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Summary: What should I do if I accidentally deleted important text messages? How can I retrieve the text messages on my Samsung A14? Don't worry, this article will let you solve this problem easily.

recover messages on samsung a14

Perhaps you thought a text messages chain was spam, but it turns out the messages was pretty important. Maybe you fell out with a friend or split with a partner and deleted their texts in anger, only to have made up since. Whatever the reason, Samsung A14 are some of the best phones round and offer a way to recover your deleted messages. Even better still, it's incredibly easy to do-although you might miss it if you don't know where to look.

Something to be aware of it is your Samsung A14 will only store deleted messages in the trash bin for 30 days, at which point they're gone permanently. So, if it is been longer than that since you deleted the massages in the first place. 

If not, how to recover your permanently deleted messages on Samsung A14? now let's read. 

Methods outline

Method 1: Recover messages on Samsung A14 using Samsung Data Recovery

What is Samsung Data Recovery? Samsung Data Recovery is a professional software that can recover your data which are permanently deleted. Therefore you can make sure that your data can be back. This application allows users to choose from two mode to scan their data-deep scan mode and quick scan mode. It can recover all kinds of files from various devices. 

Step 1: Download Samsung Data Recovery first. On homepage, click "Android Data Recovery".

samsung a14 data recovery

Step 2: Connecting your Samsung A14 to computer. If you don't debug your Samsung device maybe your data cannot recognize.  

retrieve lost data on samsung a1\4

Step 3: Your Samsung A14 will show on the screen when two device connected. Click "OK" and you can enter the page to scan data. 

enable USB Debugging on your samsung a14

Step 4: Before data scanning, you can choose deep scan mode or quick scan mode.

scan and recover data on samsung a14

Step 5: Now time to select your data from the list and click "recover".

restore data on samsung a14

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Method 2: Recover messages on Samsung A14 through Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud is a storage feature for Samsung device that allows you to save files to the cloud and download them later. If you backup your messages before your lost them, then even your messages are permanently deleted, you still can recover them with the following steps:

Step 1: Swipe down with two fingers from the top of your home screen to open the notification panel. Click on "Settings" gear.

Samsung Cloud

Step 2: Scroll up and tap "account and backup". Select "Restore data" to see your backup history.

samsung accounts and backup

restore samsung a14 data

Step 3: Now you can select the device you's like to see the backup data. Uncheck all the data except "Messages" unless you want to recover multiple files. Click “Restore” and wait for the messages to finish restoring.

restore samsung data

restore samsung a14 messages

Method 3: Recover deleted messages on Samsung A14 using Samsung smart switch

Another methods of recover your permanently deleted messages is using Samsung Smart Switch. The data transfer solution is not a familiar but an official Samsung app that backs up data on your old Samsung phone and moves it to a new one. If you have existing data backup on Samsung Switch, you can use it to get back your Samsung A14 messages.

Step 1: Connect a USB cable to a free port on your computer. Then, connect the cable to your Samsung smartphone.

Step 2: Go to launch “Smart Switch” on your PC. And click "Restore" button. The software automatically finds back-up data on the computer. If it doesn't, click “manually select file” to import the backups from your computer.

connect Samsung smart switch


Step 3: Click "Store" button.


Step 4: Wait for Smart Switch application to finish recovering your data.


Method 4: How to protect your data from being permanently deleted

Since recovering messages is difficult, it might be worthwhile to take some precautionary steps in case something happens. Archiving and backing up your messages are great first steps to take.

Archive messages

Archiving is the best way to hide annoying chats you want to avoid without deleting them forever. Your messages remain in the Google messages app, but you won’t see them anymore because they’re in a different folder. If Samsung messages is your default app, you can’t archive messages because this app already don’t have the feature. But other apps have other features.

Step 1: Open "Google messages". And find the conversation you want to archive and then long-press it. You can select multiple conversation if you want to synced.

Step 2: Tap the “Archive icon” to move your messages to the archive folder.

Step 3: Click "Menu icon" beside the search bar. And tap “Archive” to see your hidden messages.

Step 4: Long-press or select the messages you would like to restore and click "Unarchive" icon to return your messages to the main folder.

That is all for recovery process. If you still find it useful now you can follow the steps to get your permanently deleted data back. Let's go. Things are not so bad.

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