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In the process of using samsung s23 mobile phones, we will inevitably encounter data loss. Whether it is due to system upgrades, incorrect operations, virus attacks, or damage to mobile phones, data loss will cause us inconvenience and trouble. This article will introduce you to some tips and methods of samsung s23 data recovery to help you recover lost data as much as possible.

Methods on Samsung S23 Data Recovery.

1. Check recently deleted data

In samsung s23 mobile phones, compared to other brands and models, the built-in "Recycle Bin" function may not be easy to use. However, you can still check recently deleted data by doing some simple operations. Find the "My Files" folder on your samsung s23 phone's homepage and then find the "Deleted Files" option. Recently deleted files and apps are listed here, and you can restore them to your phone by selecting them and performing a "Restore" operation.

2. Restore data through backup

After you have used your phone for a long time and used it in many applications, backing it up in a timely manner can effectively protect against the risk of data loss. samsung s23 mobile phones also provide a variety of data backup solutions, such as using Google Cloud Drive, samsung s23 Account, Kies and other tools for backup. You only need to download and install the corresponding recovery software, and then select the files in the backup.

3. Use professional Android data recovery software

If you have tried the above methods but still cannot recover your data, you may need more professional data recovery software. There are many professional data recovery software for samsung s23 mobile phones on the market, such as Android Data Recovery and so on. This software has strong data recovery technology and can recover accidentally deleted text messages, contact information, or files damaged due to virus intrusion. Users only need to install it, connect their mobile phones to their computers, and perform simple operations to retrieve their data.

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4.Monitor connection

In addition, users can try to view the data in the mobile phone through a display connection. Connect your samsung s23 phone to an external display or computer, or use the samsung s23 phone's HDMI adapter to connect to a TV, and then operate it with your mouse or keyboard. This method is suitable for recovering some mobile phones that cannot be operated due to the screen being off or black, because the monitor connection method does not require a monitor display control program and can help when recovering data.

The above are some methods and techniques for data recovery on samsung s23 mobile phones. Users can choose the method that suits them according to the actual situation. Data protection and backup are issues that require attention at all times. It is recommended that users strengthen data backup and management in daily use to avoid data loss causing trouble to themselves.

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How to recover data from samsung s23 mobile phone after deletion

samsung s23 mobile phone prompts that the SD card is damaged, how to repair it?

How to repair a damaged SD card on your mobile phone? The video will tell you the solution.

It is recommended to restore factory settings to solve the problem.

1. Let the phone enter the flash mode first. There are two ways to enter the flash mode. One is to enter the system while the phone is turned on! But we forgot the password lock of the phone! So this method does not work, that is the second way. The method! That is, with the phone turned off, press and hold the "Power button" + "Volume +" button at the same time for about 3 seconds and let go to enter the recovery flash mode interface.

2. When entering the flash mode interface, select the mode (use the volume keys to select up and down, use the power key to confirm, there is a prompt at the bottom of the interface).

3. In the mode, press the volume down button to move to the second item "Clear Data" and press the power button to confirm. Enter the clear data interface.

4. In the clear data interface, press the volume down key to move to the "Clear User Data" option, and press the power key to confirm. A prompt will appear asking if you are sure you want to clear the user data. This operation cannot restore the cloud. Select Confirm. The user data will be cleared in a few seconds or so. At this time, we will return to the main menu interface, and we can restart the phone.

If your phone prompts that the SD card is damaged, you can re-insert the memory card and restart the phone to see if it returns to normal. If it doesn't work, please use a card reader to insert it into the computer and check whether it can be formatted. If it can, please back up the data and then format the SD card (right-click the mouse-Format-File System-FAT32 or FAT). If not, it is recommended. You change the SD card.

How to recover data from samsung s23 mobile phone after deletion

If you damage the files and accidentally delete the contacts stored in the memory of your samsung s23 device without backing up the data in advance, the deleted files and contacts cannot be recovered. Therefore, it is recommended that you delete data on your Samsung carefully and back up files promptly if possible to avoid losing important data that cannot be retrieved.

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