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Android data repair helps restore lost / deleted data such as photos, videos, SMS messages, contact information, phone numbers, WhatsApp chat records and other documents in vivo S9.

The rising vivo attracts people's attention. The excellent appearance and imaging system of vivo S9 make people like to use it for taking pictures and videos. In addition, smart phones are now capable of more and more work, you can use it Come to take notes, send messages, write memos and more.

But imagine, if one day you accidentally lose your precious photos or videos, or the address book in your phone is lost, but you haven't backed them up to an external drive, what would you do? I think most people don't know what to do. Then this article will show you several ways to recover vivo S9 data, hoping to help you.

Method directory:

Method 1: Use Android Data Recovery to retrieve the lost data on vivo S9

Method 2: Recover lost data from vivo cloud

Method 3: Recover synchronized data from Google Photos

Method 1: Use Android Data Recovery to retrieve the lost data on vivo S9

If there is no copy of your data, then accidentally deleting the data can be a catastrophic event. But now, you can help you solve this problem with professional data recovery software.

After realizing that the data has been deleted, doing nothing for the time being may be the best solution. You should not take more photos or add more notes to overwrite the deleted data. What Android Data Recovery finds and restores is the data that remains in the device after being deleted.

The main features of Android data recovery:

1. Support running on Windows and Mac

2. One-click recovery of various data lost in Android phones

3. There are many types of data that can be recovered, such as photos, documents, music, videos, audios, contacts, etc.

4. Selectively preview the content to be recovered, efficient and save your time

5. Support most Android devices including vivo S9, Huawei, oppo, lg, HTC, Xiaomi, vivo, etc.

Steps to use Android data recovery

Step 1: Download, install and open Android Data Recovery on your computer

Step 2: Go to the home page of the program and select "Android Data Recovery", and then connect the phone to the computer via the data cable

Step 3: If you have not completed the USB debugging, the program will pop up the corresponding page to remind you, and there will be relevant instructions to guide you to complete the USB debugging. Your device will be detected by the program after completion

Step 4: Click "Next" to make the program analyze and scan the data in your phone

Step 5: After the scan is over, preview the data from the window, then select the data you need to recover, and click "Recover"

Method 2: Recover lost data from vivo cloud

Vivo S9 users can enjoy the cloud service function of vivo cloud, and you can back up and manage your own data. If the lost data is backed up in vivo cloud, you can restore them here.

Step 1: Open the vivo cloud application on the vivo S9

Step 2: Select the data to be recovered

Step 3: Click the "Restore" option

Method 3: Recover synchronized data from Google Photos

This is similar to vivo cloud, Google Drive is a widely used cloud backup server. If you enabled Google Backup on your device before the data was lost, then you can use this method to restore synchronized data.

Step 1: Open the Google Drive application on vivo S9

Step 2: Click the "More" icon on the upper left corner of the screen and select Google Photos

Step 3: Select the corresponding photos or select all, click the download icon below to restore the photos to the device

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