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Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages on Samsung S21

How to retrieve WhatsApp chat history after deletion? When a Samsung S21/S22/S23 phone malfunctions, the chat history in WhatsApp may become disordered. In addition, deleting WhatsApp history by mistake is also a tricky thing. When this happens, learning deleted WhatsApp messages recovery techniques on Samsung S21/S22/S23 phones can save a lot of time and energy. If you don't know how to do it, we will provide recovery methods in this article, let's read on.

Samsung cloud service retrieves deleted WhatsApp messages.

When using a Samsung S21/S22/S23 mobile phone, how to retrieve chat history after deleting WhatsApp? Samsung S21/S22/S23 provides cloud backup function, and WhatsApp deleted conversation recovery can be realized in Samsung S21/S22/S23's cloud backup. The premise that this function can be used is that the phone is connected to a stable mobile network, the Samsung S21/S22/S23 account is logged in, and the user has backed up his or her WhatsApp conversation information. If the above three points are met, we can perform WhatsApp deleted messages recovery according to the following steps.

Samsung cloud

Turn on your Samsung S21/S22/S23 phone, connect to a stable network, click "Settings", find "Backup and Restore" in the "Cloud and Accounts" column, click on it, and click "Restore" to restore the backed up data. After entering the "Recovery Interface", select the data backup that needs to be restored and restore it. The problem of how to retrieve the chat history after deleting WhatsApp is solved.

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages with recovery software

Using the backup that comes with Samsung S21/S22/S23 phones is a relatively simple method to restore deleted WhatsApp chat messages, but if the user does not develop the habit of backing up, then this method will not work. We might as well try to use professional Android data recovery software to solve the problem of how to recover chat records in WhatsApp. The data recovery software recommended here is Android Data Recovery. It has the characteristics of simple interface and powerful functions, which is very suitable for novices to recover chat records. recover. Supported Samsung S21/S22/S23 models include: S8/S9/S10/S20/S21/S22/S23/S24, Note 6/7/8/9/10/20, A50/A51/A60/A70/A80, etc.

When backup is not available, Android Data Recovery may be the easiest way. This is a tool that can help users retrieve WhatsApp chat history. It allows us to review based on the preview information before performing data recovery, and easily recover any type of deleted data, including WhatsApp chat history, text messages, pictures, etc. Down. Its operation process is also very simple:

Step 1: Download and install Android Data Recovery on the computer, connect the phone to the computer, and enable USB debugging mode (how to enable USB debugging). Follow the instructions to download Android Data Recovery and grant relevant authorization.

samsung data recovery

retrieve lost data on samsung

enable USB Debugging on your samsung

Step 2: After the connected Samsung S21/S22/S23 phone is detected and passed, you will select the files to be scanned in the following window, select the check boxes in front of "WhatsApp" and "WhatsApp attachment files", and click "Next".

scan and recover data on samsung

Note: When your phone is successfully detected by the software, the software will classify the types of data that can be recovered as contacts, messages, message attachments, call logs, WhatsApp, WhatsApp attachments and media files, such as galleries, picture libraries, and videos. , audio" etc.

Step 3: Enter the scanning stage. When the software stops scanning, we can preview the chat history, select the data that needs to be recovered in order, and then click "Recover".

restore data on samsung

Note: The software will display all scanned data on your Samsung S21/S22/S23 phone by default. Turn on the "Show only deleted items" button at the top of the right window to view only deleted WhatsApp messages.

Step 4: The software will provide a pop-up window, allowing us to select the recovery location of WhatsApp chat history, click "Open" to customize the recovery location, and then click "Recover", the chat history will be restored to the folder you specified, and these files will be Save to a folder on your computer as an HTML or CSV file.


After reading this article, I believe you already have a certain understanding of how to retrieve chat history after deleting WhatsApp chat history on Samsung S21/S22/S23 mobile phones. Regardless of whether you have a backup before deleting WhatsApp chat history, you can find the correct solution on this page. Recover lost data. WhatsApp deleted messages recovery with Android Data Recovery must no longer be a problem for you. If you have other methods to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from Samsung S21/S22/S23 phone, please leave us a message.

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