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Summary: Did vivo T1 lose important data? This post includes contact, SMS, photos, videos, call records, WhatsApp information, etc., and learned the search method of all data formatted and deleted from vivo T1.

Getting used to saving the data of Vivo T1 mobile phone as an external hard disk. There are a lot of text messages, photos, music, etc. The phone suddenly shut down and started again. Some of my messages and photos disappeared this morning. Because I don't know how to recover deleted photos on Android Vivo T1 phones, can anyone help? Not only my message, thank you!


Vivo T1 Info:


Although vivo has strong core products in the market, like all Chinese brands, it hopes to have more devices in order to provide buyers with more options. New T series with T1 debut The new T-series phone comes with a 6.67 inch Full HD + display that supports 1080x2400 pixel resolution. The screen has a punch hole design that provides a pixel density of 395 PPI. Vivo's new intermediate device consists of an 8-core snapdragon 778g chipset. Paired with 8GB ram, 128GB internal storage space is provided. Vivo Y1 selects the triple rear camera with 64mp basic sensor, 8mp ultra wide angle sensor and 2MP sensor. 16mp selfie supporting video call on the front Vivo T1 contains a 5000 MAH battery that supports 44w high-speed charging through USB type C port. Other functions of the phone are side mounted fingerprint sensor, face unlocking and headset jack.



  1. Has the Vivo T1 been deleted by mistake before reading text messages?
  2. After Vivo T1 drowned, did you suffer from the loss of contact information and photos?
  3. Are you crazy about the missing data after upgrading to Vivo T1?


There are many reasons for data loss, such as application conflicts, continued restart of Android vivo t1 phones, virus infection and water damage.

In this unpleasant accident, you must be eager to restore vivo t1 files.

When you previously backed up Android vivo t1 phone data, you can easily get a backup of the data deleted in the Android backup. That will be your disaster.


Methods Outlines:



Method 1: Recover Vivo T1 Data with Google Account


Google launched the function of backing up data in Android after logging in to the Android phone. There is no connection between the machine and the computer, just prepare the machine, Google account and linkage connection.

The following is a demonstration of backing up and restoring Android Vivo T1 data.


Step 1: Open the  settings application on the home page.

Step 2: Move to backup and reset.

Step 3: Select the box near data backup reset and automatic restore.

Step 4: setup > account and sync > move to Google account.

Step 5: Select data to be synchronized and check boxes.


Logging into the Google account used to format or back up data from a new device will automatically restore the stored data.


Method 2: Recover Deleted Data on Vivo T1 without backup


Did you delete your contact, messages, photos, audio, contacts, call logs on vivo t1 mobile phone due to mistakes? After resetting the factory settings, did you lose your contact information in vivo t1 Android phone? Are you calling andorid or forgetting Rom? If you want to find an easy way to recover lost data on vivo t1 Android phones, this document is the most helpful. You can not only restore your contact information in vivo t1, but also restore SMS, photos, videos, WhatsApp and therapy. We will show you an effective solution to help you easily recover vivo t1 phone loss data.



If you want to restore your contact information on vivo t1 mobile phones, because there are vivo t1 smart phones running Android OS, you need to use professional Android data Recovery, but all Android data Recovery support will not restore vivo t1's contact information in the market.

Here, you can not only download the contact, text messages of vivo t1 for free, but also directly recover the Android data recovery of SMS, photos, videos, music, etc. In addition, Android data recovery also supports the restore of lost data such as vivo, Samsung, Sony, Motorola and LG.


Steps to Recover Deleted/Lost Vivo  T1 Data:


Step 1: Download Android data recovery

To search for deleted or lost data in vivo t1 phone, please download Android data recovery software first. Then connect the vivo t1 phone to the computer using a USB cable. Installing and running the application will display the following basic interfaces.

Step 2: Activate USB debugging before scanning the phone

Next, confirm USB debugging in vivo t1 to make the program aware. If the USB debugging of the mobile phone has been activated before, you can skip this stage and move to the next stage.

Step 3: Data scan deleted from Vivo T1 phone

On this screen, the program will display all data types that support recovery, such as picture, video, call record, audio, contact information and text messages. Select the data to restore and click next.

Step 4: Selected data preview and recovery on Vivo T1

After the scan is completed, all the scanned data will be displayed in the window. Click to view in advance. Please check the items you want and click "recover" to save them to your computer.



Method 3: Recover Vivo T1 Data from Backup


This method describes the method of restoring backup data to vivo t1. Therefore, before using this method, please confirm whether the phone has backed up the required data.


Step 1: after performing Google data repair on the computer, select the "Android data backup and restore" mode in the page.

Step 2: Connect the vivo t1 to the computer using a USB cable. Then select "Device data Restore" or "one click restore" mode on the page.


Step 3: list all backup files on the page. After selecting the desired backup file, click the "start" button to extract the backup data.

Step 4: After extracting data, all recoverable data will be displayed on the page. Select the data to be restored to vivo t1, and then click "restore to device" to complete the data recovery.



Mehtod 4: Avoid data lost on Vivo T1


Now that you know how to restore photos on vivo's mobile phone, let's learn how not to lose data from the beginning. View all the important things below and manage vivo phones accordingly.


  1. Safely protect vivo phone from physical damage, such as contact with water or falling from height or extreme temperature.
  2. Please protect vivo phone from various network threats. Do not visit websites or applications that inject multiple software, errors, viruses, or other harmful files into your device.
  3. Please do not fill the storage space of the device to 100%. In this way, the application has no processing space and starts wrong operation, which will cause data damage or data loss.



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