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Summary: Losing some data of oppo A15 is not fun at all. However, in different cases, data loss may occur to some mobile users. If data is important to you, you must find an effective way to recover them as soon as possible.

Oppo A15 Info:


Get the high-definition screen of oppo A15 mobile phone with a size of + 6.52 inches, a screen resolution of 720 × 1520 pixels and a density of 269 pixels per inch. This phone is equipped with MediaTek Helio p35 eight core processor, with 3gb random access memory and 32GB internal storage memory. Run on coloros system based on Android 10 operating system. The phone is equipped with a triple camera, including a basic 13 megapixel sensor, a 2 megapixel sensor and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. The phone has a 5 megapixel front camera to shoot Sylvie. Oppo A15 is equipped with 4230 MA/h battery and supports fast charging through microusb port.

The starting price of oppo A15 is rs.9798. The lowest price of oppo A15 exists in flipkart, which is 11% lower than Amazon's A15 price (rs. 10990). This phone has 32GB capacity and 32GB storage variables. Oppo A15 is available in many online stores in India in mysterious blue, dynamic black, silver, mysterious black and silver rainbow colors.

Oppo A15 is an ordinary mobile phone fault, which gives you basic functions. Large screen, good hardware preparation, scalable storage, multi camera and modern underwater motion design. However, it has only 3gb ram and 5 megapixel camera, with average battery life ​​ With a mini USB charging port. Now there are better choices in the market.

It may result in pressing the wrong button, or performing incorrect operations, or restoring factory settings, deleting messages/photos/contacts/video/call records, regardless Completely accidental or intentional. For those who have been practicing backup, this is just a strange cycle. Getting deleted data is just a cake. However, for people like me, we will certainly go through a difficult period before choosing the appropriate method from various methods. In fact, recovering deleted data from oppo A15 is not as easy as losing photos, music files and videos, because the most recent data is stored in an external card or USB memory during data storage. Just look at the phone. Now do you know the conditions? If you are suffering from data loss, and these data are still necessary for you, it is best not to ignore them and let us get rid of anxiety.


Methods Outline:


Method 1: Recover Oppo A15 Data without Backup

Method 2: Retrieve files deleted from oppo A15 using cloud services

Method 3: Retrieve Lost Data from Oppo A15 with Google Drieve

Method 4: Video Guide to Recover Oppo A15 Data



Method 1: Recover Oppo A15 Data without Backup


People sometimes like to remember some interesting sounds. Like those who lose photos on their mobile phones, losing your favorite voice on Oppo mobile phones is disturbing news. So how do we recover the lost voice? don't worry! This is an article about recovering deleted dasta on Oppo devices.

Oppo A15 mobile phone is very popular in appearance and feeling. Its battery life is longer than expected, but many users report that they have lost oppo A15 data in some cases, such as Restore the equipment, reset the factory, restart the equipment, poisoning, error deletion, equipment damage, plugging, etc The world uses this tool called Android data recovery to recover the data recovery problem of oppo A15 and simply recover all the data of oppo series mobile phones.

The Android data recovery application is powerful and can recover various types of data in just a few steps, including voice, image, video, contacts, etc. In order to recover the sound deleted from oppo A15 and other models, you need to run Android data recovery on your computer and connect it to oppo A15, and then the program will enter the deleted data and scan it on your behalf. With an easy-to-use interface, you can easily follow the steps.

You can use this Android data recovery program to recover data from almost all brands of Android phones and tablets, including Sony, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, ZTE, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.


Other features of Android data recovery program:


1. Cancel deletion of data due to error deletion, factory reset, system crash, forgotten password, flash of ROM, root directory or other reasons.

2. Preview the data before recovery and recover the data selectively deleted from the Android phone.

3. Fix the problems of Android mobile phone system, such as freezing, fragmentation, black screen, virus attack, unlock the screen and restore the mobile phone to normal.

4. Extract data from the internal storage unit of oppo mobile phone and the damaged SD card.

5. Click once to back up and restore Android phone data.


Steps to Recover Deleted/Lost Data/Contacts/messages/photos/videos/call logs:


Step 1: connect oppo A15 to the computer

Run Android data recovery program on PC/Mac. After downloading and installing, you need to connect oppo A15 to PC through USB cable.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging on oppo A15

Before starting the scanning operation, the program may need to enable the USB error correction function on the oppo A15. You only need to follow the instructions in the following window.


Step 3: Scan the data on oppo A15

Once you find your oppo A15, the program will scan your device for all the data. You must select the file to scan in the next window, such as "contacts", "photos", "videos", "messages", "call records", "Gallery", then select the person to restore, and then click next.

Step 4: Preview and restore data from oppo A15

When the scan is complete, all files will be displayed as follows. Select the file you want to preview, and then click the restore button to save it to your computer.



Method 2: Retrieve files deleted from Oppo A15 using cloud services


If you have synchronized your OPPO phone before deleting data with the Google engine or setting up an automatic backup service with Google photos, you can recover the data and copy the backup easily from Google drive.

Now, follow simple steps to restore the data deleted from Google drive cloud backup:


Step 1: Go to the Google drive application on your oppo A15 phone. It can now be used on every Android phone by default, but if it is not on your oppo A15, you can download it for free from the play store.

Step 2: Log in to your Google account using your Gmail ID and password.

Step 3: After successful login, you can view the backed up files.

Step 4: Now select the file to restore and download it to the oppo phone.



Method 3: Retrieve Lost Data from Oppo A15 with Google Drive


If you synchronize the oppo phone with Google drive before deleting data, you can recover the lost data from Google drive backup. Here are simple steps to teach you how to work:


Step 1: Open the Google drive app on your oppo phone and log in to your Google account with your Gmail ID and password.

Step 2: Once you have successfully logged in, you can view all backup files here.

Step 3: Now you can select the files to restore and download them to your oppo phone.


Method 4: Video Guide to Recover Oppo A15 Data



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