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Summary: Is there any problem with you recovering the lost Data/Photos/Message/Contacts/Videos/Call logs in Oppo A54? Have you encountered troubles in retrieving messages or photos deleted by accident in Oppo A54? Or are you looking forward hard to regaining the lost call logs in Oppo A54? If you occur to suffer from those trifles, then it will probably do you a favour to read ahead.

Oppo A54 Info:

Oppo a54 5g runs coloros 11.1 based on Android 11 and encapsulates 64GB of built-in storage that can be extended through microSD card. Oppo a54 5g is a dual chip mobile phone (GSM and GSM), which accepts nano SIM card and nano SIM card. Oppo a54 5g mobile phone is 162.90 × 74.70 × 8.40mm (height × width × thickness) and weighs 190.00g. It is called charming purple and black liquid.

Including connection options on oppo a54 5g network, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth V5. 10. NFC, USB OTG, USB C, 3G and 4G. The telephone sensor includes accelerometer, ambient lighting sensor, gyroscope, proximity sensor and fingerprint sensor. Oppo a54 supports 5g face unlocking.

Lately I happily accepted a second-hand Oppo A54 from my dad, for he wanted to bought a new one with larger storage. The second I received the Oppo A54, I cleared up all the contacts and call logs in it and added my friends’ in it. However, the problem was that my dad went to me and ask me to recover all the contacts for him for he urged to get an important customer’s contact. I was frustrated then but fortunately I worked it out at last.

Many smartphone users complain that they have lost their phone call records. In some cases, call records may be lost after the telephone system is upgraded or attacked by viruses. In this case, we cannot access the call records on the mobile phone. Another more common case of lost call records is human error. For example, clean up the phone, delete it by mistake, and forget to save the number. If you want to recover unsaved phone numbers from oneplus, you can find a reliable way to recover lost phone records directly from it.

With the development of artificial intelligence data recovery technology, people are well protected by data deletion because of various reasons for data loss. (accidentally delete, update Android operating system, root Android operating system, restore factory settings, etc.) like most data recovery software on the market, Android must be able to recover data. Robot system. However, most of these Android data recovery operations require Android devices to work for them first. People anxiously explain their concerns that once their mobile phone takes root, it may lead to Android device failure or operating system error. Here comes the problem. What are the possible ways to recover robot data without taking root in the phone? You can try 3 solutions.

Method Outline:


Method 1: Recover Oppo A54 Data Use Android Data Recovery 

Method 2: Retrieve Oppo A54 Data from Google Drive with backup

Method 3: Restore Oppo A54 Data from Time Machine equipped in Oppo A54

Method 4: Video Guide to Recover Oppo A54 Data


Method 1: Recover Oppo A54 Data Use Android Data Recovery 

Being widely used, Android Data Recovery is considered as a trustworthy software to help with data-deleted accidents. Featured in its high efficiency, it’s always the first choice for you when you need to retrieve your lost data without backup.

In this case, you can experience Android data recovery. This applies to almost all Android brands, such as Oppo , oneplus, Samsung Galaxy, Warwick, Xiaomi, Lenovo, HTC, LG, etc. It can retrieve call records from Oppo A54 and provide details, including incoming, outgoing and lost calls. You can view the call record in the HTML file on your computer after recovery and check the data preview before recovery. In addition, the intelligent software allows the recovery of many Android data in case of any data loss, such as contacts, galleries, video clips, files, WhatsApp messages, etc. Let's give you a simple step, such as restoring call records from your Oppo A54 phone.

Step 1: Download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer

Step 2: When done with the download, open it and connect your  Oppo A54 with the computer

Step 3: Click the biggest select box written with “Android Data Recovery”

Step 4: Make the USB adjustment in accordance with the instructions on your phone

Step 5: Go back to the Android Data Recovery page on computer, then select from the type options of data according to your lost data

Step 6: Finish your selection with a click on “next” and then the software begin its scanning on your phone

Step 7: Your lost data will gather after the scanning is over, then what you need to do at last is to select those you want to recover and click the “recover”

Applicable: all oppo series



Method 2: Retrieve deleted oppo a54 dadta from Google Drive with backup

Google Drive has a large space for you to store your data when there’s barely any room in your phone. If you have made a backup previously, then it’s a direct and good choice to regain your deleted data from Google Drive.


Step 1: Open Google Drive in the web and sign in

Step 2: What you need to do is simply follow the instructions and then easily regain your data



Method 3: Restore it from Time Machine equipped in Oppo A54

Actually “Time Machine” is a system function for recovering lost data in every Oppo device


Step 1: Find “Settings” and enter it

Step 2: Find “Cloud service” from the very above and click it in the following one page

Step 3: Click “More functions” , then you can see “Time Machine” 

Step 4:Follow the direct steps, then you can retrieve your data



Method 4: Video Guide to Recover Oppo A54 Data



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