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7 best ways to recover deleted and lost data including contacts, messages, photos, videos and more from any Honor smartphone.

This is an article about multiple methods to efficiently and conveniently recover lost and deleted data on any Honor smartphone, no matter you whether have a backup or not.

Honor is a technology fashion brand for young people, focusing on trendy design and ultimate performance. Honor continues to launch different series of products, and is committed to building a mobile phone + IoT product ecosystem. The Honor's mission is to create a new world of wisdom for young people. Honor will continue to provide young people around the world with a cool, full-scenario intelligent experience, and create a pioneering culture and trendy lifestyle that young people yearn for. Honor mobile phone products are divided into four major series: V series, Honor series, X series, and Play series. The V series is positioned as a technology benchmark, the Honor series is a trend pioneer, the X series is positioned as a super technology, and the Play series is a cool play technology.

The Honor brand was born on December 16, 2013, and it has been seven years since today. There are also many models released. I believe many people have used many models of Honor phones. In the course of use, many people must have lost or deleted data due to some reasons. If we have a good way to recover data, it will greatly reduce our burden. Next, I will introduce you to several methods to restore Honor mobile phone data.

The situations that may cause data lost: Improper Handling, Accidental Deletion, OS Upgrade/Downgrade, OS/Rooting Error, Device Failure/Stuck, Virus Attack, System Crash, Forgotten Password, SD Card Issue, Factory Settings Restore, etc.

This article is divided into two parts. The first part describes how to restore data on a Honor smartphone, and the second part describes how to back up data from a Honor smartphone. Now, let's begin.

Part 1 Methods for Data Recovery

Part 2 Methods for Data Backup

Method 1. Directly Recover Data from Honor Phone without Backup

Even though there are many methods on the Internet that can help us recover lost data on our Honor phone to a certain extent, however, whether it is for saving time and energy, difficulty of operation, and recovery efficiency, we still recommend you to use Android Data Recovery tools at first.

Android Data Recovery can help you recover deleted and lost data faster, more efficiently, and more safely, such as contacts, text messages, call logs, audio, videos, documents, pictures, WhatsApp messsages, etc. It is no exaggeration to say that as long as the data have not being overwrote, it can be restored. Compared with other data recovery methods, its advantages are obvious. First, its operation steps are very simple, and whether you delete data accidentally or the phone automatically loses data, regardless of whether the phone can be used normally, it can quickly restore lost and deleted data. In addition, it has high compatibility, not only for Honor, but also for other Android phones, such as Samsung, Huawei, Google, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Meizu and other brands. The most concerning is that it is very safe. It neither leaks your information nor damages your data. Its function is not only to restore data, it can also back up data.

Supported Honor Device: Honor V40(Pro), Honor V30(Pro), Honor V20(Pro), Honor V10, Honor V9, Honor Play4(Pro), Honor Play3(Pro)/Play3e, Honor Play, Honor X10/X10 Max, Honor 10/10 Lite/10X/10X Lite/10X Pro, Honor 9/9 Lite/9X/9X Lite/9X Pro, Honor 8/8S/8X/8X Max, Honor 7/7A/7C/7S/7X, Honor 30/30i/30 Pro/30 Pro+/30 Youth, Honor 20/20 Pro/20 Lite, Honor 6X, etc.

Step 1: First download, install and run the program on your computer. After entering the program, please check the "Android Data Recovery" mode on the main interface. Then connect the Honor Phone to your computer with USB cable. Immediately afterwards, the connection progress bar appeared on the main interface.

Step 2: After entering the program completely, it will automatically detect your Android version. You need to turn on USB debugging according to the steps provided by the program, and then click "OK".

Step 3: Now, the directory of recoverable data appears on the main interface, check the type of data you need to recover, and click "Next" after confirming. Then the program will scan your phone.

Note: Here, the program needs permission to scan for deleted and lost data. If your device pops up a window, please click on "Allow" to make sure the request is remembered. If your device does not pop up such a window, please click "Retry" to try again.

Step 4: After the scan is successful, the main interface displays the type of data that can be recovered, wait for you to preview and confirm the data type, and then click "Recover". All data that needs to be recovered will be saved on your computer. Please be patient, the length of time required for recovery is directly proportional to the amount of recovered data.

Tips: If you can not find the data you want, you can try using the deep scan mode to scan your device again.

Method 2. Restore Data from Backup to Honor Phone

If you have ever used the Android Data Recovery to backed up your Honor phone data, the steps of recovery are simpler and more efficient than the first method.

Step 1: Run the program on your computer, and then click "Android Data Backup & Restore".

Step 2: Connect your Honor phone to the computer via a USB cable.

Step 3: Now, the "Device Data Restore" and "One-click Restore" options appear on the main interface. You can choose either one. Both can be used to restore the backup file. The difference between them is whether you can selectively recover the data you want.

If you choose the "One-click Restore" option, please select the backup you need from the backup list, and then click "Start" to restore all data from the selected backup to your Honor phone.

If you choose the "Device Data Restore" option, after selecting the backup file, press "Start" to extract all the recoverable files from the selected backup, then choose the data you need, and click on "Restore to Device" to "Restore to PC" to save them all back.

Method 3. Restore Backup to Honor Phone from Huawei Cloud

In Cloud or later, you can choose the restore option (partial restore/function restoration). Gallery and third-party application data support partial restoration and recovery, and users can choose the data that needs to be restored and restored. The detailed operation is as follows:

Note: Currently, Cloud Backup only supports certain third-party application data. More applications will be supported in the future. For details on the supported applications, see the "Cloud Backup" screen.

