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Restoring your lost photos from Google Pixel 8 can be a bit tricky, but there's no problem that technology can't solve. Are you going through the same thing and looking for a solution? Then Don't worry, I've got you!

google pixel 8 photos recovery

It's relatively easy to retrieve your lost data, be it your photos, videos, contacts, or essential documents. You can restore the temporarily deleted pictures from the trash folder and recover them from your Google Photos account, which backs up the images and videos. You can also recover photos that are not backed up with third-party data recovery tools like the Android Data Recovery Software. 

In this guide, I'll list all the methods and explain the steps you can follow to recover your photos, whether they're deleted temporarily or permanently. 

How do I Recover Photos From Google Pixel 8/Pro?

Follow these methods individually to recover lost photos from Google Pixel 8/Pro completely. 

Method 1: Recover Photos from Google Photos Trash/Backup

Your Google Pixel 8/Pro smartphone comes with a pre-installed Google Photos application in it. It stores all your recently deleted photos in the "trash," making the recovery process more manageable. If they're backed up, you can recover them within 60 days of deleting them. Otherwise, 30 days is the time limit. 

If you don't know how to retrieve them, don't worry, and follow these simple steps.

Google Photos Trash


If you cannot recover the deleted photos from the Google Photos application, follow the next method to retrieve them from the pre-installed "Files" application.

Method 2: Recover Photos from Files App Trash Bin in Google Pixel 8

The deleted photos in Google Pixel smartphones can be recovered via the "Files" application pre-installed in the device. If you've deleted the pictures from the Files application in Google Pixel 8/Pro, fortunately, you can recover them from the "Trash" folder within 30 days of deletion.

To recover the photos that you've deleted from the "Files" app, follow these steps.

Trash Bin in Google Pixel 8


If you are still looking for the data that you want to recover in the trash of the Google Photos or Files application, you cannot retrieve them from trash or backed-up images. However, you can recover permanently deleted photos on Google Pixel using the third-party Android Data Recovery toolkit.

The following method is to recover permanently deleted images on Google Pixel smartphones.

Method 3: Recover Photos from Google Pixel 8 Using Android Data Recovery Toolkit.

If you haven't backed up the photos and it's been more than 30 days since you lost them, the only option you're left with is to use a 3rd party app. I recommend using the Android Data Recovery tool, which works for all Android devices out there. Be it Google or any other company like Samsung, Huawei, etc., this tool will work. It's a very reliable software that you can use to recover all your lost photos or any other data. 

To recover the permanently deleted photos using this software, follow these steps. 

pixel 8 data recovery

retrieve lost data on google pixel 8

enable USB Debugging on pixle 8

scan and recover data on pixel 8

restore data on pixel 8


Repeat these steps if you want to recover any other kind of data, such as call logs or essential documents. 

Features of Android Data Recovery Application

The Android data recovery software stands for data recovery expedition from Android, iOS, Windows, and other removable devices. When it comes to Android devices, Syncrestore offers an ideal data recovery software. That helps to recover all types of data in one go directly from the devices.

Let's discuss some of the features of the Android Data Recovery app. They're described below.


In this blog, I've explained all the reliable methods that you can use to retrieve your lost photos. I've also mentioned the Android Data Recovery app, which you can use even if you don't have your data backed up in any cloud. 

I hope you found a suitable method in this guide and recovered your lost photos. But if you're still having any kind of trouble, you can contact the support team with all your questions. 

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