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Summary:The method outline and steps to recover your Vivo Y73t Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos is right here. Your lost data still have ways to come back!


“How to recover deleted Data from your Vivo Y73t? How to recover Photos/ Messages/ Contacts through your Vivo Phone? I have used Vivo Y73t for a long time but two days ago, most of my photos and message got automatically deleted. Now I am seeking methods to recover my deleted data from my Vivo device.”


Problem analysis:

It is certainly not your Vivo Y73t phone, there are many factors that result in your loss of your data from device. There are system problem such as system formatting or return to factory setting that will result in your data loss. What’s more, if your data suffer severe damage that cause white screen, black screen and there will cause data loss. Go to check or think about if there your device happen this situation ever these days. 

Recovering your data from your Vivo device there are various ways that can help you. There are many ways through which you can recover your deleted photos from your Vivo Phone but for the safety of your data, you must choose the method that are very reliable and also efficient which will help you greatly. Thus here I recommended you to try Android Data Recovery in the following I will specifically introduce to you.


Method outline:


Method 1: Recover Vivo Y73t Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos from Android Data Recovery.


Android Data Recovery why can help you most?

It can recover various kinds of data through your various device including Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos from your Vivo, OPPO, Huawei, Samsung, Redmi, Xiaomi and so on. 

It have two modes to choose from-Deep Scan Mode and also Quick Scan mode.

It need just few click and can recover your data without backup.

It can recover your data from backup or without backup. 

It can backup your data with simple steps.



Step 1: Download the application. Install and then open it. Click “Android Data Recovery”.


Step 2:Make a connection between your Vivo Y73t and your PC. Remember to debug your Vivo y73T otherwise it cannot connected. 



Step 3: When the system detect you can click “OK” button. The system will ready to scan your data and display on the screen. Next you choose Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos from all the files.


Step 4: When confirm pls click “Recover” can wait the system to finish the recovery. 


Method 2: Recover Vivo Y73t Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos from Backup files.


As it has mention before the system can help to recover from backup files. And the advantage of recover data from backup files through the Android Data Recovery is very safe and efficient.


Step 1:Open Android Data Recovery. Click “Android Date Backup &restore” on home page. 


Step 2: Connect Vivo Y73t to computer through USB cable. The system will detect your device and you can proceed to the next step.  


Step 3:“Device date backup”or “one-click restore” are allowed to choose from your screen. Click on “Device data backup”. If you like you can click “One click restore”.


Step 4: Choose Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos in your Vivo Y73t and also click “Scan” in the screen. 


Step 5: Your selected data will be extracted from your device and you can confirm them one by one. Finally click on “Restore to Device” to recover your data backup. 



Method 3: Recover Vivo Y73t Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos from Vivo Cloud.


Vivo Cloud is normal and familiar ways to recover your lost Data for Vivo users. The software allowed teachers to operate directly and don’t need to make a connection.


Step 1: Go to your Vivo Y73t desktop and open in your Vivo Cloud.


Step 2: If enter into the application and you can see the backups displayed in the screen. Go to check the files and you can select Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos in the list.


Step 3: Wait to be data recovered in the list. Click “confirm” button.


Method 4: Recover Vivo Y73t Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos from Google Drive.


Google Drive is actually good to recover data. Because it provides useful and efficient cloud service for you. Therefore you can use the software to help you recover your data.


Step 1: Open Google Drive and log in to your Google backup account. Remember your account is the same as the backups.

Step 2: If entered you will see your backups list and you can see your Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos and you can preview them in the list. If the files are unseeable in the list then you can search in the upper box.

Step 3: Click “Restore” and you can ave them in your Vivo device. 



Method 5: Why backup Vivo Y73t Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos is important.


Backup your data is kind of protecting your data. when data loss happens then there is no need to worry about your date will lost forever. Your data will be saved on the cloud and you can make a good preparation for your data sorting. When you backup Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos then you will have many methods to recover your data. Therefore don’t hesitate to backup your data.


Step 1: Launch Android Data Recovery. Tap “Android Data Backup &Restore” on homepage.


Step 2: Then the screen will show “Device Data Backup” or “one-click Backup” in the left side. Click on “Device Data Back” button and you need to wait few seconds for connection. 


Step 3:Connecting Vivo Y73t to computer through USB wire. Connection is necessary so that the system can scan your data. If not successfully connected then seek help in this page.


Step 4: When connected and the system will show your scanned data. Choose what you want to recover in the list. Tap “backup” button after your preview and confirm the . The system will begin backup your data.

After backup your data will not happen any change but all your selected data has been saved on the cloud and you can restore them at any times.


Words in the end

Recover data from Android Data Recovery is the most recommended method here once you realized that your data in Vivo Y73t lost. As the most safety and efficient it is, the software will recover your data in the most safe way and never happen any problem. Therefore it is really the application that can help you solve your problem.


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