Transfer Android/iPhone Data to Oppo Find X4/pro

Summary:How to simply and quickly transfer your Android/iPhone Data to Oppo Find X4/pro? Here is the most efficient and instructive guidline across the internet. Do as follow with my steps and you will get some feedbacks.

Problem analysis:

Those who have changed their phones always know how inconvenient a new phone is without the previous data. Now it's time to fix this problem.

The transmission of data between two phones is not as complex as you think.If your data from your old device is back up, you will have more ways to transfer them. But if your Android/iPhone data is not backed up, there is still an multifunctional software to restore your data, which is to use Mobile Transfer to transfer directly. So data transfer is not terrible, so transfer your Android/iPhone Data to your Oppo Find X4/pro as soon as possible for the convenience of your work and life. 


Method Outline:




Method 1:Transfer Android/iPhone Data to Oppo Find X4/pro from Mobile Transfer.


Mobile Transfer can easily transfers photos, videos, messages, etc from Android to Android, Android to iOS, iOS to iOS, and iOS to Android. iOS 12 and Android 9.0. It all fully supported the process.

It supports most file types and devices and storage media, such as Android, iOS, WinPhone, BlackBerry, Kies, OneDrive, iTunes and iCloud. What’s more, it takes only a few minutes to create a secure, complete backup for a mobile phone or tablet—faster than any other tool on the market.



Step 1:Download the application on your computer. After you open the program press on “phone to phone transfer”.

Step 2: A data line to link your Android/iPhone to Oppo Find X4/pro.


Step 3: Next, choose Date in your Android/iPhone click “start transfer” to transfer them to Oppo Find X4/pro.

Step 4:  Once the transfer process finish your Oppo Find X4/pro will receive the data.


Method 2: Transfer Android/iPhone Data to Oppo Find X4/pro with OPPO Clone phone.


OPPO Clone phone is suitable between OPPO phones, but there are extra attentions to use this method. It is power cost, so this method is used when you have enough electricity, which is more recommended. Second don’t use your phone on the process of data transfer as this can cause data loss on your phone.


Step 1;Open OPPO Clone phone APP in your Android/iPhone and choose “this is the old phone”. 

Then you are asked to scan a QR code.


Step 2: Next, turn to your Oppo Find X4/pro and open OPPO Clone phone APP. Click "this is the new phone". Then use your Android/iPhone phone to scan the QR code.

Step 3:Choose Data you are intent to transfer to Oppo Find X4/pro and click "Clone" button.


Method 3: Transfer Android/iPhone Data to Oppo Find X4/pro Using OPPO Cloud.


If your Android/iPhone Data has been backed up in advance, then you can now have a very simple and straightforward way to transfer the data to your Oppo Find X4/pro. That is to open your OPPO Cloud and then restore your backup data.


Step 1:Open OPPO Cloud on Oppo Find X4/pro and then log into your OPPO account which is the same with your backup one.

Step 2:When enter into the program choose Data that you want to recover to Oppo Find X4/pro.

Step 3: Finally click “Recovery” button.



Method 4: Transfer Android/iPhone Data to Oppo Find X4/pro with Google Drive.


Similarly if Android or iPhone users have used Google Drive previously to back up your data, if you want to transfer all the data to your Oppo Find X4/pro, just turn on your Google Drive to restore your backup data.


Step 1:Run on Google Drive apps in your Oppo Find X4/pro. 

Step 2: Login your Android/iPhone ID and password. Make sure that the same with backup one.

Step 3: Next, you can review your backup data there.

Step 4:Please consider to choose Data to transfer to your Oppo Find X4/pro and press on "Download".



Method 5: Recover your Android/iPhone Data to Oppo Find X4/pro with Android Data Recovery. 


Android Data Recovery is the best data recovery software, which is an indisputable fact, why say so?

Simply, the quick Scan Mode of Android Data Recovery can quickly scans the data in your device. So it is time saving. Second, its Deep scan mode can scans all the data in your device, even with small volumes that are extremely easy to ignore. 



Note: you must have backuped your Android/iPhone Data.


Step 1:Open Android Data Recovery on your computer, and click“Android Date Backup &restore".

Step 2:Connect your Oppo Find X4/pro to the PC with a USB cable at hand.

Step 3:  When the connection progress finish the system will scan your all your Data. Then “device date backup” or “one-click restore” are allowed you to choose one of them.

Step 3: Select some of your backup data and click “start" so that the Data can save to your Oppo Find X4/pro.

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