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Summary: Simple and powerful Android Data Recovery can recover lost/deleted files from Android Oppo A37/A33/A31 phones. On this page, Oppo A37/A33/A31 shows how to easily recover lost/deleted data/contacts/photos/messages/videos/audio.

"My son is playing games with my new Oppo A37 mobile phone, because he deleted the business contact information by mistake. Although he tried his best to search all parts of the mobile phone, there is nothing in it. Can you help me recover the contact information deleted by Oppo A37?" -Jack's question

"I'm used to cleaning Oppo A33 with Android data Eraser software, but unfortunately, I deleted the call content I forgot to save. Now I have urgently restored the call records without backup, What about sexy? Ask Duncan.

General causes of data loss in oppo:

Accidental deletion: this happens to all of us: when you delete some unwanted files, you can delete some files you don't want.

Physical damage oppo falls to the ground or is exposed to water, and data may be lost.

If the factory reset backup is not performed and oppo is initialized, all mobile phone files including contact information will be lost.

I believe many people will lose data for the above four reasons or other reasons. For most people, the data loss is too big. Even if you lose your photos or contact information, you will be very sad. Tom now wants to play all mobile games after purchasing Oppo A37/A33/A31, but he accidentally loses all the data of oppo mobile phone. He feels very unfortunate. I believe Tom's experience is also a painful experience for many people. So, what if the data is deleted or lost due to the above four reasons?

Is the lost data gone forever?

After deleting the file in oppo, it will not disappear from the device immediately, but stay in the original position in the form of invisible and inaccessible, waiting for the new data to be overwritten. Deleted files will not be overwritten by new data, so they can be re imported.

In order to improve the success rate of oppo data recovery, new data generation by oppo must be avoided. It's best to stop using your phone and don't use photos or videos or other applications. Turn off Wi Fi to prevent automatic update of mobile data


Methods Outline:




Method 1: Restore Oppo A37/A33/A31 Data/Photos/Messages/Video/Audio without Backup


If Oppo A37/A33/A31 data/files are lost, you won't feel lonely. Generally speaking, data loss occurs on Android phones including Oppo phones, such as error deletion, error formatting, water damage, malville attack, factory reset, phone theft or damage. As long as the reliable Android data Recovery software irrelevant to this is used, the loss of telephone data is not a terrible thing, but a fact that can be recoverred.

Do you want to recover the lost contact, SMS, photos and videos on the Oppo A37/A33/A31 phone? Many oppo users lost data on Oppo A37/A33/A31 mobile phones. Sometimes Oppo machines may not pay attention to deleting SMS messages. After restoring factory settings, contacts will be lost. After Oppo A37/A33/A31 format the SD card, photos and videos are lost... For various reasons, Oppo A37/A33/A31 may lose data or delete files. never mind. All missing data or deleted files will remain unchanged. Android data recovery is used in the Android phone or the SD card inside the phone to restore the lost data in the Oppo A37/A33/A31.


Steps to Retrieve deleted data on Oppo A37/A33/A31:


Step 1: Perform Android data recovery

After downloading and installing, execute Syncrestore Android data recovery on Windows PC or Mac. You can use the application program interfaces of the three functional modules "Android data recovery", "broken Android data recovery" and "Android data backup & restore". Click "Android data recovery" to recover the flies deleted in Oppo A37/A33/A31.


Step 2: Connect Oppo A37/A33/A31 to PC

Connect the Oppo A37/A33/A31 to the PC via a USB cable. Wait a minute, the program will automatically detect the Oppo A37/A33/A31 phone.

Step 3: Activate USB debugging to access data

To successfully detect the device, USB debugging must be turned on. Android devices have three options to activate USB debugging. Please select an option compatible with your phone status.

Step 4: Select the type to delete

During the recovery process, you can only select the type of data you need to save time. Or select all types for scanning and recovery. Then click "next" to start searching for deleted files.

Step 5: Preview and reover data deleted by Oppo A37/A33/A31

The Paris results lost/deleted later are displayed in the left list. In addition, all Paris displayed in the window can view contacts, photos, videos, text messages, call records, etc. in advance before recovery. View the data you want to restore in Oppo A37/A33/A31, and then click restore. Click the button to save to the computer.



Method 2: Recover Deleted Oppo A37/A33/A31 Photos via Recycle Bin


When you delete a photo on a smartphone running in the Android operating system, the file will not disappear. First, the file will be saved until the moment the user decides, the so-called "trash can". Therefore, Oppo A37/A33/A31 users can recover photos in the trash can.

Open the standard gallery or Google photos (the two main applications for viewing photos).

Launch the dialog box and move to the recycle bin section.

Select the photo of interest and click the restore button.

Due to the different application and firmware versions in use, the file storage time will be different, so the successful completion of the work cannot be 100% guaranteed.



Method 3: Recover Deleted Oppo A37/A33/A31 Data without Computer


If you cannot use the computer, but accidentally delete the file from the oppo phone, please restore it from the backup file in oppo settings.

Reference: first, back up oppo data in the configuration and confirm whether the deleted file has been saved in the backup file. A trick you can try


Unlock the oppo phone and move to Settings > additional Settings > backup and reset > local backup. There are multiple backup files available. Select one to restore the deleted file stored in oppo.

After the backup file is restored, the existing data will be overwritten, so please check whether there is enough power in oppo to restore the selected backup file.


Method 4: Retrieve Lost Oppo A37/A33/A31 Data via Oppo Cloud


Oppo has its own cloud oppo cloud. Oppo data can be backed up to oppo cloud and restored from oppo cloud backup files. To back up oppo data or restore from backup files, you need to connect oppo to oppo cloud using oppo account and password.

Oppo cloud is a tool available in oppo phones and computers. If you want to restore the files deleted in the oppo phone without a computer, just log in to the oppo cloud in the oppo phone with the oppo account and password.

After entering oppo cloud, please select the backup file and backup type, and restore with oppo phone.

Reference: please check whether there is enough space in oppo to store oppo cloud files and make network connection in the whole process.


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