Step 1: First, a stable WiFi network is required. Connect your Honor phone to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Select "Settings" > "LOG IN WITH HUAWEI ID" on your phone, and enter the correct Huawei ID and password to log in.

Step 3: Choose "Settings" > "HUAWEI ID > "Cloud" > "Cloud Backup".

Step 4: Choose an earlier backup from "Backup" and click "Restore".

Step 5: If the message "Restore this backup?" is displayed, click "Restore". If the message "Restore home screen layout" is displayed, click "OK".

Note: After restoring the data, if the message "Overwrite the App data" is displayed, please check "I have read and learned", and then click "OK".

Step 6: If the process of restoring data is completed, the phone will automatically return to the home screen.

Method 4. Restore Backup to Honor Phone from Google Cloud

If you use Google Cloud to back up your Honor phone data, then you can use the following method to restore data from Google Drive to your Honor device.

Step 1: Now, open "Settings" > "Accounts", click "Add Account" and log in to the account.

Step 2: Follow the instructions on the screen, and then select the backup device you need on the display backup device.

Step 3: If you want to restore everything from Google Cloud Backup, please click "Restore" and then click "Restore All", otherwise, please press the "arrow" icon next to Restore All and perform the restoration selectively.

Method 5. Restore Backup to Honor Phone with Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer is a very popular data transfer software today. Why is it popular? The reasons are as follows: First, its operation is very simple and fast. Secondly, its compatibility is very good, not only compatible with Honor, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Redmi, OnePlus, vivo, OPPO, Google, LG, ZTE and other Android phones, but also compatible with all versions of iPhone. Third, it can transfer multiple types of data, including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, audio, music, call logs, applications, etc. Last but not least, it has a high safety factor, and will neither leak your information nor cause any harm to your mobile phone during data transmission. Although its main transmission aspect, it is still very good in backing up data. If you have used this software to back up data, then you can use the following method.

Step 1: Run the software, then click "Restore from Backups" mode, and then click "MobileTrans" in all items.

Note: The prerequisite for selecting "MobileTrans" is that you have used this Mobile Transfer software to back up the data in Honor Phone. Of course, the program also supports other backup files, such as Kies backup, iCloud backup, iTunes backup, etc. If you have any type of backup file, you can also select it.

Step 2: Please select a backup file according to your needs, and then use a USB cable to connect your Honor phone to computer.

Step 3: After the computer detects your device, select the file type as needed, and then click "Start Transfer" to synchronize to your Honor Phone. At this point, you can see the transfer progress bar on the interface, please be patient.

Method 6. Recover Photos Videos from Honor Recycle Bin

Go to the “Gallery” app on your Honor phone, then tap the “Albums” icon at the bottom of the screen and touch “Recently Deleted”. Now, all the deleted photos, pictures and videos in the past thirty days will be displayed, you can click to preview them one by one, after selecting the photos and videos that you wish to restore, then click on “Restore” to save them back to the original save path.

Note: Pictures and videos moved to the recycle bin can only be stored for up to 30 days, after which they will be completely wiped, so this method is only suitable for recovering recently deleted pictures and videos.

Method 7. Restore Data from Previous Phone with Phone Clone

For a Huawei and Honor mobile phone user, you must be no stranger to Phone Clone. Although Phone Clone is only a data migration tool, if none of the above methods can help you retrieve the lost data on your Honor phone, and it just so happens that your old phone still has these data, then it can come in handy.

Tips: Before using this method, please make sure that your phone’s battery and internal storage space are sufficient.

Step 1: Download, install Phone Clone app on both your old Android phone/iPhone and the Honor phone, for the Honor phones launched later, the system has basically pre-installed this app.

Step 2: Run Phone Clone app on your Honor phone and tap on "This is the new phone" to generate a QR code that be used to establish a connection.

Step 3: Run Phone Clone app on your old phone, then tap on "This is the old phone", and use the viewfinder of your phone to scan the QR code that display on the Honor phone to establish a connection on both devices.

Step 4: After connecting, choose the files you wish to transfer on your old phone, and press "Send Data" to sync them to your Honor phone. Wait for the transfer is finish, you can check the data on your Honor device.

Even though we have enough methods and experience in dealing with data loss, sometimes we will encounter some helpless situations, such as your device is stolen, the device is completely destroyed, or the data is permanently erased or completely overwritten, etc. Don’t come to this time to realize that there is no better way to protect your data than to backup your data regularly. Next, we will introduce three simple ways for you to backup your Honor phone data.

Way 1. Backup Data from Honor Phone to Computer

Step 1: Run the Android Data Recovery software, and then select "Android Data Backup & Restore" in the main interface.

Step 2: Connect your Honor phone to the computer via a USB cable.

Step 3: After successfully connecting the Honor phone, you can select the "Device Data Backup" or "One-click Backup" option to back up files.

After completing all the steps, please click the "Start" button to start exporting data from Honor phone to computer.

Way 2. Backup Data from Honor Phone with Moible Transfer

Step 1: Run Mobile Transfer and tap on "Back Up Your Phone" on the homepage of this software.

Step 2: Connect your Honor phone to computer via a USB cable.

Step 3: Select the files you wish to back up, then click on "Start Transfer" to export them to your computer.

Way 3. Backup Data from Honor Phone to Huawei Cloud

Step 1: First, connect your Honor Phone to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Select "Settings > LOG IN WITH HUAWEI ID" on your phone, and enter the correct Huawei ID and password to log in.

Step 3: Choose "Settings> HUAWEI ID > Cloud > Cloud Backup".

Step 4: Check the data you need to back up and follow the prompt to finish it.

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