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Summary:Samsung A73 launched by Samsung Group has a large mobile phone screen, a 120 Hz refresh rate, large storage space, and a high pixel camera. The Samsung A73 has been welcomed by many consumers after its launch.

You are lucky to buy and use this phone. You use the shooting function of Samsung A73 to take satisfactory photos, save work materials, and download entertainment videos. But this morning, you suddenly found that videos, photos, files, music, and chat records on Samsung A73 were deleted and could not be retrieved. Please do not worry. You open this article, and you will learn several quick and effective solutions.


Methods Outline:



Method 1: Restore Samsung A73 Data without backup using Samsung data Recovery


If you don't have the habit of backing up mobile data, this method is recommended for you.

Samsung Data Recovery is dedicated to providing professional data services for Samsung users. This program features one click scanning, one click recovery, high efficiency, and page introduction. It also supports various fast file retrieval methods, so that users can save operating time to the greatest extent. Samsung data recovery program can recover deleted data and data lost due to formatting and system update.

Step 1: Download Samsung data on the computer to recover, and open it successfully

Step 2: Click "Android data recovery" on the page

Step 3: Connect the computer and Samsung A73 with a USB cable to ensure a good data recovery environment, and then click OK


Step 4: Select the data you want to restore in Samsung A73 in the screen list, and then click "Restore"


Method 2: Back up your Samsung A73 Data/Photos/Message/Contacts/Videos


This method is suitable when the data has been backed up.


Step 1: Open Samsung data recovery and click "Android Data Backup&Restore" among the three options


Step 2: Click "Device Data Backup" or "one click Backup", and then click "Device Data Back"

Step 3: Connect Samsung A73 to the computer with a USB cable

Step 4: Select Data/Photos/Message/Contacts/Videos from Samsung A73 and click the "backup" button


Method 3: Use the Google account to recover the data of Samsung A73


Google Cloud is applicable to all mobile phone brands and models. If you have your own Google account before and backup data in Google Cloud, this method is also suitable for you.

Google Cloud is a platform that provides cloud computing services, such as cloud storage, translation APIs, and prediction APIs. Google Cloud has important components such as Google Computing Engine, Google Cloud SQL, Google Bi to Query, and Google Cloud Storage to provide users with efficient and reliable cloud services.


Step 1: Open Google Cloud webpage and log in to your Samsung account


Step 2: After entering the account, you can see the files you backed up on the page and select the files you want to restore


Step 3: Click "Restore" to complete data recovery


Method 4: Use Samsung Cloud to recover the data of Samsung A73


If this is your first attempt to recover lost data with this kind of program, Samsung Cloud is very suitable for novices, and it is very easy for you.

Samsung Cloud specializes in providing Samsung users with professional data services, including backup, associated information, data recovery, etc.


Step 1: Click "setting" of Samsung A73, then click "account and backup", then click "backup and recover"

Step 2: Click "Restore data", select from the backup data, and click the data/Photos/Message/Contacts/Videos you want to restore

Step 3: Click "recover" to recover data


Method 5: Applying Samsung Smart Switch to recover Samsung A73 Data


This method is used as an option to expand your operating experience

Samsung Smart Switch is the official program of Samsung, which provides Samsung users with data recovery and data transfer from Android phones to Samsung devices.


Step 1: Download the Samsung Smart Switch on the computer

Step 2: Connect Samsung A73 to the computer with a USB cable

Step 3: Click "Restore" on the page and select the data you want to restore from the backed up files

Step 4: Click "Allow", wait for a moment, and then click "OK"


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