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Summary: Have you ever lost your Oppo A17 number suddenly or learned that your friend's Oppo A17 data is lost? Do you feel anxious in this situation or worry that your Oppo A17 data will be lost again someday? Don't worry, read the following article and you will clear up your doubts.

Oppo A17 has many reasons for data loss, such as you are connected to an unknown network in public and suffer from mobile phone virus intrusion, accidentally dropped your phone while walking and caused external damage to your phone, received update notifications, operated mobile phone update system and phone formatting, and mobile aging and lag. It is difficult to completely avoid Oppo A17 data loss in life, what is more practical is that you learn some methods on how to recover Oppo A17 data and rescue your phone in case of emergency.

Methods Outline:


Method 1: Import the data of Oppo A17 into Data


This method is very simple and easy to operate, because Android data recovery software is a very suitable program for novices, suitable for you who usually do not have the habit of backing up your data.

Android Data Recovery software supports all Android devices and can complete your operation when data loss occurs on your Oppo A17 or you want to transfer data to another phone.

Step 1: Download Android Data Recovery on PC. Select Android Data Recovery Mode after successful installation



Step 2: Connect the computer to Oppo A17 with a USB cable to ensure the security of the data recovery environment


Step 3: Click on the data list to select the files or data you want to recover, click Nsxt, and wait for the program to scan the software you want to backup


Step 4: Do File Recovery and then Save the Files


Method 2: Use a backup file to restore Oppo A17 data


If you've ever backed up your data in the program, it's easy to use Android Data Recovery to restore your backed-up data.


Step 1: Download and open the Android Data Recovery program, select Android Data Backup on the main menu


Step 2: Connect the computer side with the Oppo A17 using a USB cable and select one of the four buttons on the page


Step 3; Wait for the program to recognize Oppo A17, click on the page to select the data you want to back up, and click "Start"


Step 4: Click on "Restore to Device" and wait for the transfer to finish


Method 3: Recover Oppo A17 Data Using Mobile Transfer


Mobile Transfer can support you to retrieve backed up data, giving you one more option to restore your phone.

Mobile Transfer is a versatile data software, which consists of four parts: data transfer from phone to phone, restore data in backup, backup phone and delete old phone. Among them, the data transfer between phone calls can help you realize the desire for data transfer between most mobile phones. If you have done mobile data backup work before (through mobile transfer or other data backup software), you can use the method of restoring data in the backup file to transfer the required data to another phone. The backup phone function is used to back up phone data; The delete old phone function is to completely delete all the data on the phone, no matter what method can not recover these data again.

Step 1: Download the mobile transfer from the official way, download and open, select Backup & Restore, then select "Phone Backup & Restore," tap Restore

Step 2: Connect the Oppo A17 to the computer with a USB cable so that the mobile transmission recognizes the Oppo A17


Step 3: Click on the data or files you want to recover in the selection box, then start the transfer, and wait for the data cable to be disconnected after completion


Method 4: Restore Oppo A17 Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos in the Oppo Cloud


OPPO Cloud Platform is also a great way to help you recover all kinds of data on your phone.

OPPO cloud service can help users store photos, videos, messages and other data, and synchronize this data to the cloud. When users change mobile phones or need to transfer mobile phone data, OPPO cloud services can provide users with convenient and fast ways to recover important data.


Step 1: Click on OPPO Cloud Platform in Oppo A17

Step 2: Enter your account and password to log in to the OPPO cloud platform

Step 3: Select the data you need to recover in the menu, click Restore to complete the recovery


Method 5: Recover Oppo A17 Data from Google Cloud


Google Cloud is suitable for all phone brands and phone models, and it is also very convenient for you who have backed up your data in Google Cloud.

Google Cloud provides users with cloud computing services, such as cloud storage, translation API, prediction API. Google Cloud has important components such as Google Computing Engine, Geyun SQL, Google Bi to Query, Google Cloud Storage and so on, providing users with efficient and reliable cloud services.


Step 1: Open Google Cloud, enter the account password to log in

Step 2; View the backup in Google Cloud, where you select the data you want to recover

Step 3: Click "Recover" and wait for a while to complete the recovery


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