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The main concern is how to transfer data to a new Xiaomi 13 phone without losing any data. How to recover deleted data from xiaomi 13 with or without backup. This article will comprehensively analyze and address this common issue.

Xiaomi 13 Data Processing Collection

The issue that everyone is concerned about is that when you own a new Xiaomi 13 mobile phone, in daily use, some mobile phone users will not know how to transfer the contacts, photos, text messages, videos, and call records in the old phone. When the data is transferred to Xiaomi 13/13 Pro, some users may lose some data through improper use. When the above two situations occur, how should we respond?

In this comprehensive problem-solving article, we will focus on comprehensive analysis and prediction of these two situations.

Xiaomi 13 data processing collection can be divided in to two parts including data recovery and data transferring. The following are specific parts methods:

Methods Guidelines

Part 1: Xiaomi data Recovery processing

Part 2: Xiaomi data Transfer processing

Part 1: Xiaomi Data Recovery Processing

Is it possible to recover deleted Xiaomi 13 Data?

The data recovery on xiaomi 13 depends on various factors such as what kind of data you lost, time duration from your lost and so on.

Here is list of data that can recover from Xiaomi 13:

So if you have lost these kinds of data then you can recover from the following methods.

Method 1: Recover Xiaomi 13 Data with Android Data Recovery

Our smartphotos are much more than just communication devices therefore if you data lost then you must recover at no time. To recover Xiaomi 13 deleted data, we recommended Xiaomi Data Recovery- Android Data Recovery most. This effective tool will recover lost/deleted/inaccessible files including Xiaomi 13 contacts, text messages, sms, videos, call logs, photos, gallery, calender, documents, audio and more from any data loss solutions in no time. This tool has many features such as scanning efficiently, two modes available, and also simple steps. Now let's read how to operate.

Tips for downloading software with confidence:


Next, just follow the guide steps to do it:

Step 1 : Download Android Data Recovery if not you can open the webpage to know more first. Next, click "Android Data Recovery" in homepage (There are three options in this page). 

xiaomi 13 data recovery

Step 2: Connecting Xiaomi 13 to computer and remember to debug your device. Otherwise two system cannot connected.

retrieve lost data on xiaomi 13

Step 3: On Xiaomi 13 screen there will prompt up a small windows. When the system recognize, click "OK" to enter the software.

enable USB Debugging on your xiaomi 13

Step 4: Here you can choose from two mode-feel free to click on "Quick scan mode" and "Deep scan mode". Both can scan your data. When data begin to scan then you can preview them in advance.

scan and recover data on xiaomi 13

Step 5: Look through all data you want to recover and choose any you want. Click "recover".

restore data on xiaomi 13


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Method 2: Recover Xiaomi 13 Data with Mi Cloud

Xiaomi 13 offer a cloud service that allows its users to backup and recover data that are easily. So, if you used this service to backup your data before and now you can use it to recover data. Apart from contacts and call logs the other data that you can secure using Xiaomi Cloud include any kind of data.

Step 1: Open "Setting" app on your Xiaomi 13 device and navigate to your Mi account next click on it.

recover xiaomi 13 data with Mi Cloud


Step 2: Now click on the option that Micloud in the next screen. Scroll down and select "Restore from backup" option.

mi cloud Restore from backup


Step 3: Choose "recent backup file" and hit the option "restore using this backup". After all this steps finish successfully then you can recover your Xiaomi 13 data.

mi cloud recent backup file

Method 3: Recover Xiaomi 13 Data using Local Backup

Like other Android Data device, Xiaomi also offers a local backup feature to its users to secure their important data or files. If you backup data in advance then you can recover them in this channel.

Step 1: Open Xiaomi 13 "Setting" app and scroll down and select "Additional Settings" option. 

Step 2: Now choose "Backup and reset" and next "Backup and migrate". Finally click "Local backup" options.

Step 3: Click on the most recent "backup file". You can select the data that you want to recover. Confirm? Click "Start" button.

Recover Xiaomi 13 Data using Local Backup

The last thing you need to do is to wait for the restoration process to complete. 

Part 2: Xiaomi Data Transfer Processing

Can I transfer data to Xiaomi 13?

Yes! You can transfer deleted photos, videos, audios, call logs, contacts and so on. And using two transfer methods that the article introduce to you. 

Is data transfer possible without backup?

Yes! Data without backup for transferring is quite challenging but bot impossible. Use our Mobile transfer application can transfer your data very easily in Xiaomi 13 device.

Method 1: Transfer Phone Data to Xiaomi 13 with Mobile Transfer

Do you know something about Mobile Transfer? It is a professional and efficient data transfer software for Android, iPhone. It can almost transfer all kinds of data in Xiaomi 13 including videos, messages, photos, contacts and so on. More importantly, it can transfer data between devices without backup. It can also transfer data from samsung to Xiaomi at no time and it is super efficient.

Mobile Transfer

Features of Mobile Transfer:



Step 1: Download and install the app, then click "Phone Transfer".

Transfer Phone Data to Xiaomi 13 with Mobile Transfer

Step 2: Now, connect both devices to the computer and grant necessary permissions.

Step 3: Both devices will appear as "Source" and "Destination". The source device is the one data is transferred from, and the destination is the Xiaomi 13 where the data will be moved to.

sync data to xiaomi 13

Note: Click "Flip" to swap the source and destination phones.

Step 4: Finally, click "Start" to transfer your data to Xiaomi 13/Pro with one click.

move all data to xiaomi 13

Note: Do not disconnect the devices during the transfer process. Afterwards, you can access all the data on your new Xiaomi 13 phone.

Method 2: Transfer Android/Samsung Data to Xiaomi 13 with Mi Mover

Mi Mover is a quick and very official application for you to transfer your data. It is a built-in application that allows seamless data transfer between Xiaomi device.

Mi Mover is a fast and efficient data transfer app for Xiaomi devices. It ensures secure and quick data transfer using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The app also allows easy data backup to the cloud and provides various transfer and restoration features.

Of course, the usage rate of this method is far less than using the Mobile Transfer tool above. Because many users have reported a problem, Mi Move often loses part of their phone data during the data transfer process. Especially the data of contacts and pictures.

Step 1: Install Mi Mover on your Xiaomi 13 and Open the software on both transfer devices. Tap "Send" button on the source device and "Receive" on target device.

Mi Mover

Step 2: Go to your source device, choose data wait for transferring and Mi Mover will generate a QR code and scan the code by using your target device (make a connection between two devices). 

Step 3: When two devices connected select data you want to transfer and click "Send" option. After that data will transfer into your Xiaomi 13. 

Transfer Android/Samsung Data to Xiaomi 13 with Mi Mover


Losing data from Xiaomi 13 and transfer data to Xiaomi 13 can be distressful. But with these guide, you can get back your Xiaomi data and also transfer your data at your fingertips once again. Follow the methods one by one and step-by-step to finish Xiaomi 13 data processing.

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