again.

Method 2: Recover iPhone Data after iOS 17 Update from iPhone Data Recovery

As for iPhone Data Recovery, it is really a software that worth a detail introduction. For your various data it is helpful to almost all kinds of Data including Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library, App Photos, App Videos, App Audios, Messages, Message Attachments, Contacts, Call History, Voicemail, WhatsApp, WhatsAPP Attachment, Kik, Kik Attachment, Line, Line Attachment, Viber, Viber Attachment, Viber Call History, Messenger, Messenger Attachment, Notes, Calendar, Reminders, WeChat, WeChat Attachment, QQ, QQ Attachment and so on. For the recoverable device, it can work to device like iPad Air,iPad,iPad Pro,iPad mini,iPod touch,iPhone XS,iPhone XR,iPhone 13,iPhone 12,iPhone 11,iPhone 10,iPhone 8,iPhone 14,iPhone 15.

Most importantly, it support various scenarios like accidental deletion, water damage, device damage and deletion caused by update.

Step 1: Download the application and open it on the screen of your computer. 

Step 2: Connect your iPhone device with PC using a USB cable. If connection, the application will begin sync your previous iPhone Data to the computer.

Step 3: Tap "recover from IOS device" on front page. And you are allow to preview and select Data from the various Data.

Step 4: Click “recover" to start your recovery process.

Part 2: Recover iPhone Data after iOS 17 Update with backup

If your iPhone Data before iOS 17 Update has been backup and then you will have many alternative methods to recover your Data.

Method 3: Recover iPhone Data after iOS 17 Update from iCloud backup

Your iCloud backup has been store all types of iPhone Data if you have been backup them with the application. And with the previous steps you have done then now you can restore your backup Data again with the help of iPhone Date Recovery.

Step 1: Open iPhone Date Recovery. Click “recover from iCloud backup" at the right corner. And then log in to your and password.

Step 2: Log into your iPhone account. When entered you will see all your backup data. Find Date according to the files name is available. 

Step 3: Select data that you want to recover and go to the confirm process. For example, if you want to restore videos, select the “video” and confirm it. Then the system will download them.

Step 4: When finish choosing click "recover". And that is all the process.

Method 4: Recover iPhone Data after iOS 17 Update from iTunes Backup

The second alternative recovery method is recover date with iTunes Backup through iPhone Date Recovery. So iPhone Date Recovery is a software that can really help you most.

Step 1:Run iPhone Date Recovery once again.  Click "recover from iTunes backup files" among other options.

Step 2:You are allowed to preview all your backup Data in it. Click “start scan” to begin selecting the Data first.

Step 3:Choose Data that you want to recover and click "recover" to begin. Few seconds your lost data will back.

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